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UPS battery Taida DCF126-12/120S lead-acid maintenance free 12V120AHEPS power supply

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Dentsu battery characteristics

  1. Long time discharge characteristics.
  2. It is suitable for use in standby and energy storage power supply.
  3. Special plate design, long cycle life.
  4. The special lead calcium alloy formula enhances the corrosion resistance of the grid and prolongs the service life of the battery.
  5. The special separator enhances the internal performance of the battery.
  6. The heat capacity is large and the risk of heat loss is reduced. It is not easy to dry up and can be used in a worse environment.
  7. The gas compound efficiency is high.
  8. There is little electrolyte layer phenomenon in water loss.
  9. The storage period is longer.
  10. Good recovery performance of deep discharge.
  11. The particle size of gas phase silica is small and its specific surface area is large.
  12. The self discharge rate is very low, and it adapts to a wide range of temperature.
  13. The use of valve control safety valve, safe and reliable.

Application: widely used in communication system, power system, emergency lighting system, automatic control system, fire and security alarm systems, solar and wind power system, computer standby power supply, portable instrument, instrument, medical equipment, electric tools, electric vehicle system.

concrete content





The United States sea import agent &# America battery HZB12-100 battery HZB12-100 sea import agent &# America Haizhi battery HZB12-100 import agent &# battery deformation is not sudden, there is often a process. Battery in charging capacity to about 80% into the high voltage charging area, then the positive plate precipitated oxygen, oxygen through the bulkhead hole to negative electrode of oxygen in the reaction of resurrection on the cathode board: 2Pb+O2=2PbO+ PbO+H2SO4=PbSO4+H2O+ heat heat heat reaction, when the charging capacity reaches 90%, the oxygen generating speed increases negative, began to produce hydrogen. The increase of a large amount of gas makes the internal pressure of the battery exceed the open valve pressure, the safety valve opens, the gas escapes, and finally shows the loss of water. 2H2O=2H2 = +O2 = battery with the increase of cycle times, the water gradually reduced, the battery there is the following: (1) the oxygen channel becomes smooth, the cathode oxygen produced by easily reach the anode through the channel. (2) the heat capacity decreases. The biggest heat capacity in the battery is water and water loss. The heat capacity of the battery decreases greatly, and the heat generated increases the temperature of the battery rapidly.
1. Provide the product instructions and installation instructions with the product.

2, design and install according to user's request, and provide the design and installation drawings of the product.
3, provide the performance data and various characteristic curves of the product according to the user's request.
4, provide training materials and related materials for training users.
Maintenance and maintenance of sate battery:
In the process of using the UPS power supply system, people often think that the battery is not maintenance free and not to be paid attention to. However, it has been shown that the proportion of UPS mainframe failure or abnormal work caused by battery failure is about 1/3. It can be seen that it is more and more important to strengthen the correct use and maintenance of UPS batteries, prolong the service life of batteries, and reduce the failure rate of UPS power system. In addition to the selection of regular brand battery, the following aspects should be used and maintained in the following aspects:
(1) keep the appropriate ambient temperature. The most important factor that affects the life of the battery is the ambient temperature. The best ambient temperature required by the general battery manufacturer is between 20 and 25. Although the increase in temperature increases the discharge capacity of the battery, the cost of the battery is much shorter than the battery life. According to the test, once the ambient temperature exceeds 25 degrees C, the battery life will be reduced by half by 10 degrees centigrade. At present, the batteries used by UPS are usually valve regulated lead-acid batteries. The design life is generally 5 years, which can be achieved in the environment of battery manufacturers. Without the required environmental requirements, the length of its life is very different. In addition, the improvement of ambient temperature will lead to the enhancement of chemical activity inside the battery, resulting in a lot of heat, which will in turn increase the ambient temperature. This vicious cycle will accelerate the life of batteries.
(2) regular charging and discharging. The UPS power supply system of floating charge voltage and discharge voltage, at the factory have been adjusted to the rated value, and the discharge current is increased with the increase of load, load regulation should be reasonable use, such as the use of computers and other electronic equipment control units. In general, the load should not exceed 60% of the rated load of UPS. In this range, the battery will not be overcharged.
UPS is connected with the municipal electricity for a long time. In the environment of high power supply and little blackouts, the battery will remain in the state of floating charging for a long time. It will decrease the activity of battery chemical energy and electric energy mutual transformation, accelerate the aging and shorten the service life. Therefore, the discharge time should be completely discharged every 2~3 months, and the discharge time can be determined according to the capacity and load size of the battery. After a full load discharge is completed, recharge the charge for 8 hours.


