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The factory sells the packing belt directly, the hot melt PP packing belt machine uses the banding belt, brand-new yellow transparent belt 9.12mm

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price: USD$ 112.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Our company has many years of industry experience, has a strong technical team, professional production, ordering:Packing machine, winding machine, sealing machine, sealing and cutting machine, shrink machine, automatic packing line...... Production of various types of supplies, packaging belt,..POF. plastic steel belt and so onStrength verifiable.


Tell us your packing requirements and problems, and we can recommend the most economical and efficient packaging solution for you!




 The width and width 9mm of this packing belt can be chosen, both of which are available in stock market. 12mm,,,12Mm wideThe colors are white, yellow, red. All colors and specifications can be made... Details can consult the customer service...


Warm tips

All the straps can be printed
3,4 belt plus 8 yuan, 100 roll up printing.

White transparent environmental protection packing belt

Product brief:

Primitive material completely using the new pure polypropylene material (no raw material). The mechanical properties of the products are more stable, the weight of each Mick is uniform, the width of the belt and the thickness of the belt are stable, the deflection of the product is not more than 15mm/m, and the overall performance is greatly improved.

Product advantages:

1.) the error is small, the width error is not greater than 0.3mm, and the thickness error is not greater than 0.05mm

2.) the bonding effect is good, because pure material is adopted, which is easier to heat sealing
3.) the straps are bright and transparent, pleasing to the eye. Effectively improve the packaging grade



White transparent packaging belt, using pure PP, new material, beautiful appearance, strong tensile force


Yellow transparent green belt

All kinds of packing belt are abundant in stock

Packing belt can be printed

A variety of specifications, material packaging belt can be made

All the strapping belts have passed the tensile test and have been sent back to customers

Two. Small machine damage

Therefore, there is no impurity and recycled material for the pure packing belt,Very little damage to the machine


Three. Own factory real map:

The packaging belt of our company is produced by its own factory, and each tape has been tested strictly before leaving the factory. It meets the standard of each index.

      The employees are carrying out the preliminary inspection of the packing belt

The back packing belt production line is working

Four. The quality of packing belt influences the quality of packing

The thickness of packing belt is uneven, width is uneven, straightness is not good. So in the process of packaging to send with, not tight belt, tape and other phenomena. A direct impact on the production schedule and packing downtime.

The above usual treatment method is, first check the equipment or packaging belt reasons, inspection confirmation is the reason for the tape, such as the uneven thickness, uneven width, straightness is not good, that is packed with quality problems, you can go to the manufacturer to deal with.

The quality of packing belt is unstable, and it will also affect the welding strength of strapping belt and break band phenomenon.

The use of pure environmental packaging belt, not only can effectively reduce the cost of packaging materials, ensure the stability of goods (pull up to more than 1200N), improve the beauty of packaging.


Four. Use and maintenance of baler

1, before starting, must check the packing machine parts are intact. Whether the screw and nut are loose or not, should be tightened up in time. If there is a lack of nails and small cap phenomenon, the repairman must be notified to deal with it in time.
2. Check whether there is debris blockage in the belt rail, if there is the need to remove the dust blowing with compressed air.
3, check the knife group and skateboard parts are lack of oil, if you need to use dip drop method for refueling, with a small stick dipped in oil, slowly dripping on the top, can not be poured into the belt with the way rail, packaging belt will slip.
4, if there are abnormal phenomena in the process of starting, such as loud, vibration, smell and so on, if you can not find, should notify the repairman to stop processing, so as not to cause damage to parts.


Five. Customized service of packaging belt

Our company has independent production line, according to customer needs to do the cheapest, most suitable packaging belt.

"Saving more for you" has always been our service tenet!

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