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Stainless steel wire tapping M8M10M12M14M16M18*2*1.5*1 screw for cobalt containing machine tap

discount 70% in 2018-09-20 to 2018-09-22
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Cobalt containing machine tap (trough, cobalt)M35Material links:

M3--M36(coarse tooth):

M3--M18(coarseFine teeth):

M20--M30(coarseFine teeth):

Cobalt screw machine tap (spiral groove, cobalt contained)M35Material links:

M3--M30(Coarse teeth):

M3--M18 (crude)Fine teeth):

M20--M30(coarseFine teeth):

Taps for industrial machines (straight groove, high speed steel)M2Material links:

M3--M52(coarse tooth):

M3--M18(coarseFine teeth):

M20--M30(coarseFine teeth):

M33--M45(coarseFine teeth):

M48--M52(coarseFine teeth):

Taps for spiral machines (spiral groove, high speed steel)M2Material links:

M3--M30(coarse tooth):

M3--M18(coarseFine teeth):

M20--M30(coarseFine teeth):

Product interpretation

Name:Cobalt containing screw tapBrand:DayTexture of material:M35(HSS-Co)  TechnologyFull grinding

Product brief:M35 material, with high temperature resistance and wear resistance. It is suitable for processing stainless steel, die steel, spring steel, alloy steel, cast iron and so on. Ordinary steel, copper and aluminum are easier to process.High hardness, better wear resistance than high-speed steel, high speed steel processing can not processed material, and toughness than tungsten steel (hard alloy) material is better, can be used in tungsten steel knives can not be used to machine equipment!

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