System case


The project is a landmark project for the construction of smart grid in Beijing. The energy storage system is used to regulate and control the micro grid in the project. The 2V1000Ah lead-carbon battery is 720 knots and the total capacity is 500kW/1440kW.


Power storage system of local control system of energy storage system for in situ monitoring is the advanced control center of the whole storage system, responsible for monitoring the running state of the whole storage system; as a bridge linking grid scheduling and storage system, to upload function: on the one hand to receive dispatch instructions, on the other hand, the power grid dispatching according to the instructions of energy management strategy is distributed to each storage branch, while monitoring the running state of the energy storage system, analysis of operation data, ensure the energy storage system in good working condition. The main functions of energy storage monitoring system include: SCADA function, diagnosis and early warning function, panoramic analysis function, optimization dispatching decision function and active reactive power control function, hybrid energy storage system optimization management and control, energy storage system protection and control. Through the monitoring system to conduct a comprehensive monitoring of battery, inverter and other auxiliary equipment, acquisition related equipment running status and working parameters in real time, and upload to the higher layer scheduling, combined with scheduling instructions and battery running state, power allocation, implementation of energy storage system optimization.

Technical features and advantages


The communication scheme based on IEC61850 is reliable, and is good for the equipment of different manufacturers.
Graphical operation control interface, simple operation, clear information display;
The integrated system optimizes the operation control strategy, the energy storage battery is optimized and maintained, and the battery maintenance operation can be carried out automatically when the equipment is standby or idle.
It can be integrated with the hybrid energy storage management system to complete the operation and management of the hybrid energy storage system.
Provide a perfect alarm information and system protection control of the energy storage system.

Main application scene

Data center, UPS power system
High power and high current discharge scene
High precision equipment backup power supply
Emergency lighting, beacon lamp



Designed for high current and high power applications, the energy density is more than 30% higher than that of ordinary batteries.
The design life of the product is 10 years.
The maintenance is convenient, the total cost of TCO is less than 0.30 yuan /W, and the cost is 20% more than that of ordinary battery.
High safety, reliability and stability, the annual inefficiency is less than 0.1/ per thousand


Technical characteristics

Smaller internal resistance and pressure drop, suitable for high power and high current discharge.
The self discharge rate is low, the charging acceptance ability is strong and the sealing reaction efficiency is up to 99%.
Excellent production process, high consistency of battery


Standard of conformity



JISC8704-2: 1999

IEC60896-21: 2004


TLC (NO.0301246421120R1M)

ISO9001: 2008 (NO.03009Q10083R2M)

ISO14001: 2004 (NO.03010E10145R0M)

GB/T 28001: 2001(NO.03010S10141R0M)

UL (NO.MH28466)

CE (NO.ED/2007/30042C)


performance curve



The adsorption type glass fiber cotton technology makes the gas compound efficiency up to 99%, making the electrolyte free of maintenance function

The low calcium alloy grid designed by computer can reduce the production of gas to a maximum and can be used in a convenient cycle.
The design of multi cell battery battery installation and maintenance more economical
UL authentication components
Can be in any vertical, lateral, or side orientation
In line with the special provisions of the International Air Transport Association / International Civil Aviation Organization (IATA/ICAO), A67 can be transported by air
Non dangerous goods (171-189 section of DOT-CFR49) can be transported to the ground
Waterway transportation can be carried out with non dangerous goods (27 revised according to IMDG)
Design life (25 C): 7 years (more than 34AH); 5nian (26AH) exhaust valve flame retardant the battery safety and has long life adsorption type glass fiber cotton technology makes the gas with efficiency as high as 99%, so that the electrolyte is maintenance free low calcium alloy grid computer design, to minimize the the amount of gas generated, and can conveniently use the battery design cycle multiple lattice so that the battery installation and maintenance more economical UL certification can be used in any direction.

