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PBI bar PBIi board imported high quality resin board, PBI bar, PI bar, sheet material, sheet metal thick plate

Properties: thermoplastic material, super high temperature resistance, wear resistance, wear resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion. Low flammability, high purity, high mechanical strength, excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistance, good chemical resistance, strong mechanical resistance to hydrolysis. Application: semiconductor and aerospace industries, incandescent or fluorescent lamps of high temperature contact, such as vacuum cup. Push the finger and holder, glass products equipment spare parts, electrical parts. Electronic machine insulation parts, various sliding parts. Electrical contactor etc.

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Performance brief:

1, PBI (PBI) is the highest level of Engineering Plastics: ultra high temperature (high temperature long-term working temperature of 310 DEG C, instantaneous temperature tolerance can reach 760 DEG C, the heat deformation temperature of 425 DEG C, linear), high wear resistance, high strength, high rigidity, low expansion coefficient, excellent anti radiation performance, low flammability, low exhaust.
The main features are as follows:
2. corrosion resistance: stable properties in acid and alkali environment.
3. high strength: its strength is two times of Vespel products, is the highest strength of existing engineering plastics products.
4. high hardness: its hardness is 1/2 of glass.
5. high purity ash can be controlled below 2ppm. Applicable to the semiconductor industry, special glass industry, higher requirements for the performance of plastic products, local use.
6, features: the maximum allowable temperature in the air is very high (can continue to work under 310 degrees, the shortest time to use up to 500 degrees Celsius).
7, excellent mechanical strength and stiffness retention, abrasion resistance and friction performance excellent, very low linear thermal expansion coefficient, the inherent low flammability, high purity ion pollution, low exhaust (dry material).
8, because of its superior performance, in other plastics can not achieve the field, PBI is likely to find the best solution.
Two. Application field:
It is usually used to manufacture extremely demanding components to reduce maintenance costs and the longest service life. Application areas have been established in semiconductor and aerospace industries, incandescent or fluorescent lamps of high temperature contact, such as vacuum cups, and push the finger holder, electrical contactor etc.. The disadvantage is that the ability to withstand high temperature steam is insufficient, and the performance is reduced after absorbing moisture