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Broken screws, broken wire extractor, high quality 5, 6 piece suit 3-25MM take silk machine, manual reverse tap special price

discount 70% in 2018-09-18 to 2018-09-20
price: USD$ 35.98
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
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Broken wire extractor
Product specification:
5PC (filament, coarse filament) 6PC (filament, coarse filament) 8PC (filament, coarse filament)
Specific size:
5PC--3-18mm, 6PC--3-25mm 8PC--3-50mm
Screw range:
Metric system:3-6、6-8、8-11、11-14、14-18mm
Imperial system:1/8-1/4、1/4-5/16、5/16-7/16、7/16-9/16、 9/16-3/4
Metric system:3-6、6-8、8-11、11-14、14-18、18-25mm
Imperial system:1/8-1/4、1/4-5/16、5/16-7/16、7/16-9/16、 9/16-3/4、3/4-1"
Metric system:3-6、6-8、8-11、11-14、14-18、18-25、25-35、35-50mm
Imperial system:1/8-1/4、1/4-5/16、5/16-7/16、7/16-9/16、 9/16-3/4、3/4-1"
Product weight:0.12, 0.13, 0.22, 0.23KG
Product weight:0.12, 0.13, 0.22, 0.23KG
Product features:
The high quality GCR15 tool steel is forged integrally
Easy to use, quick disassembly of damaged screws, tubes, bolts and tacks etc..
Coarse tooth design, long service life.

Working principle:

The direction of the screw thread broken wire extractor and the screw thread direction is reverse, when the reverse time clockwise twist, the broken wire puller is continuously inside the hole reaches a certain degree when tightening, tight screw rotates, because the screws rotate in the opposite direction will naturally turn out.

Usage method:

First, the choice of a broken wire to wring screw than to be out of the fine, then find a broken wire and out of the thin end of the same size and deep enough to drill holes drilled in the middle of the broken screw. Then use the broken wire extractor counterclockwise screwed into the bend screw, screw is screwed out until the break.

In addition, the six corner (or outer six angle) bolt of the six angle head is screwed or unscrewed, and it can also be released in this way.

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