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304 stainless steel wire back pressure valve safety relief valve DN15DN20DN25

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The back pressure valve realizes the action through the spring force of the built-in spring: when the system pressure is smaller than the setting pressure, the diaphragm blocks the pipeline under the influence of spring elasticity; when the system pressure is larger than the setting pressure, the diaphragm compresses the spring, the pipeline is connected, and the liquid passes the back pressure valve. The back pressure valve structure is similar to the check valve, but the opening pressure is greater than the one-way valve, between 0.2 and 0.6 mpa. In the condition that the pipeline or the equipment vessel is unstable, the back pressure valve can maintain the pressure required by the pipeline, so that the pump can output the flow normally. At the end of the pump, siphon phenomenon occurs due to gravity or other effects. At this point, the backpressure valve can reduce the flow and pressure fluctuation caused by siphon. For metering pumps and other volumetric pumps operating under low system pressure, there will be excessive delivery. In order to prevent similar problems, the outlet of metering pump must be at least 0.7Bar back pressure, generally through the installation of back pressure valve at the outlet of metering pump to achieve the purpose.

How to choose back pressure valve on industrial pipeline? Back pressure valve is generally used for two purposes:
1: back pressure valve for preventing liquid under gravity gravity (or siphon), is generally used when the pressure is greater than the liquid itself, such as to prevent the liquid level to 2 meters in the chest of the liquid flowing, backpressure valve selection pressure is greater than 0.02MPa, generally used to 0.1MPa.
2: back pressure valve is used to stabilize the flow of the pump, such as the flow of some pumps with the pressure changes larger, can be set at the back of the pump back pressure valve, so that the output flow of the pump stability, and then generally choose back pressure valve for the actual pressure of the pump or slightly less than the pressure of the pump.
The check valve on the outlet pipe is used to prevent the backflow of the liquid, and the backpressure valve is used to keep a constant pressure at the pump outlet