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Insulation material, 3240 board epoxy board, FR4 glass fiber board, epoxy resin board engraving processing

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Epoxy rods can be classified into two categories according to their classification:
First, epoxy glass fiber rod, which is commonly known as the pull rod, generally used for lightning arrester or insulator mandrel main technical indicators:
1. density greater than 2.0g/ cubic centimeter
2. flexural strength is less than 320Mpa
3. compressive strength greater than or equal to 200Mpa
4. shear strength is greater than 32Mpa
5. dielectric constant 3-6
6. dielectric loss factor (50 Hz) is greater than or equal to 0.02
The 11 party in the 7. volume resistivity 1. norm is greater than or equal to 1.0*10, 9 times the flooding is more than 1.0*10
8. parallel layer to the insulation resistance 1. normal time is greater than or equal to 1.0*10 of the 11 square Europe, when soaking is greater than or equal to 9 of 1.0*10
Inferior Europe
9. surface withstand voltage (withstand 1 minutes in air, spacing 30mm) 14 thousand volts
10. vertical layer to withstand voltage (in 90+-2 degrees Celsius transformer oil pressure 5 minutes) 18-20 kV
11. parallel layer to withstand voltage (in 90+-2 degrees Celsius transformer oil pressure 5 minutes, spacing 25mm)
Greater than 25 thousand volts
Greater than 50 thousand volts
Greater than 75 thousand volts
The 4 Party in the 12. insulation resistance is more than 5*10
13. power frequency withstand voltage: on load tap changer oil room to ground distance (transformer oil pressure, 100mm. 5 minutes) the interphase distance (in accordance with customer technical requirements) is greater than 85 thousand volts
Model specification is available:
Round bar: 18, 24, 90, 26, 28, 30, 80, 32, 34, 70, 36, 40, 63, 45, 50, 60, 53, 55, and so on
Square stick: 10*2410*2210*3020*3020*20
The specific gravity is about 2.2g/cm3, and the length can be customized according to the customer's needs
The products have been tested by the national electric power department, and the inspection reports have been attached

Two, epoxy non alkali cloth laminated rod, commonly known as cloth rod or laminated rod, generally used as insulation parts of machining. Transformer and other products, mechanical performance is better than the rod.
Technical index:
1. density greater than 1.80g/cm3
2. water absorption is less than or equal to 0.10%
3. tensile strength of not less than 4000 kg / cm2
4. shear strength is not less than 100 kg / cm2
5. bending strength is not less than 2000 kg / cm2
6. axial compressive strength is not less than 1500 kg / cm2
7. radial compressive strength is not less than 2000 kg / cm2
8. adhesive strength is not less than 200 kg (metal and pipe)
9. dry state resistance
Voltage 290 thousand volts / meter
10. wet state withstand voltage 170 thousand volts / meter
11. temperature resistance is not less than 120 degrees
12. cold resistance
No less than 30 degrees