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Nail kit tool kit, a full set of transparent long, half affixed false nail patch, finished 500 pieces of bags

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Name: transparent long, half stick, no trace false nail patch, finished 500 pieces of bags


Brief introduction of commonly used nail tools:

Nail clippers
(1) classification: nail scissors have size, followed by the end of the shape of the points, there are two kinds of flat and inclined.
(2) using the method: wash hands after the first flat head nail scissors to cut off the required length, such as nails on both sides of the nail is too deep, and to the direction of a long trench, application of bevel cut on both sides of the nail nails.
(3) Note: when cutting nails, whether with flat nail clippers, or oblique nail clippers, can not be cut too deep, such as the nail is often cut deeper, then the nail bed will become shorter and shorter, which will affect the beauty of nails, especially women. The two corners of the front nail should not be cut off when square nails are repaired.

Two. Nail file
(1) classification: manicure file mark file and color file, also known as the flower file.
(2) usage: cut the length of the nail file or filed by the first flower on both sides of the front end of the order after grinding, grinding into the shape.
The nail (usually have 6 kinds of shapes: A, B, C, square square round oval D, E, F, circular pointed horn. According to the customer's hand shape, the nail artist can suggest that the customers choose their own shape
(3) Note: the use of files and file nail grinding flower shape, we must pay attention to the fine grinding nails on both sides of the front end shape must be rounded.

Three, bubble bowl
(1) classification: there are two kinds of blister bowls: import and domestic. The professional bubble bowl should be just the shape of a hand, and put your hands on it just like the shape of the bowl.
(2) use method: soak the hand liquid or warm water into the soaking bowl, soak the left hand first, change the right hand after five minutes, so as to clean the nail and soft fingers.
(3) Notice: no cold water and hot water can be put in the soaking bowl.

Four, the finger skin softener
A skin softener is a milky white liquid, can accelerate the softening degree.
(1) use: soaked hand towel, the softener is uniformly coated on the nail surface.
(2) Note: do not be softener on a cover, to prevent a cover to be softened.

Five, push skin stick
(1) classification: push rod is divided into wood push rod, steel push rod and push rod.
(2) the use of the method: in the professional beauty shop used mostly steel push rod, with oval flat head side of the finger aging fingers to the palm of the hand direction, so that the cap appears slender. Scrape the remaining nail on the nail with the scraper of the other end.
(3) Note: when pushing the skin should be moderate force, not excessive force, so as not to damage the methyl, otherwise it will affect the growth of nails.

Six 、 finger skin forceps
(1) classification: finger leather pliers are usually made of stainless steel, scissors type (curved finger skin scissors), also have pliers shape.
(2) use: use the skin forceps to just pushed out dead skin, burns, the finger is beautiful and neat.
(3) Note: use the finger skin forceps should be careful not to be directly cut, pull pull, so as not to damage the finger skin, and can not be cut too deep,

Seven, nail massage oil
(1) classification: nail massage oil is also called nutrition oil or nail edge oil, which can be divided into components: Almond containing, vitamin A and vitamin E and other nutrients.
(2) use: take a small amount of massage oil on the trimmed hands and fingers around the skin, massage with a little finger. It refers to skin moisture, prevent nails around long burns, make the skin soft, and protect the nails healthy and glossy.
(3) Note: nutrition oil use every day, the dosage should not be too much, otherwise it will appear too greasy.

Eight. Polishing file
(1) classification: there are three kinds of polishing strip and four polished blocks two kinds.
Method of use: (2) generally follow the black, white, gray used sequentially polishing, black surface can be cast to the surface of the nail cuticle, white surface can nail surface throw more thin, gray surface to surface polishing, after the three procedure after the nail will look radiant.
(3) Note: if the customer's cover is thin, not the polished edge of the four sides polished throw, otherwise the nail will be thrown thinner. Never rub back and forth when polishing, because the heat generated by friction can cause discomfort.

Nine, bottom oil
(1) classification: base oil with calcium base oil and protein base oil, moisturizing base oil, etc..
(2) usage: after polishing nails, the base oil is polished. According to the customer's nail texture to choose the bottom oil, such as the customer's nails are soft, you can add calcium oil, if you need a nail polish, before the nail polish oil, can prevent the nail yellowing, play a nutritional role.
(3) Notice: oil must be painted before nail polish in professional nail painting.

Ten, Nail Polish
(1) classification: common type and quick dry type of nail polish.
Method of use: A (2), dark nail polish coating: a dark nail polish coating volume should not be too much, otherwise it will show thick and uneven. 2-3 times, every time thinner, the effect will be better. B, light nail polish coating method: pink and other light color a series of improper use of oil, it is easy to show uneven smearing traces, in the coating should pay special attention to the amount of nail dipping and brush oil tilt, and when the wet layer as soon as possible second layers, which is very important. C, pearlescent nail oil coating method: pearlescent nail oil easy to dry, brush dipped in a little more nail polish, as soon as possible painted. Otherwise it will appear uneven, so the brush should be upright use, in order to avoid traces left, first painted on both sides, and then painted in the middle.
(3) Note: painted onto the finger skin, can not be painted nail, case was dirty, and can affect the respiratory nail.

Eleven bright oil
(1) types: bright oil, ordinary bright oil and UV bright oil.
(2) use method: bright oil is coated on the nail polish after drying, which can protect nail polish and prolong the shedding time. If you do crystal nail, use anti yellow, anti UV bright oil.
(3) Note: bright oil should not be painted too thick.

Nail maintenance methods and steps

First, soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes at 40 degrees centigrade, and dry with hot towel.
Two, apply nail softener in the nail edge base, to soften the crust.
Three, use dead skin to push one end, soften the edge of the nail edge base press neatly, and then use "M" shape, the other end gently shovel out of the protruding part. Please pay attention to this link, do not force too much damage to the skin.
Four, in the nail edge painted nails nutrition oil, moisturizing skin edge, can prevent dry skin and hard or cracking.
Five, smearing nails and calcium base oil, can increase luster, protect nails is not easy to break.
Six, dry the base oil, and finally painted nail polish oil, make nails bright, smooth and shiny, more durable wear.

In this way, the nail maintenance process has been done. Isn't that easy? As long as you have four nails and tools, you can have nail care at home.

How to maintain the nail?
1, try to minimize contact with nails, or use nails as a tool to replace nails and reduce the chances of hurting your nails.
2, if the nail skin has shrunk or disappeared, can be soaked in warm water every day for 10 to 15 minutes, gently dry with hot towel, and then close to the end of the body to the distal massage, so that the small nail skin re growth. Can also be used with nail care cream to skin, reduce split peeling situation.
3, keep the hand dry, dry in the case of bacteria is not easy to grow, the chance of infection will be reduced.
4, reduce contact with various irritants, such as soap, organic solvents and so on. If you have to contact the irritant, wear protective gloves as much as possible.