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12zp-5b geliahao AB 302 80g high strength rubber metal rubber universal glue

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Good brothers 80g: A 40g+B 40g a glue glue

Ab A+B suggests two components, the 80g A group 40g+B group 40g!

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Good brothers

Well, start from a little bit... 


  • Model: 302
  • Net weight: 40g40g/ set (48 / box)
  • Homograft or dissimilar bonding
  • Composition and composition]
  • Good brothers brand modified acrylic adhesive with methyl acrylate, with toughening agent, reinforcing agent, stabilizer, initiator and inhibitor etc.,

  • A two component (A, B) reactive adhesive synthesized through advanced technology.

    [application and application]

    The product is mainly used for rigid structure adhesive bonding, available in steel, iron, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, Aluminum Alloy, ABS, PVC, Nigeria

  • Dragon (polyamyl), polycarbonate, polymethacrylate (polymethacrylate), tempered glass, polyester resin, polyurethane, cement, ceramics, etc.

  • The bonding between the same or different species of wood or laminate.
    The bonding of glass products, the initial strength is good, but because the glass expansion coefficient is larger, sometimes will automatically fall off.
    It is not suitable for bonding snow iron, copper and brass, zinc, celluloid, PTFE, polyolefin, polysiloxane and other products.
    For the flexible bonding effect is not ideal.
    It is mainly used in the following aspects: cars, motorcycles, machinery, chemical pipelines, storage tanks, wood furniture, lamps and lanterns nameplate, daily life

  • Scientific research and so on.

    [use method]

  • The adhesive surface treatment:
    Grinding, grinding can remove the unsolid surface attachments, increase the roughness of the adhesive surface, increase the adhesion area, and increase the colloid and the sticky surface.

  • The bonding strength increases with the inlaying effect.
    The adhesive strength can be properly improved by using acetone, chloroform and other solvents.
    The adhesive:
    In conventional bonding, the bonding surface for air? @ chop, according to A B1:1, his bluff with mixed with film within 3 minutes after the glue (room temperature), press down the adhesive,

  • 5~10 minutes positioning, 30 minutes to reach the use of strength, 24 hours after the maximum strength.
    0 connection: if the adhesive surface is too small, it is not enough to bear the load, it can be added to the joint, that is, to strengthen the butt, and to make up a piece of surface on the outer surface of the glue.

  • The corresponding material is used to increase the adhesive area.
    0 wrapping: after the butt, the outer surface is coated with cotton, fiber cloth and thin iron skin. This method is suitable for the parts of the bending stress action.
    The emergency repair of the leakage of the oil tank. Grind the sand paper, rub it with soap on the leakage, and stop the leak for a while. The glue can be pressed and held with cotton cloth to prevent the glue

  • Flow, if the temperature is too low, can be properly heated to quickly solidify.
    When the body crack repair. Stop crack at the end of the crack to prevent the crack extension. Deal with the sticky surface, smear the liquid and stick a layer of glass cloth.

  • With a sticky glue, then a layer of glass cloth, three layer, glass Buyouli to outside, from may look beautiful.

    [note] after the upper layer of glue is cured, then a layer is applied, and the thickness of each layer is less than one millimeter.
    This hole. A drill with a slightly larger diameter, then cut a length slightly longer than the hole, with a diameter slightly smaller than the aperture (GAP).

  • 0.51 mm). Iron after surface treatment, stick into the hole (glue can be added to iron red, iron powder, aluminum powder as filling materials, to reduce shrinkage,

  • Increase the tightness.
    I like bonding is not ideal, to be re bonding, clear adhesive can be used the following methods
    If the strength of the adhesive is allowed, it can be knocked off by beating.
    As for the good temperature resistance of the adhesive, it can be heated to more than 120 C and can be added properly.
    As the adhesive, high solvent resistance, available acetone, benzene, chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent immersion, until dissolved.

    • [performance and characteristics]

      The room temperature fast curing, 5 to 10 minutes, up to 30 minutes to use intensity reached the highest strength after 24 hours.
      It is convenient to use, without strict measurement, such as the two components are brushing, can prolong the period of application.
      The shear, impact, high peel strength, good comprehensive performance, steel / steel at room temperature tensile shear strength and impact strength of 2.0KJ/m2 > > 20MPa.
      It can make oil surface adhesive. Only need to wear, no degreasing, the strength is not significantly reduced.
      The acid and alkali resistance, good water resistance, good oil resistance.
      The resistance to heat and air aging, good durability.
      They are easy to clean.
      The extensive use of.
      The high and low temperature resistance, fully cured after 24 hours, can still be used in the 60 to 120 DEG C.
      The electrical properties, the dielectric strength of 15kV/mm, the dielectric constant of 3 heat resistant grade B.
      Have good aging resistance. In Table 1, the aging degree of different materials in different media is given at 15 C -27 C for two months.
      The durability. The durability is related to the conditions of use and the use of the environment. The specific circumstances can be used as a reference for the following experiments.
      The Fushun area, for four years, does not bear load (aluminum to aluminum), and the strength retention rate is more than 50%.
      Room temperature, no load (aluminum to aluminum), water immersion for six months, the strength retention rate > 90%.
      In the boiling water, the load is not loaded (aluminum to aluminum). After a week, the cooling measurement is taken out. The strength retention rate is more than 95%.


      All the goods mixed after curing fast, so it is a mixture of too much. If there is obvious curing and drawing in glue liquid, it is suggested

    • Do not use it so as to avoid the bond strength.
      The toxicity of this product. The glue has the odor of acrylate, and it is basically nontoxic after curing. About 1/1000 of people have long exposure to glue

    • It can produce mild skin allergies, skin redness, and mild itching. It is recommended to wear protective gloves and stick to the skin with acetone.

    • Go and wash it with water. If solidified on the skin, it will automatically fall off for a certain time.
      The curing of this product release a lot of heat, so it should not be a thick coating, otherwise the layer will have a strong effect of porosity, adhesion

    • Degree. When a large amount of liquid is exothermic, it will also have the possibility of burning.
      That the adhesive when affected by temperature, such as winter outdoor use, should be supplemented by heating (incandescent lamp, baking, infrared and

    • Heat), but the temperature should not be greater than 100.
      The use of this product should be well ventilated, not the entrance, do not let children. The rubber cap can not be wrong, so as not to deteriorate.
      - this product at high temperature, easy to produce polymerization failure at room temperature (23 - 2 DEG C) can be stored for one year, low temperature can prolong the storage period

    • . If in the South high temperature area should be kept in the shade.

    • Good brothers brand modified acrylic adhesive with methyl acrylate as main raw materials, with advanced technology for the synthesis of double component (A.B)
    • Reactive structure adhesive has the following characteristics: easy to use, no strict measurement, oil surface adhesive, room temperature fast
    • Curing, high bonding strength, acid alkali, water and oil medium good, high and low temperature resistance, good aging resistance.
    • This product can be used in steel, iron, aluminum, titanium, ABS, PVC, nylon, polycarbonate, organic glass, polyester resin, polyurethane,
    • The bonding between cement, ceramics, wood and other homologous or dissimilar materials (poor adhesion to snow iron and copper) is mainly applied to the materials.
    • Cars, motorcycles, machinery, chemical pipes, furniture, lamps, toys, daily necessities, household appliances manufacturing, installation and repair.