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Germany CTM battery 12V200AHCT200-12UPS host /EPS equipment power source

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Enclosed structure (SealedConstruction)
Electrolyte suspension system (ElectrolyteSuspensionSystem)
Gas re assembly (GasRecombination)
Using maintenance free (Maintenance-FreeOperation)
Any direction can be used (OperationInAnyPosition)
Low pressure exhaust system (LowPressureVentingSystem)
High load lattice (HeavyDutyGrids)
Low spontaneous discharge long storage life (LowSelfDischarge-LongshelfLife)
Wide temperature range of use (BroadOperatingTemperatureRange)
High recovery capacity (HighRecoveryCapabillity)

Application (APPLICATIONS)

The German CTM battery was designed and used in the floating charge charging circuit using high energy density, weight combined with a broad choice of size and shape, let the battery has a reasonable choice in many applications, some common applications include but not limited to standing or the main power is as follows:
Alarm system (AlarmSystems)
Cable TV (CableTelevision)
Communication equipment (CommunicationsEquipment)
Control equipment (ControlEquipment)
Computer (Computer)
Electronic cash register (ElectronicCashRegisters)
Electronic testing equipment (ElectronicTestEquipment)
Electric wheelchair (ElectronicPoweredWheelchairs)
Emergency lighting system (EmergencyLightingSystems)
Fire protection or safety system (Fire&SecuritySystems)
Geographic equipment (GeophysicalEquipment)
Marine equipment (MarineEquipment)
Medical equipment (MedicalEquipment)
Office micro processor (MicroProcessorBasedOfficeMachines)
Portable movie and TV lights (PortableCine&VideoLights)
Power tools (PowerTools)
Solar energy system (SolarPoweredSystems)
Telecom system (TelecommunicationsSystems)
TV and video recorder (Television&VideoRecorders)
Toys (Toys)
Uninterruptible power system (UninterruptiblePowerSupplies)
Vending machines (VendingMachines)

The necessity of UPS battery maintenance
In an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, can be said to be the mainstay of the battery system, no battery UPS can only be called a stabilized frequency (CVCF) power supply. So UPS can realize uninterrupted power supply, is because of the battery power anomaly in the city when the inverter directly to the battery into chemical energy transmitted power supply, using electrical equipment to continuously run down.
At present, maintenance free lead-acid battery is widely used in small and medium sized UPS power supply, UPS power supply to occupy the total cost of 1/4-1/2, not only that, the actual maintenance also shows that about UPS of power failure above 50% and UPS on battery. The failure of UPS battery is mainly characterized by insufficient terminal voltage, insufficient capacity or instantaneous discharge current which does not meet the requirement of load starting.
The normal use of the UPS, its battery life in about 5 years, but there are a considerable part of the UPS battery in less than 1 years started to have problems, what is more, some imported brands of domestic battery due to the defect of the manufacturing process, on the other hand, is caused by the lack of necessary maintenance on the day after tomorrow. It is worth noting that many units due to the lack of necessary maintenance testing means, do not know their system of UPS battery health, stay hidden for the normal work of UPS system.

