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Boutique stainless steel LOGO office, LOGO metal advertising words, brushed stainless steel words baking paint

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The necessity of image wall
Image wall (logo wall, logo wall) is to express the company's corporate image, convey the corporate culture, display the strength of the enterprise, so that customers impressed the company, improve the visibility of the enterprise. The image wall is an important vision that affects the first feeling of human beings
Factors, whether large enterprises or small enterprises, state-owned enterprises or private enterprises, need to have a good image in front of customers. The company has a good image wall (logo wall, logo wall), so that the company is very formal, very credible
Sensation. With this feeling, it lays a good foundation for the following cooperation.
How to describe your own requirements as a customer?
1, explain the location of the installation, such as: Elevator exit, or behind the front desk or on the door of the company;
2, the size of the background wall, such as: section width 3500mm high 2800mm
3, whether to withdraw old installed new, old backplane whether want to use?
4, backplane material: aluminum plate, wood, wallpaper, etc., it is best to provide photos
5, do not try to ask us to do a few centimeters of words, after installation, often not big, is small. We will give you back according to the size of design samples, and finally determine the size and position of the font
Material description of stereo words and logo:
One, acrylic (plexiglass)
1. acrylic material name is methyl methacrylate, the general thickness is 3-30mm. Acrylic is characterized by high transparency, like crystal, and acrylic word "plastic Queen" reputation. "Acrylic" for advertising industry, the most typical is "McDonald's"
"" Kentucky "" Metro "door light boxes and signs. Acrylic character is characterized by a strong sense of three-dimensional, transmittance of 95%, acrylic characters have environmental protection, heat resistance, cold, corrosion and other properties, outdoor service life up to 8-15 years. Acrylic characters are widely used in households
Outside advertising and other signs production field. Acrylic lamp box has the characteristics of good transmittance, pure color, rich colors, beautiful appearance, and two effects of day and night, long service life, rainy days and no use. The advertisement of acrylic characters in foreign countries
Billboards, advertising towers, billboards, signs, signs, signs and other fields have been widely used.
Two, Chevron board word
Chevron board is also called the PVC foam board (PVCexpansionsheet) and the Andy board. Taking PVC as main raw material, adding foaming agent, flame retardant and anti-aging agent, extrusion molding was made by special equipment. It is widely used in building, vehicle and vessel manufacture and furniture
Decorative, decoration, advertising production, exhibition signs, city appearance, environmental protection, tourism and other industries. Through engraving machine or manual production of advertising words, the thickness is generally 0.3-2 cm. There is a common mode of production has two kinds: one kind is skinning foam, a layer of hard surface.
And smooth; the other is free foaming, no surface crust, the surface of the concave convex (fine pits). The common colors are white and black.
Chevron board can be comparable with the wood, and sawing, planing, nailed, glued, also has no deformation and cracking (not painted a variety of colors) and other special features; and the low foamed sheet can be welded, and ink printing can also be sawing, drilling and milling.
Machining by method.
Compared with acrylic chevron board words exactly, it does not have clear feeling, is not floating;
Chevron board word has high-grade feeling;
Chevron board word weight;
Chevron board word with white and black, other color to paint;
Chevron board has a strong sense of three-dimensional characters;
Chevron board thickness is 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm;
Three, stainless steel / copper / titanium
If you need to use the character of silver or gold, stainless steel or copper titanium is a good choice. Because they can not only show the color, but also have metallic luster, and remain unchanged for a long time.
Cooperation process
1, customer demand description, through Wangwang, QQ, telephone and other ways to communicate and provide relevant information
2, we according to customer demand design image wall (logo wall, sign wall) production scheme,
3, customer signature confirmation and agreed date after the on-site installation products, payment or pay by Alipay
4, the customer payment or by Alipay to pay, I began making orders, general production time is 2-4 days
5, the project is completed, the rest of the settlement or the full amount of Alipay
All items in our store belong to custom goods, so before buying the housework, we must communicate with the shopkeeper clearly. What kind of process do we need?,
What kind of material, and so on a series of requirements to determine price, custom items, brilliant advertising in the credibility of the first,
Bit by bit, willing to cost a high point, do things out of customer satisfaction, we do not fight the price war, buyers will be very
Understand the fleece of truth, customized goods, cheap, is certainly at the expense of something will give you cheap
We don't want to make a deal in order to make a price war, sacrifice quality, bad reputation ~!
Note: the above prices do not represent the final offer, only for reference, according to the requirements of the client to discuss prices
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Characters, light box signs, street lamp box advertising, advertising album originality, corporate image planning, design, production, light boxes, acrylic products, signs, signs, frames, background boards, plastic enterprise image planning and other services. Various advertising facilities, billboards
The installation and installation of anti-aircraft gun column billboard, high-rise billboard, light box billboard, etc.. Technical specialty, reliable quality, reasonable price, good production and installation equipment, strong technical force, can meet the requirements of various types of advertising steel structure design. Our tenet
It is: "people oriented, earnest, realistic, honest, high-quality, efficient and innovative."".
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