1, good safety performance: normal use without electrolyte leakage, no battery expansion and rupture.
2, the discharge performance is good: the discharge voltage is smooth and the discharge platform is slow.
3, vibration resistance is good: fully charged battery is completely fixed, with the amplitude of 4mm, the frequency of 16.7Hz vibrate for 1 hours, no leakage, no expansion and rupture of battery, open circuit voltage is normal.
4, good impact resistance: the full charge state of the battery from the 20cm height to the 1cm thick hardwood board naturally to 3 times. No leakage, no battery expansion and rupture, open circuit voltage is normal.
5, good resistance to discharge: 25 degrees Celsius, fully charged battery for 3 weeks (resistance value is equal to the resistance required by the 1CA discharge of the battery), and the recovery capacity is over 75%.
6, good resistance to overcharge: 25 degrees Celsius, fully charged 0.1CA battery charge for 48 hours, no leakage, no expansion and rupture of battery, open circuit voltage is normal, capacity maintenance rate is over 95%.
7, good resistance to large current: full charge state of the battery 2CA discharge 5 minutes or 10CA discharge for 5 seconds. No conductive part is fusing, without appearance deformation.




  1. The goods sold are all authentic, and the promise is ten.
  2. The whole series of batteries in hay provide national protection.
  3. The HZB full range battery provides three years of warranty (more than 26AH).

    (1) the flame retarded one-way exhaust valve makes the battery safe and long life

    (2) the adsorption glass fiber technology makes the gas compound efficiency up to 99%, making the electrolyte free of maintenance function
    (3) the authentication component of UL
    (4) the battery design of multi lattice makes the battery installation and maintenance more economical
    (5) can be in any vertical or lateral side orientation
    (6) in accordance with the special provisions of the International Air Transport Association / International Civil Aviation Organization (A67), it can be transported by air.
    (7) ground transportation can be carried out with non dangerous goods (section DOT-CFR49 171-189)
    (8) waterway transportation can be carried out with non dangerous goods (27 according to IMDG Amendment)
    (9) a computer designed low calcium lead alloy grid, which maximizes the production of gas and can be used in a convenient cycle.



    (25 degrees C): 7-10 years (40Ah) for 5 years (below 26Ah)


    Characteristics of OTP battery

    The tank formation to ensure the battery capacity reached 100%, and the optimized battery equalization.

    The high reliable pole double seal structure, the impact resistance and the sealing performance is greatly improved, to ensure the electrolyte leakage, improve the reliability of the product.

    It is safe and reliable, with domestic advanced explosion-proof safety valve has considered acid tablets, opening and closing the valve pressure and explosion proof, acid mist filtering function accurately, once the overcharge, can release the excess gas, does not make the battery burst, mist escape.

    The use of electrolyte of ultra pure raw materials and additives, special formulation, with little resistance, high rate characteristics, good charge acceptance ability.

    The use of advanced technology (alloy process, paste process, electrolyte formulation, epoxy sealing technology), to ensure good performance of products.

  5. - UPS uninterruptible power supply and computer standby power supply

In the application of lighting system

- Railway, navigation, traffic.

In power plant, substation, nuclear power plant.

- fire safety alarm system.

In all kinds of wireless communication equipment

In all kinds of electric tools, electric toys, car battery.

In the solar energy storage equipment transformation

- control equipment and other emergency protection system.

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Matters needing attention:

  • Do not short-circuit the positive and negative terminals of the battery, such as short connection, there is a leakage of storage battery, the danger of ignition.
  • When loading a battery into a machine, the machine does not use a seal structure, such as the use of a seal structure, which can damage the machine and cause the danger of personal injury.
  • The operating temperature range of the battery is as follows. If used outside the temperature range, the battery performance, the life span, the damage and the deformation will be caused. Discharge -15 C -50 C, charge 0 C -40 C, keep -15 C -40 centigrade
  • Please do not use insulated wire containing plasticizer. In addition, please do not use banana water, gasoline, volatile oil, oil, oil and other organic solutions and cleaning agents. If these substances are used to contact the battery shell, the cell shell is cracked or cracked, resulting in the leakage of the battery and the ignition of the battery.
  • Used batteries are also to be recycled, please do not discard. Please contact the company or the service company.
  • The inside of the battery is protected with dilute sulfuric acid. When the leaking liquid in the battery comes to the skin and clothes, please rinse with a large amount of water.
  • Do not break down, remould and destroy the battery.


    Inventory status: delivery on the day of delivery

    Payment: the public / private bank, Alipay

    The way of delivery: Beijing can deliver goods to the city without charge. The rest of the provinces and cities can reach 3 days. 20 or more freight is free, which is less than 20.