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High temperature corrosion of alkali free glass fiber fireproof glass fiber cloth wrapped insect pipe insulation manufacturers

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The price of the parent iswidth25Centimeter standard length33The price of rice density 10*10Excluding freightXi'an more than 100 volumes of logistics package, Xi'an around 200 volumes of the above logistics mail, other areas need to contact with customer service, the need for other specifications of the parent contact customer service, modify the price of large concessions oh! We look forward to your visit.

Density reference: 10*1012*12

Width reference: 25 cm, 50 cm, 100 cm

Length reference: 25 cm wide, 33 meters, 50 centimeters for 33 meters, 1 meters wide for 50 meters

Glass cloth:The use of glass fiber products industry, the use of glass filament twisting, and to weave woven cloth.Uses:Mainly used for pipeline anti-corrosion, insulation, flue {exhaust duct}, European style, light wallboard, sandstone murals, glass steel products and a series of cement gypsum and other GRC components and insulation board, composite board, movable plate and wall, etc..Usage:Corrosion prevention: first rust off the pipeline, and then apply it to the outer layer of the pipeline with suitable density fiber cloth and asphalt coating or other products. Usually two or three layers. Second, insulation: the anti-corrosion treatment of the pipeline with heat preservation or insulation tube wrapped, with suitable for the width of suitable density of fiber cloth, wrapped in the insulation layer outside, and then brush paint or directly wrapped asphalt cloth.Performance:Corrosion, buried in the ground will not rot, erected in the air will not be weathering, not afraid of water, not afraid of sun.ยทA glass cloth

1. Good chemical stability. Alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, cement corrosion resistance, and other chemical resistance; strong adhesion to the resin, soluble in styrene and so on.

2, high strength, high modulus, light weight.

3, good stability, stiffness and scale formation, is not easy to deformation, shortening of.

4, better impact resistance. Because of the high strength and good patience of the fabric

5, mildew proof change, pest control.

6. Fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation and insulation.

The primary use of glass cloth:

Type of glass cloth effect | construction technology of glass fiber mesh cloth: inner wall insulation glass fiber mesh cloth wall insulation alkali glass fiber net is in the alkali or alkali glass fiber mesh cloth as the substrate and then modified acrylate copolymer coating glue formed. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, alkali resistance, waterproof, corrosion resistance, crack resistance, scale stability and so on. The utility model can effectively prevent the surface tension of the plastering layer from shortening and the cracking caused by the external force, and the frivolous gridding cloth is often used for the wall renovation and the internal wall insulation.

The external wall insulation mesh (glass fiber mesh) with alkali or alkali glass fiber yarn as raw material, woven glass fiber mesh to the substrate, and then a new alkali commodity coated acrylic acid copolymer solution after drying into. The product has the characteristics of stable layout, high strength, good alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, crack resistance and so on, and has the best enhancement effect, and the construction is simple and easy to implement. It is mainly suitable for cement, plaster, wall construction and building exterior and interior surface enhancement, crack prevention, is a new type of building materials for external wall insulation engineering.

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Nowadays, more and more coated glass fiber cloth should be used in our common livelihood. Of course, the use of coated glass fiber cloth is more and more widely. Then, have you ever known the use and characteristics of coated glass fiber cloth?

1, widely used in wall strengthening, interior wall insulation, roof waterproof, etc., can also be applied to cement, plastics, asphalt, marble, mosaic and other wall material reinforcement, construction work is interested in the engineering data.

2, in the insulation system plays an important role in the plan, produce important against the gap, because of its delicate function of acid and alkali and the yarn tensile strength is high, can the system as the stress symmetry and lax exterior insulation. Make a block deformation due to the collision force kneading the whole insulation plan, there are soft "steel" role.

3, GRC composite insulation board grid cloth to accept GRC and polystyrene composite, made GRC composite insulation board, used for public building and residential construction of external wall insulation. Composite insulation from the wall of a resettlement plan and a plan of two, dry wet cycle, composite wall as end Hou walls smooth, no cracks, no "heat" and "cold bridge" phenomenon, need to make the building envelope insulation effect plan arrived at JGJ26-95 "civil construction standards" of the energy saving plan.

4. GRC composite insulation board made of alkali resisting glass fiber strong alkali cement (GRC) and polyphenyl composite, which is used for thermal insulation in exterior wall, and forms composite wall with heat preservation, so as to build envelope plan.

Function characteristics: high tensile strength, excellent anti crack function and strong adhesive force, in the protective layer from the surface layer crack and strengthen the impact his "soft steel" effect of paste is good, docile, excellent positioning, exquisite acid, alkali and other chemical substances degenerate function.