Traditional test and maintenance methods for UPS batteries
The general requirements for battery power supply voltage: UPS meet certain; battery should have in the startup characteristic can output high current discharge; meet a certain capacity, to ensure that the inverter power supply time.
1. Measure the terminal voltage of the battery with a multimeter
Practice shows that using a multimeter voltage floating end measurement of UPS battery is unable to determine whether the old battery has failed. Therefore, it is generally necessary to measure the terminal voltage of the battery off-line or online, and the terminal voltage of the battery to be measured is about 12V (for the 12V battery), the lowest is not less than 10.5V. A battery less than 10.5V is an under voltage or failed battery. If the battery is charged or recharged, the back end voltage is still less than 12V, that is, the failure battery.
2, test whether the UPS battery has the characteristics of starting instantaneous output large current
The switching time requirement of the backup UPS power supply from the mains power supply to the inverter is less than 7ms, and the general design is about 4-5ms. That is to say, once the mains power supply is interrupted, the UPS battery must output the current required for the load less than 4-5ms. Some failure to meet the battery voltage and capacity requirements, but not less than 4-5ms in the discharge current within the reach of current requirements, but also unqualified battery. The characteristic of the UPS battery instantaneous output current only in the closed city power to test, do not know there is a certain risk performance of the battery case is generally not performed.
3. Distinguish the capacity of UPS battery
As the traditional method of distinguishing method of UPS battery capacity and discrimination general battery, the whole group battery from the communication power supply system and the resistance wire, with eight or ten hour rate constant current discharge, the discharge time of a single cell and then to the current first arrived at the end of discharge voltage, to calculate its capacity.
Traditional capacity tests have the following disadvantages:
The battery needs to be separated from the system, increase the system crash risk;
The discharge time is long, and artificial test records, heavy workload, in addition UPS batteries generally installed in the box in the cupboard, the test work is not easy;
The resistance wire is bulky and has red hot phenomenon, insecurity and intensity of work.
Current situation of UPS battery maintenance in China
Maintenance and general maintenance of low-voltage system battery UPS battery when the battery is similar to the introduction of new requirements, project acceptance, internal resistance and voltage of the battery was tested at the same time, to ensure the internal consistency; when the new battery is put into use, required to maintain the battery working environment temperature, require regular measurement of each battery voltage and when the battery internal resistance, resistance or pressure is too large, should be charged, and regularly depth of discharge of the battery, in order to check the battery and keep the battery performance activity.
But in practice, due to various conditions, the maintenance of UPS accumulator is rarely completely carried out in accordance with the above, the first new battery acceptance, due to a long time, and convenient tools for use, a considerable number of people do not do this work will be put into use batteries, according to statistics, in China, about 95% of the UPS battery, the lack of necessary maintenance, this is UPS days after the power failure lay hidden; secondly, the new battery is put into use, due to the general UPS battery is installed in the cabinet, measurement, detachment is not convenient, rarely measuring internal resistance and voltage; according to the existing conditions (more than 98% UPS the battery is not installed), the control equipment maintenance staff can carry out only once in a while, let off electricity to the actual system UPS battery discharge for a period of time, just let the battery. To maintain the battery activity, and the battery performance and the remaining capacity of each section of the battery and other important data is still unknown.
Comprehensive solution for UPS battery maintenance
Intelligent battery state test and analysis system
How to establish a set of effective maintenance and management methods for VRLA batteries has been the concern of the maintenance personnel. Recently, Shenzhen Pluke intelligent test equipment company introduced the overall maintenance solution for storage battery, UPS battery solves the lack of necessary maintenance methods and tools that can not only test the battery performance for you, looking backward monomer, but also for early prediction of the battery, effective fault prevention effect is good, here. It is recommended to the majority of users, to help establish a set of effective methods for battery maintenance
Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of Finance jointly issued by four ministries "to promote the automotive battery industry development action plan", once again clear power battery development goals: by 2020, the new lithium ion battery monomer ratio more than 300Wh of energy /kg system, specific energy and strive to reach 260Wh/kg. By 2025, the new system power battery technology has made breakthrough progress, monomer specific energy up to 500Wh/kg. New energy industry analysts said: from the previous "guidance" to the recent "action plan", reflecting the government's confidence and determination of the development of lithium battery industry. From our understanding of the situation, through the performance optimization in the existing material system, to achieve the 2020 power battery monomer ratio more than 300Wh/kg of energy target is no problem, but in 2025 to achieve single specific energy 500Wh/kg targets must be realized by material and battery system to upgrade, and from technology reserve the mainstream enterprises, lithium sulfur and lithium air battery has become an important research direction.
From the perspective of the number of nearly five years of domestic academic papers and patents, OFweek database show that the lithium iron phosphate still has the absolute advantage in total, but the growth rate has slowed down, and three academic papers and the number of patents related to Li Yuan growth significantly, analysts believe that, from this point of view can be seen in academic circles has been gradually recognized by the iron phosphate the energy density of lithium to lithium three yuan ceiling, depending on the technology of performance optimization will become the mainstream direction of development before 2020.



Analysts also said that three Yuan energy density of lithium system is very difficult to have a breakthrough after 2020, solid state electrolyte or will become the new trend of the power battery technology, each big enterprise at present for lithium sulfur and lithium air battery research investment is also increasing, such as Ningde, Beek, on behalf of China Xuan tech for battery solid state lithium battery patent reserves is relatively rich, there are enterprises in the exploration of other materials, research in four yuan of cathode material such as China Xuan tech, has also been a significant breakthrough. But in the end, these technologies can become mainstream, but also to further verify the market.
Low end overcapacity in the next two years or for the time node
The new energy will continue the rapid development of research remains to be further
At the end of last year, the Ministry of industry and other four ministries issued "notice" on the adjustment of the application of new energy vehicles subsidy policy, clear energy automobile subsidies will gradually fall off until 2020 20%, stop up completely.
After the fall of subsidies for new energy automotive industry, the market trend, Liu Baosheng believes that the future of new energy vehicles will still be in a stage of rapid development.
"That's all right. First, the national development strategy has been determined, which is no doubt, will not turn around, this is a big trend. In addition, new energy, after all, a low starting point, small base. Last year we sold 500 thousand cars, which were far from the output of nearly 30 million cars in our country's auto industry."
Liu Baosheng told reporters that the country will be pure electric as the main direction of development is quite correct. "Hybrid technology, in the hands of foreigners.". Pure electricity, from the battery technology, we and abroad is in a starting line. At least we have this foundation."
Unfortunately, in 2009 and 2010, the power battery technology we and abroad in a starting line, but in recent years, people ran to us, the reason is in research and development."
2016 the latest UPS power battery ten brands list text started:
UPS power supply, also known as uninterruptible power supply, has been more and more widely used in major companies and factories. In the power outage, the UPS power supply can often be quickly converted to the inverter state, providing uninterrupted power protection for the operation of electrical appliances. Today, Xiaobian recommend new UPS power storage battery ten brands list, there is a need for friends can refer to the list for purchase.