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150 green silicon carbide grinding wheel grinding abrasive grinding wheel grinding jade sand alloy ultrafine tungsten steel grinding wheel

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The wheel of various sizes, diameter 150* thickness 20* caliber 32 mm caliber caliber and all are 150*10*20 and 32 mm diameter, various size is 60 -80 mesh 120 mesh -180 mesh --240 mesh -800 mesh.Fine grinding wheels are very difficult to machine Some will be knocked off within 1 cm side, does not affect the use, in order to find out the edge off edge, because the reason to return the postage back and forth themselves, does not preclude the use of, don't take care. Return can be paid back and forth postage.
The purpose of the 800 can only be polished, iron can not be worn.
(1. coarse grinding with 46 mesh and 60 mesh, suitable for grinding hard materials, grinding mill wasteland, cast iron, alloy, coarse grinding jade, etc.) {2.60 and 80 mesh suitable for grinding drill used, also can grind tool, cutter, cutting}, {3.80 mesh and 120 mesh for grinding drill. Also can wear tool, cutter, cutting tools, jade,} (4.180 mesh and 240 mesh, suitable for grinding, micro grinding, polishing, precision edge, with only the fine-grained grinding wheel.) {5.800 mesh is a precision polishing wheel, which can only be polished and can not be worn. Only polishing can be used, or dressing diamond grinding wheel can also be used. }
Can replace the diamond wheel, the price is only one part of the diamond grinding wheel, grinding wheel when the goods have little off a little while, does not affect the use, carefully take care too much.
Tips, wheel before use idle for a while, to determine safety, wheel every installation will swing or not is not concentric, before finishing, the old wheel head, or metal pen knife grinding wheel, grinding wheel attached to the edge or the top surface of each rotating grinding wheel grinding wheel, so don't swing the concentric sand. Formal use,
Parallel silicon carbide sandWheel
Material: silicon carbide material
Diameter 150MM
Thickness 20MM
The aperture is 12.7MM-16--20-25-32
Color: Green
Grain size: 60#-80 mesh
There are Dan Dan wide brand of 120 mesh 180 mesh and 240 mesh grinding wheel, the more fine, the more expensive
Application: grinding cemented carbide
The silicon carbide grinding wheel is made of the abrasive and the binder, which is made of pressing, drying and roasting, and the loose disc, wheel and other shapes of grinding tools.
Silicon carbide grinding wheel abrasive is the use of a wide range of dosage, the use of high-speed rotation, can be cylindrical, metal or nonmetal workpiece inner circle, plane and various surface of rough grinding, semi fine grinding and fine grinding and notching and cutting etc..[1] SiCGrinding wheel is one of the main grinding tools. Due to the different abrasives, binders and manufacturing process of grinding wheel on the grinding characteristics vary greatly, so the processing quality, productivity and economy have important influence. The characteristics of grinding wheel are mainly determined by abrasive, strength, bond, hardness, microstructure, shape and size, and so on.
The grinding wheel is usually at a high speed, therefore should be performed before turning test (to ensure that the wheel will not work in the speed, and the static balance test (rupture) caused by preventing work Machine tool Vibration). After grinding for a period of time, the grinding wheel should be trimmed to recover grinding Performance and correct shape.

150*10*32 caliber 240 mesh

Grinding wheels of various materials

Tool / raw material silicon carbide grinding wheel

  1. First, the safety and quality of the grinding wheel should be tested, and the reasonable and suitable position should be selected so that we can do other work.
  2. The grinding wheel machine is forbidden to be installed in front of the equipment and operators or people who are passing by,
  3. The unbalance of grinding wheel is mainly caused by the inaccuracy of grinding wheel manufacturing and installation, which makes the grinding wheel center of gravity not coincident with the rotating shaft. If the wheel swings, turn the wheel back, or pad it with a piece of paper,
  4. Therefore, the static balance should be carried out after the chuck is installed, and the static balance should be repeated when the grinding wheel is found to be unbalanced after the truing and dressing or in the work. Trim with a wheel knife, and the old grinding wheel can also


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