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Manufacturer bundling rope, plastic rope packing, rope binding rope, tearing belt machine, with the end of direct sales

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  Where to buy this shop a roll of rope free knife, sewing needle plus cash back 1 yuan praise

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You need a thin wire, please click Rope thickness: about 0.5-0.8cm flat width: 2-2.5 cm weight: 6 kg

String: volume is about 6 pounds a pack of 8 rolls of 50 pounds, 7 pounds a roll of rope.A whole package, 7 rolls, 50 catties!

1.(cord)Pure new material, new material for high-grade rope width, 0.5cm color transparent, anti-aging, more meters, wide range of use more than 4200 meters

2. new material rope with luster, toughness tensile about 4200 meters

3. ordinary new material is a new material with a little feed back to make rope whiteAbout 3800 meters

4. single layer material for high-grade back rope, the material is thin and not hard about 3000 meters (above has passed)pullTest the parents to rest assured to buy! 

5.(rope)Pure new material, new material for high-grade rope width, 2cm color transparent, anti-aging, more meters, wide range of use more than 3800 meters

              Special package of plastic rope

Baby Name: tear belt, plastic rope, packing rope, binding rope

Baby specifications: rope open, single width is 3.5-4 cm, the normal width of 2 centimeters,

The back material is open, single layer is 6 cm wide, and the new material is widened whiteOpen monolayer width13.6 centimeters

For strings, click on pictures:

Baby weight: 6.8-7.1 jin. Each rope weight is different, mind careful shot!

Baby performance: high quality PP material is translucent, soft, light, tough and super strong

It is not easy to break and has strong tensile force!

Baby use: used to bind books, pack cardboard boxes, pack bundled flowers and trees,

Factory packing, pocket sealing, packing and so on!

Please be assured, bold shot, quality assurance!

    Belt conveyor rope tearing belt for automatic ending machine

Name: automatic tying rope for strapping machine
  Color: white, red, yellow, green, blue five colors, as a color box
  Packing: 12 rolls / box.
  Length: about 2800 meters / reel
  Weight: gross weight 25 kg per box, net weight 24 kg per box, weight 1.9--2.11 kg per roll;
  Specifications: 28#: single volume specifications: height of about 17cm, about 15--116cm in diameter and thickness of about 5cm
  Price: the above price is the price of 1 rolls
  Features: new material, quality assurance, strong tensile force!
  Usage: it is suitable for packing and packing operations in carton factories, cardboard mills, packaging factories, printing factories, newspapers, publishing houses, bookstores, paper mills, department stores, post offices, candy and pastry shops, timber lines, etc..


 The whole package of 7 rolls of 50 pounds, each bundle of weight is not standard

Probably about 7 pounds, and some may be less than 6.9 Jin, but

Is it the price of the whole roll or the whole volume?!!! Retail can be!


(red, yellow, green, white, blue, a bundle of about 7 pounds)




ReminderAll the plastic bundling ropes sold in this shop are new materials, and the tensile strength of clinker is strong

It is used for bundling flowers and seedlings, packing in factories, sealing in bags, packing and durable,

There is a cheap return material, pull general, quality times! Our factory banding rope in the CCTV advertisement gets higher

Evaluation! Because of the high cost of advertising, we did only one advertisement!