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Yohyo brand packing belt factory direct automatic semi transparent packaging material with a new automaton with baling press

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Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai Express, 1 volumes of mail, other areas of logistics (do not express to make up the freight or freight to pay)!!

Width 0.1cm error, requires perfect not to beat!!

This specification has the following dimensions

1. Wide 1.5cm0.8mm thickness suitable for packaged air conditioning refrigerator heavier items, pulling about 150 kilograms

2. width 1 1cm thick 0.6mm, suitable for packing books, printed matter and so on, pulling 50 kilograms or so.2800 meters

3. width 1.2cm thickness 0.8mm, more suitable for the export of goods, ceramic tile exports 100 kilograms, 1900 meters


4. default hair width 1.1 to 1.15cm, good tension, beautiful, toughness, tension about 60 kilograms, about 2300 meters.

6.Width 1.5 thick 0.7mm, good pull, suitable for packaging refrigerators, overweight items. Beautiful, good toughness, about 1000 meters.
7. pure material hemmingWidth 1.2 thick 0.8mm, good pull. Pure white, about 1200 meters

8. feed back,Width 1.2 thick 1 millimeter, single motor old machine, about 1000 meters, pat can consult customer service
30 roll up can print plus 150 edition fee, 100 rolls free mold fee! Contact with customer service!!

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Raw material display!!


Packaging paper heart, outer skinThis is our storeThe company is now engaged in activities 1 times, buy 200 rolls to send a machine, does not accumulate!!


In this factory, as long as the purchase packaged with full volume 400 above the volume 400!!!!, buy pack can accumulate the sum of what time to buy full volume 400 packing belt, we are free to send a high semi automatic packing machine; to thank customers to patronize our ordering and;

Here's the packing effect diagram


Making process of packing belt

  PP packing belt:
Material: Polypropylene wire grade resin, because of its good plasticity, strong tensile fracture, bending resistance, light weight, easy to use and so on. It has been widely used in various fields.
Economical semi-automatic strapping belt:
It has high strength and good toughness, soft texture
Non absorbent, Recyclable, smooth face
I wear a small, variety, easy to use

Need printing, printing LOGO printing, printing company name phone, friends need to roll up 50 (limited India Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai area, other areas 60 rolled up India), marking the first time without money, need to pay 150 yuan fee in the next print mold, word does not change under the condition of no such expenses. The color of the packing belt and the color of the words can be chosen by the customers themselves, and it takes about 7 days for the customized printing and packing belt. Packing belt printing can improve the packaging grade of your products, enhance the image of the company and brand influence.The packing belt is mainly made up:
Plastic mesh false roof belt, mine plastic roof net, mining plastic mesh, coal mine support, coal mine plastic mesh, mining plastic belt, plastic belt,
Coal mine supporting network, underground plastic net, mine products, top net, a supporting net, the underground coal mine with woven mesh, woven mesh, plastic packing belt, top net, plastic net, plastic packing belt, plastic net, mine equipment, coal mine network, network, plastic products, plastic products plastic products, flame retardant, woven mesh, woven fence, fence, mine plastic top net, flame retardant, PP machine packing belt, flame retardant, mine off the top with plastic mesh (mine fire belt)
Material: polypropylene (PP)
Width (mm): 9--15
Thickness (mm):0.6--1.0
Color: white
Tensile strength: >30KG--125KG

Disclaimer: This product is a semi automatic packaging belt, suitable for semi-automatic baler, manual buckle baler. The manual packing machine can not use the packing belt hasp. The sellers bear the freight charges in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai