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A antifreeze plant antifreeze, red plant antifreeze, anti boiling, anti scaling, corrosion resistance - degree

A pot of four kilograms. This product uses excellent antifreeze and antifreeze elements. Special silver was added to activate the enzyme. Enhancing water holding capacity and frost resistance of plants.

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Net content: 4 kg / pot
A bottle of mail  Inner Mongolia, Hainan, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and so on need to make up the difference
Effect of plant antifreeze:
Plant antifreeze, the main effect is to raise crops and various fruit trees, seedling resistance and frost resistance, low temperature and late spring coldness, effectively prevent the attack sooner or later to avoid or reduce frost damage. The plant can be quickly frozen until the resumption of growth, recovery of normal crop growth and repair function.
  Usage method:
Diluted with water 100 to 300 times liquid evenly sprayed stem and leaf (if it has fallen leaves, you need to root), spraying 7-10 days intervals, can also be sprayed 2-3 days before the cold attack.

Some instructions about antifreeze for fruits and vegetables: (must read before buying)

First, antiAntifreezeIt's not absolute antifreezeAfter the use of plants can provide a protective layer, but not equal to the use of the future will not be frozen.

Make an analogy:It's equivalent to adding a coat to the winter, as well as how much the coat can do, and the temperature of the environment and the resistance of the human being.

That is to say: antifreeze is used, certainly better than no medication, after using the plant than the non use of more resistant to low temperature, but does not mean that after use will not freeze.

Second,Product descriptionReduce the freezing point by 3-5 degreesFor example, a plant suffering freezing injury at 5 degrees, after using, can be maintained until about 0 degrees before the cold, antifreeze can not improve the temperature in the environment

Third,Antifreeze for fruit treesNo toxicity, no side effectsIt contains chitin, amino acids and other substances, can provide nutrients for plants, enhance plant stress resistance, improve yield and quality,When they can use the foliar fertilizer, not only in time to suffer damage.

Fourth,This product can be used in conjunction with the productMixed use of insecticides, fungicides and foliar fertilizersSpray 5-7 days before freezing injury

   Product features:
This product is safe for winter crop protection, prevention of late spring coldness of the latest products, is the latest research results of international, this product contains high amounts of polysaccharides, peptides, substances and nutrients and anti freezing, after use can form a layer of protective film on the surface of crops, improve crop resistance in freezing weather and increase the cell concentration, induced resistance, freezing cold factors, so as to improve the resistance to cold weather disasters, lower the freezing point of 8-10 degrees, enhance plant cell viability, reduce the freezing weather on the plant damage.
Main efficacy
1., this product can effectively enhance the cold resistance, antifreeze and anti adversity ability of crops.
2. enhance the concentration of cell sap and stabilize the balance of cell fluid in the body.
3. to prevent the continuous low temperature, cold weather and other crops on crop leaves, buds, flowers and fruits caused by disasters.
4. improve photosynthesis, protect crop safety winter, reduce the loss of early spring frost damage.
5. for a variety of fruit trees, and uncovered planting fruits and vegetables, flowers and trees grass, herbs, cotton and oil crops.
Matters needing attention
Avoid mixing directly with alkaline agents. It's better to use it at 9 a.m. or 4 p.m..