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Modern minimalist small bed washable cloth type high solid wood box cloth fabric bed 1.8 meters double bed Nordic marriage bed

discount 70% in 2018-07-21 to 2018-07-23
price: USD$ 3994.90
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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You: more than 1000 bed a lot of Taobao, but also many people buy, some.The price is ok! It looks like our bed prices don't have any advantages. I wasn't there beforeHow can we sell confidence? But I just want to know what to sell things to people,Friends who really need high quality furniture! I don't want them to turn around at TaobaoFruit found that they did not want things, there is a return of goods, after all, large furniture returns, replacement is very troublesome, do not regret the waste of time and energy. And go to the entity store to accept the virtual high price! (after all, store high rents and join the brand does not sell expensive costs, how to make money, can not be said to lose money earned crying) than a soft Taobao selling price is not higher than the quality meet the eye everywhere. So there is a saying: layman see prices, experts see quality. Our products never take the PS line, only take the real shot. No price, no sales. Only quality and service. Just let every customer buy back the quality of recognition. So the parents can refer to any of our products, are the facts speak: there are pictures, there is truth. So far, Tmall shop is said to serve good quality bar:Pictures of the inner frame are going to hundredsFind some interior frames and put stuff on top! As far as evaluation is concerned, one kind is goodIt's a brush; there's another kind of thing that's done for low-end customers! Furniture notYou can buy clothes, come and go, 10 pieces of freight, and you can't buy 2 samples at the same timeGood return! Is it possible? Diandaqike, you have to find the Tmall store could not solve the problem and solve the problem of a drag on the promise and then deny in succession.Some customers buy bad products, buy wrong once, can toss you dead!The store may feel secure and secure, but here today, the brand, tomorrow for the boss, do you think after-sales service may maintain the so-called time guarantee?We only make conscience products!We guarantee free warranty for 5 years. Because when we leave the factory, the quality is strictly controlled. Dare to say dare you dare to buy, I'm sure!

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Specification: peripheral bed width 208*long240*high95, the empty mattress mattress position wide 180* length 200. mattress and bedside table is calculated separately price, details can consult our customer service
I'm responsible for telling you that the camera in this bed doesn't even have Canon 500D! Ordinary idiot camera! You get out of bed feet of cloth stitch can be seen from the picture, the exquisite sense of fabric!The spacing and walk straight stitch line a small workshop, can not afford such a high level of work! To tell the truth, it looks like the clothes of brand monopolized clothes

Look at the code under close, good stuff you take 360 hassle for you to see

Fabric details look at Kazakhstan, the use of high-grade cotton fabric, double layer composite cloth thick and durable, feel similar to cotton texture, after three times shrink treatment, notIt does not fade, does not shrink, can be washed or dry cleaned, and has good shape retention property,

From the side of view, the level of workers can not do such a line! Want to know what's inside? Wait for you to look at naked! Good goods are not afraid of your inspection!Looking at the details of the sewing thread, are more than 5 years of sewing master can go out of this beautiful linesLooking at the details of the sewing thread, are more than 5 years of sewing master can go out of this beautiful linesDouble stack pillows suitable for all kinds of your needs, the first layer can be removed to a small pillow

Good linen fabric is two times pre shrinkage treatment, whatever you wash, machine wash does not matter, because it will not fade, fade, fade, fade, false one compensate ten

The whole design and simple and easy to use.

Our row skeleton is reinforced type, there are 6 steel tubes in the middle, the wall thickness of the steel pipe is 1.3, the ordinary is 0.8, normal use for 20 years is no problem, unless you jump on it, then there is no way.The bent frame is made of nine bent wood, double sided sticker, which protects the fabric of the mattress, and is practical and beautiful.The movable steam high box bed, after one hundred thousand times of pressure test, is durable, the support parts of the rear part of the support are made of metal alloy, and the design of the steam driven bed is also quite humanized. When the bed board is closed, it can be opened as long as it is lifted up. Pull down and slow down.
We constantly improve the quality, improve service, the following storage board all replaced with solid wood splicing board, without any flavor. So that you can buy assured and reassuring products. Storage height is 15 centimeters, in the purchase of mattresses, the thickness needs to be about 20 centimeters, if too high, will affect the use and beauty. If you have customized products, please contact with our customer service to confirm!
 Widen, thicken and upgrade solid wood bent frame,The front of the skeleton can be seen to be firm, and there is no need to worry about the deformation and collapse of the bent skeleton, which needs to be charged 200 yuan cost
Can not store the structure of the bed picture
Picture of storage bed structure