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EAST battery 12V80AH sealed lead acid EAST NP80-12 DC panel /UPS/EPS

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EAST battery has good consistency

"Regardless of the cost of the battery group in each cell has the characteristics of relatively consistent, that is put into use after long-term discharge consistency and float consistency, not the individual behind the battery and the battery down.
(1) control the weight and thickness of the grid and the paste quantity from the source;
The general assembly before the plates by weighing and grading (= 38Ah battery), to ensure the consistency of active substances in each monomer amount;
(3) quantitative accurate acid injection, four charging and three discharging system, equalization of battery performance;
Before discharging, the battery is discharged, and the capacity and open circuit voltage are matched once;
The static phase detection over 38Ah battery before departure, after 7 to 15 days of the "test of time", the library again seized 100%, very few can effectively detect line to doubt battery detection;
The library is based on open circuit voltage and internal resistance of battery was two times with the group.

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EAST battery features

Good safety performance

"Lean liquid" design, the electrolyte inside the battery is all poles and superfine glass fiber separator adsorption, the battery without free flow of electrolyte, under normal use without electrolyte leakage, side inverted 90 degree installation can also be used normally.

The valve controlled sealing structure, when the gas pressure in the battery is occasionally high, can be automatically opened through the safety valve, release the pressure, to ensure safety, the internal combustion of flammable gas accumulation is less, can not reach the explosion concentration, excellent explosion proof performance.

Maintenance free performance

With the principle of free maintenance of the cathode absorption type seal, the compound efficiency of the gas seal is more than 95%, the water loss is very little under normal use, and the battery does not need regular fluid maintenance.

Green environmental protection

"No mist under normal charging, no pollution, no corrosion of equipment room environment.

Self discharge small

Pb-Ca-Sn alloy with high gas evolution potential was put into the dry environment at 20 degrees for half a year, and it can be put into normal use without power supply.

Applicable environment temperature is wide

"- 45 DEG C can run smoothly.

High resistance to high current performance

"Tight assembly process, the resistance is small, the discharge current discharge can be 3 times the volume of 3 minutes (7 minutes or more than 24Ah to allow continuous discharge to discharge current and discharge termination voltage) or 6 times the capacity of the battery for 5 seconds, without exception.

Long service life

"Because of the high purity of raw materials and long life formula, battery consistency control technology, NP series battery normal float design life of up to 7~10 years (more than 38Ah).

Good consistency of battery pack

"Regardless of the cost of the battery group in each cell has the characteristics of relatively consistent, that is put into use after long-term discharge consistency and float consistency, not the individual behind the battery and the battery down.

Maintenance is simple
When charging, most of the oxygen produced in the battery is absorbed by the plate and reduced to electrolyte, and there is no electrolyte reduction.
Liquid retention high
The electrolyte is absorbed in a special separator to keep it in a state of no flow, so it can be used even if it falls. (not more than 90 degrees beyond)
Safety performance excellence
Too much gas can be released due to extreme overcharge operation errors to prevent battery rupture.
Self discharge electrode is small
Using special lead alloy to produce grid, the minimum self discharge is controlled.
It has long service life and good economy
The grid of the battery is made of special lead calcium alloy with good corrosion resistance. At the same time, the special clapboard can keep the electrolyte, and at the same time, it can press the positive plate actively to prevent falling off, so it is a kind of long life and economical battery.
Internal resistance is small
Because of the small internal resistance, the discharge characteristics of high current are good.
Good recovery ability after deep discharge
In case of long-term discharge, as long as the full charge, basically no capacity reduction, can quickly recover.