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The United States Kirkland Kirk blue calcium magnesium zinc citrate + vitamin D tablets 500 tablets

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[product name]Kirkland Corcoran calcium citrate calcium magnesium zinc + compound vitamin D tablets 500 tablets

[purchasing place]U.S.A

[commodity Specification]500 grains / bottle

[methods of taking]
Take orally, 2 adults a day, with meals,During pregnancy, lactation and taking other medications, follow the doctor's advice.

[commodity ingredients]

Composition table (each containing two)

Vitamin D3800 international unit

Vitamin B610 mg

Calcium 500 mg

Mg 80 mg

Zinc 10 mg

Copper 1 mg

Manganese 1 mg

Boron 1 mg

[products applicable]

Special addition of vitamin D3 and vitamin B6, as well as magnesium and zinc and other trace elements to help the body absorb calcium!

1., it has special effects on various types of bone mass, which can improve bone compression, fracture resistance and tensile strength.

2. of postmenopausal women with bone mass * loose loose disease also has effect.

3. significantly promote the proliferation and development of osteoblasts, increase bone thickness and toughness, especially for fracture and all kinds of bone healing, shorten the healing time of bone fracture.

4. supplement and repair bone collagen, but also supplement bone calcium, promote bone collagen biosynthesis, effective pre - prevent all kinds of bone inflammation and arthritis disease change.

5. of Yaosuanbeiteng, leg cramps, * * * students increase bone mass, lumbar disc herniation, spinal disease, scapulohumeral periarthritis, numbness, severe hair loss, early tooth loss or root loose, vertebral height loss, narrow hall man, age-related muscle atrophy * * shrinkage has good effect.

[product description]

Calcium citrate does not need to be divided into gastric acid secretion can be absorbed and utilized, and will not cause kidney stones problems. It can promote skeletal growth and development, prevent bone mass disorder, regulate heart beat and muscle contraction, and maintain normal nerve conduction.

[main physiological functions of vitamin D]

1, improve the body's absorption of calcium and phosphorus, so that the level of plasma calcium and plasma phosphorus saturation.

2, promote growth and bone calcification, promote dental integrity;

3, increase the absorption of phosphorus through the intestinal wall, and increase the reabsorption of phosphorus through the renal tubules;

4. Maintain the normal level of citrate in the blood;

5, prevent amino acid through kidney loss.

Effects of vitamin D deficiency on health

The lack of vitamin D can cause you to * * * * disease, hand foot pumping and soft bone disease by * *.

[population of vitamin D supplementation]

1. people living in cities, especially in areas with heavy smoke pollution, should take more vitamin D;

2. night workers, nuns, or people who can't get enough sunlight because of clothing and lifestyle, should pay special attention to vitamin D intake in the diet;

3. if you are taking antispasmodic drugs, you have to increase your intake of vitamin D;

4. vitamin D intake should be increased in children who do not drink vitamin D milk;

5. people with darker skin and people living in the northern climate region need more vitamin D


First, why do we lack calcium?

1., first of all, because the body's demand for calcium is relatively large, easy to lead to less than the amount of demand. Normal people need 1 grams of calcium and 1.5 grams of phosphorus a day. The physiological needs of adolescents, pregnant women and baby feeding women are more than 1.3 to 1.5 grams of calcium per day, and the intake is slightly insufficient, leading to calcium deficiency.

2. calcium absorption of the body is difficult, because calcium is alkaline earth metal, and some weak acid bound salt produced by insoluble in water, it is difficult to be absorbed by the human body.

3., there are often factors affecting calcium absorption, phytic acid contained in cereal foods, often hinder the absorption of calcium in the body, and our country is based on cereal based diet structure, so people are more common calcium deficiency.

4., the proportion of calcium and phosphorus in food imbalance, and some people vitamin D deficiency, will affect the body's absorption of calcium and lead to calcium deficiency.

Two, who needs calcium supplements?

After the age of 1.28, the female, the lineal family had bone loose, loose, patients who had used hormone, disease, and lack of daily exercise.
2. people (calcium Yaosuanbeiteng, leg cramps, hyperosteogeny, lumbar disc protrusion * * * *, spinal vertebral disease, scapulohumeral periarthritis, numbness, severe hair loss, early tooth loss or root loose, vertebral height loss, narrow hall man, senile muscle meat * * wilt shrink).
3. women of childbearing age: calcium contains a variety of precious elements, in line with the American Nutrition Association's nutritional requirements for pregnant women, and the composition of the day is natural, very suitable for pregnant women nutritional supplements; in the postpartum and lactation stage, the body will also consume a large amount of calcium, calcium supplementation is very necessary.
4. growing up children and adolescents. Calcium contains 72 kinds of precious elements and amino acids which are suitable for human nutritional structure. Proper dosage is very useful for children's healthy growth and tooth health;
5. calcium does not contain sucrose, and contains a variety of precious elements, the nutritional coordination of patients with diabetes is very useful;
6. calcium can significantly promote the proliferation and development of osteoblasts, increase bone thickness and toughness, especially for fracture and all kinds of bone fracture healing, significantly shorten the healing time of bone fracture.

1. shading, airtight, room temperature preservation. Place where children are not easy to touch. Avoid taking children without permission.
2. strictly according to the prescribed dose, when you need a large amount of medication, please consult a doctor or pharmacist.
3. if excessive or serious adverse reactions occur, please seek medical advice immediately.
4. consult a physician or pharmacist for dosage and usage of children.
5. prohibit taking when the tablet properties change.
6. please place it where children can't touch it.

 [brand introduction]

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