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Thermostatic valve solar thermostatic mixing valve valve electronic thermostatic valve 38du thermostat thermostatic valve with the treasure

Love your family security is guaranteed against hot goodbye sometimes hot and sometimes cold a constant temperature digital display intelligent thermostatic valve new upgrade, to master the core technology of constant temperature, stepper motor control valve body to copycat four patent patent infringement. The constant temperature without cleaning products not afraid of scaling, voltage is 220 to 12V weak, useless electrical safety hazards.

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Constant temperature treasure:patentThe software design for different baud five speed adjustment, household water pressure environment were {2-1, water pressure stability}, {2-2, unstable water pressure}, {2-3 default setting}, {2-4,hydraulic pressureUnstable}, {2-5, extremely unstable mode}. Two sets of positive and negative,Small technology, great use!

Why not choose mechanical valves?:

Mechanical thermostatic valve at least the following fatal flaws can not be solved:

1, the first mechanical valve is the largest scale, often need cleaning, otherwise it is impossible to use, scale adhesion is strong, clear and clear solution is easier said than done, temporarily, not a year or so to buy a new one.

2, followed by mechanical valve is not humanized, you must be confused when you use, in the end is 39 degrees or 40 degrees do not know, the temperature is out of the degree, do not know, everything is based on feeling. And usually to adjust the limit of the range is difficult to adjust in the past, resistance is great, but also easy to wring.

The temperature error of 3, mechanical valve, generally at 38 degrees is the most accurate, but also has about 3 degree of error, from 38 a set temperature error is bigger, more far more error.

4, mechanical valve limitations are relatively large, such as high pressure occasions can not be used, impurities in the water quality of the place can not be used, leakage phenomenon most often.

5, mechanical valve safety is not good, cold water after water, hot water end flow is only small, but it will continue to flow out, can not be completely cut off, the child skin tender, even if the hot water is a small amount of flow, still may cause harm.