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Graphics card extension line PCI-Ex163.0 compatible ITX custom chassis pcie16x full speed stable ADT

ITX chassis special graphics card extension line, development card performance loss low, wire does not need to be over bending, reduce damage probability. It is designed for ITX main board, and it is full speed compatible.

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ADT products, good product performance, good word of mouth products, 100% electricity test delivery.

Brand: ADT (electronic zildat)

Product model: R3U

Product Name: PCI-E adapter plate extension line

Wire length: the standard is 20cm, supports the custom 15-25cm length, and welcomes the depth cooperation.

Adaptable graphics card: GTX1080TI high-end graphics card, fireprow7100, radeonprowx5100, quadroK1200VEGA64 professional graphics card, supporting the new graphics card that will be released after 2015.

Maximum bandwidth: PCIe3.0x16 (gen3128G.s)

Compatible chassis: ITX

The length of the wire is explained.

The length of the wire in this shop refers to the part of the visual wire, which does not contain PCB and connectors. The following model is R33UF-8cm, the line length 8cm, the total length is about 11cm, with reference to the following figure.

Product advantages:

First, the advantage of wire rod, the use of German patent imported wire, the use of Taiwan imported Lotes connector, high frequency support PCIe3.0X168G/bps stable transfer

Two, line length advantage, from 15cm to 60cm, can be accepted. Our store transfer line, wire impedance is low, and the line length within 60 centimeters can support PCIe3.0 at full speed.

Three, differential signal without aperture design, there is no parasitic capacitance and parasitic inductance signal attenuation interference problem, there will be no CAF short-circuit phenomenon, durable products.

Four, the product is made of high quality material, PCB is precise, PCB uses high TG sheet, copper thickness is thickened to 1oz, gold finger is gold plated enough, gold plated foot has good conductivity, and it can reduce the problem of blue screen caused by oxidation and rust and impedance increase. Support all graphics cards, there is no compatibility problem.

Five, the wire rod selected for the product is very durable. The PCB gasket with thickness of 3mm is protected at the metal welding point, and the screws and the six angle nuts are fastened. The product is sturdy, reliable, resistant to pull and anti-interference, and there will be no problem of disconnection and pegging. The wire can be flexiable and flexiable without affecting the use.

Six.PCB dwarf and fatter design, dwarf will not card to the graphics card, adding fat and lengthening design makes the board more easy to install, reduce damage probability.




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Technical issues

What's the quality of the wire? Is there a shield?

Shielding, the use of advanced EMI shielding conductive polymers, new materials for EMI shielding, flat cable design. This technique allows each cable is fully covered with electromagnetic interference shielding conductive polymers, in order to prevent the incident electromagnetic frequency or emission emission, minimizing interference and performance degradation, and reduce the weight of expander.



Is the wire soft? Can you bend it?

The wire is PCIe special line with a thickness of 1.4mm. More hard than ordinary line line, like SATA line, bending can be folded, do not affect the use.


What is the compatibility of the extension line? Can you pick up a card?

Support all models of graphics cards, not pick cards, there is no compatibility problem. Wire rod support PCIe3.0x16 full speed, no speed


Purchase notice:

The 1. line must have a clear understanding of the direction, do not insert or insert deviation, prevent burning equipment, Socket line equipment to hold the first line, to avoid excessive force Reggie socket pin interrupt. The wire can be bent not pull pull.

2., all kinds of motherboards and devices have different signal driving capabilities. The results of this store do not guarantee that they are consistent with your test results. As long as the extension line is received, the signal will be lossy and perfect. Do not buy it.

3. purchase line length more than 60cm, BIOS must be set down to below PCIe2.0, can be used normally.

The 4. graphics card or motherboard is that the electronic equipment will increase with time and oxidize, and then the extension line will be more unstable. The old equipment is not supported. The equipment is not used for more than four years. Please do not buy.


Store agreement:

Hello Welcome to our company. For you, we can finish the transaction happily. We must ask you to spend 5 minutes before reading the introduction and warranty of this product before you buy our products, so that you have a comprehensive understanding of the product, so it's good for you and me. After you take the payment of the goods, it means that you agree with the terms and agreements of our shop, and no objection will be made. I wish you a happy shopping!

The purchase of goods less than 5 can be shipped within 48 hours (except holidays), shipped from Shanghai by default, 4 pm each day before delivery (except holidays), with the province logistics delivery to this invention, the field is generally 2 to 3 days (excluding delivery day), Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Northeast Xinjiang generally 3 to 4 days (the delivery time for our usual delivery experience, delivery time will inevitably have an accident if you have any requirements, please contact customer service for the delivery time, change the courier company).

This extension is commodity products, does not support the 7 days no reason to return, but if it is approved by the seller can return, should be deducted from the fee of 20% of the return of goods, is also the only refund the commodity price 80%, from the date of receipt of the buyer receiving the buyer shall, within 7 days of the goods sent out. The buyer bears the back and forth freight. No return application is accepted 7 days later.

Does the motherboard support compatibility? Can the chassis length and size be combined to install the system on its own? Please confirm the buyer clearly and place the order again. If you have any questions, feel free to contact at any time. Do not hesitate to comment on it.

The product maintenance must have a clear sequence number and a complete appearance. Human damage is not within the scope of warranty. Our warranty is based on the serial number of machine labels, no invoices and other credentials, labels damaged, self dismantling, refitting, water intake, high pressure burning, and others are damaged. It is not within the scope of warranty.

This shop offers new commodity warranty conditions according to the Taobao customer service provisions, half a year free warranty, three year limited warranty service customer service, goods sold within six months if the bad, the shop is really bad product test engineer, this shop is responsible for the repair or replacement of goods sent to you, goods sold within three years if the bad, as fault to charge the cost of the components, the product maintenance by the buyer shipping.

The warranty is only wrapped by the body. Any loss caused by the data or data caused by this product is not liable. Any important data must be backed up by itself.