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W6W9 high-speed hacksaw hacksaw blade cutting iron Feng old machine saw blade knife cutter speed just embryo

Direct selling high-speed high-speed steel cutter blade can be customized, according to the material hardness level W3W4W5W6W9W18 the larger the number higher hardness of HSS strip can be used for cutting can also be used as the tool, there are no teeth, teeth. No teeth also called blank, it is recommended to take time to contact customer service that uses the most appropriate to buy affordable products, iron and Steel General saw at least more than W4 material, size represents the length width thickness, mm

discount 70% in 2018-09-21 to 2018-09-23
price: USD$ 63.70
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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First declare, the saw blade in this shop is the whole high-speed steel saw blade, the back of the saw blade teeth hardness is the same.W3 saw blade material hardness of only 60 degrees, is the most common, the most common high-speed hacksaw blade is the most expensive, or a large amount of demand is not high it can choose high or metal cutting is generally recommended is more than W4 or W6W9 saw blade.

Here are a few questions that matter
High speed saw blade is not broken,Understand people know that HSS hard, toughness is relatively small, it is easy to break! Experts know that broken at least authentic high-speed steel, iron how to fall continuously, do not understand the quality problem.

No teeth with teeth, as long as the material, the hardness of what is the same, without teeth is quenching the appearance of the fire, outside without painting treatment,It's convenient for some customers. Before a customer bought a toothed blade, cannot be understood without teeth with tooth with what it means to receive the goods, directly to the owner of a bad review: blade without teeth, is a piece of iron! The shopkeeper gave the mother talked for half an hour of steel knowledge, he also believes that it is iron

Secondly, the transportation problem, really, do business also has such a short time, the shopkeeper is most afraid of the most helpless is express company, things are not heavy, you gently handle will die, throw, throw directly. So that things can not be bad?If you receive something found broken, how to do, it does not matter, this as long as timely contact express, can refuse to reject, refused to contact me, can change for change, freight count my, can refund the full refund.But when the buyers return freight, we will give you the freight, share with the vast number of buyers friends, in addition to SF to pay the price unchanged, other express will be doubled!! !

Question 1: what does W3.W4.W9 mean? What's the difference?

W3.W4.W9 these are the meanings of high speed steel. The higher the value, the higher the hardness. The better the index of saw blade is.

Question two: do Pedicure knife. The grafting knife like what kind of material?

Specifications of the material can do these tools, but a penny a piece of goods, W3 material can also do, but to do it, the use of a long time will have to sharpen the mouth, sharp retention W9, these materials are good, so the treasurer recommended the use of W9 material, durable. Time is precious. Don't waste time on sharpening knives.

Question three: what does it mean without teeth? What's the difference between the teeth and the teeth?

Without teeth is blade without teeth, no appearance processing (with quenching watermark). But the hardness is the same as the teeth, the material is the same, in addition to appearance, the other is no difference.

Question four: can not drill blade? Can you process the cutter?

The blade can drill, but because of the high-speed hacksaw blade has high hardness, so ordinary drills is couldn't get, recommend the use of wire cutting perforation (a special drilling equipment, does not affect the hardness of the material), laser devices such as drilling, if can not find these devices, the most simple and convenient, with welding burn (burnt near is annealed). We can not give customers the knife type, now expensive in time cost, processing a knife time cost is far greater than the value of the saw blade itself, we also feel embarrassed to open this price. thereforeOur shop is not machining knife type! 

Question five: what tools should be used for cutting and polishing? What do we need to pay attention to?

Cutting saw blade can be used for cutting machine, angle grinder, as long as the belt grinding wheel and so on can be cut. Cut the mouth will have annealing, but the range is not much, a little grinding off. Rough cuts can be done with sand grinders and so on, but...Sharpen the grindstoneOtherwise, the grind is not sharp. This material is steel mill more smooth, more will not rust.

Question six: I bought a root W9 material, how to distinguish the shopkeeper hair is W9?

Any saw blade itself is not standard material, the expert can see the saw blade sparks (can search under Baidu). What people can choose to believe the shopkeeper, shopkeeper is the breadwinner, you take care of my business is my God, how could I stone on their own feet, this wicked thing shopkeeper is not going to do, you take what is material, the shopkeeper will have to send you what material. Despair of the world, believe that the bad people in the world more than the good people do not beat. Thank you

Question seven: is the thickness of saw blade standard?

The thickness of any saw blade is not standard, there are positive and negative tolerances, some saw blade is thicker than the marked, and some are thinner, but with the thickness of the mark is eight or nine, not ten, there are strict requirements, you can buy before confirming the size with the treasurer.