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OEM export shipping copper D.S.T. square triangle valve thickening bathroom toilet water valve forging brass

Don't ask me the price - you know how to make materials again. This product is: copper forging - recycling copper casting, pure copper, a handle, K off light copper casting

discount 70% in 2018-09-20 to 2018-09-22
price: USD$ 25.72
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The following details is put money into your pocket if you can at least with the business.

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In fact, we do things in our conscience, the real feedback to buyers, do not do injustice big head

The status quo of bathroom products

Nowadays, famous domestic and foreign sanitary ware manufacturers have already given production to the downstream manufacturers, they are not engaged in production, put their ownlogoStick to the product. We can also take your personal account for youlogoOn the product - this is called "OEM", even if the product is produced by them. They concentrate on beautifying the packaging, and they don't spare their efforts to promote marketing. You don't see so many brands at home and abroad, the fierce competition is positive-They poured money into advertising and forced down manufacturersoemThe price, make manufacturers profit thin and why they are toldoem? Good question, domestic alsonMany factories, they advertise well, many customers dominate the market, big list, conditional price. Manufacturers only use the material with almost, do light, process less one or two ways to reduce the cost, then the quality is worrying. ExposednMore than one of the leading lead is just a microcosm, not exposed to the media...

For example, a factory cost of 10 yuan to six or seven yuan to sell products of course. You pick up ring brand recognition of her brand 200 you will start to see why so expensive supply chain manufacturers - the company - - - - secondary distribution customers and an important point - selling cost this column is self-evident

If you want to spend wisely, buy the best baby with the same price, then only cut the supply chain

Otherwise, all jumping to the higher level (empty higher then fold) is floating clouds!

The picture is not in line

All copper angle valves include - -Large triangle, six corners, square ellipseOptional shopping

To lead the surface technology to achieve a, a good material can not be separated, there is no good material as the basis, the head to do exquisite, it is empty talk. Material is not up to standard, coating color, gloss is not enough, 24 hours of salt fog test is not pass, directly affect the quality and life of the leader, this is only exported to the third world goods.

In addition, known as the four layer of electroplating, that is the layman's layman words, within the line only general plating and mirror plating or after 24 hours of salt fog, 48 hours of salt fog

1, general plating - words have understood, ordinary coating (you now carefully see your house surface is not stripe? ) bath time is short, thin coating, coating three years may fall off,White coating,Cost is light, (for cost reduction, now domestic is generally this process), can not reach the world access standard

2, mirror plating - meaning isThe mirror is smooth, mirror effect, bright green, someone called blue plating, two more than the plating process.

3, 24 hour salt spray test, conventional plating coating thickness, coating light, resistant to dilute hydrochloric acid aerosol for 24 hours to reach the worldbasicAccess standards, nowadays many domestic engineering Party A requires this level - with the world.

4, salt spray test coating after 48 hours - the same, but the cost is higher than 24 hours after 70-80%. There is a very small level of demand for specific requirements.

National bathroom industryElectroplating level counts Guangdong Kaiping Shuikou (high-end bathroom hardware export base), so the place of origin affects its price.

Here's the corner valve baby - there's a big, small body on the market, you have to polish your eyes and buy it. We only do the bulk, and we need to buy it in another store.

Hot stamping blank - Zhengbiao stamping - pure copper bar density is higher than the use of pure copper - more - Casting (scrap melted -x exceed the standard angle valve) healthier, becauseGood quality copper has bactericidal effect(American water pipes are copper tubes). Recycled copper x inferior exceed the standard seriously, plus the angle valve for water and water for the direct decomposition of harmful elements, occasionally contact problem, so every day, you need to be careful! If you feel the morning when brushing the water rust taste, advise you don't immediately change the province money.

Be sure to wear protective wax when assembling - to avoid damaging the surface! Care plus

Visual graph

Thickness, quality and weight


Thickened valve core -- 5 years without water dripping.

The copper color is purple with other metal doping increased its color with purple - yellow - yellow white color change is the quality of brass identification marks, inferior brass, copper lost the toughness of word - crisp, yellow white with a little hard knock on the broken hammer.

Why do you want to show weight?

If the key part of the main leading products - do too light, table wall is too thin, after - machine - sand - grinding polishing and other processes, there is leakage, in order to reduce the cost - only trap, repaired products, repair can not afford to toss the hot and cold water, which side leakage. So the end of the product life appraisal end!

Do not show off products so heavy than others, but to use the party in charge of. Hundreds of millions of houses, live in a few years the change that change, you do not worry? If you want to change the bathroom hardware, you can consult us, and then to the decoration market to understand or buy.

Installation method of angle valve (stop valve)

New home decoration can not be separated from the bathroom hardware angle valve
Angle valve, also called stop valve, is the branch valve of the main valve of the water channel. The following illustration of cold and hot water sealing after the installation of such leading bathroom products, after installation, angle valve open again, this can be found in advance of copper joints have no Water Leakage, if not installed, then you in the shower, toilet, faucet installation etc., you need to shut the valve, installed another good total the water valve, much trouble, and after installation leading to copper pipe joint is connected to check whether the installation was inscribed Water Leakage, due to a period of time Water Leakage pressure to test out, after installation and then inscribed relatively unsafe.

Triangular valve according to the shell material distinction:

Brass, alloy, iron, plastics

The above materials can be used in general. someOpen your mouth and say copperSell so cheap, so you want to go home - do you think going out is Jianghu?

Brass: easy to process, strong plasticity, hardness, bending resistance, torsion resistance.

Alloy: low cost, low bending resistance, low torque, easy oxidation of the surface.The state has banned its products from drinking water in 2000.Many of them are zinc alloys - but the key is to cheat the customers on copper

Iron: easy to rust, pollute water source. It is not recommended to use in today's society of environmental protection and low carbon.

Plastic: low cost, not easy to use in the extremely cold north.

Angle valve distribution diagram of a kitchen and a bathroom.

If the larger the amount of angle valve usage, then analogy.


The copper zinc alloy faucet will damage the long-term use of counterfeit

"Our house faucet has changed several dials, all can not use half a year to start to leak." Mr. Jin, who lives in Hongze Lake Road, said helplessly that he changed the faucet and wasted a lot of money. Reporter survey found that many manufacturers in order to seek profits, the product will reduce the material, the use of cast iron, zinc alloy and other raw materials, resulting in product quality problems.

It took less than 3 months for the faucet to rust

According to Mr. Jin introduced, originally decorated house, in order to save money, he bought two cheaper faucets, did not expect the new faucet used less than 3 months there is a problem. "Faucet" interface began to leak outside, and then take a look, found that the inside of the core are rusty." Mr. Jin said, after the event, he went to the hardware store that sold the faucet to him, but because there was no invoice, the other party refused to admit it. In desperation, he had to spend money to buy a faucet, but not after a period of time and bad. "If I knew that, I might as well spend money on an expensive one, and I wouldn't have had any trouble."." Mr. Kim said he had enough money to buy a high tap on the tap.

From 18 yuan to several thousand dollars, the price of faucets varies greatly

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to a hardware store in North sec road. "Boss, is there a faucet?"" The reporter asked, "yes, 18 yuan a."." The boss took a faucet from the container and gave it to the reporter. "Can it guarantee quality?"" Reporters asked again, "rest assured, take back to use it."." The boss said. Then the reporter asked if there was anything else, the boss took two taps from the counter, told reporters, one of which is 50 yuan, the core is copper, the other 70 yuan, copper content higher, more durable. "It costs at least 100 yuan in a store." The boss with 70 yuan of the faucet told reporters. "Why is the price difference so large?" Isn't that cheap? I heard some of the inner core is made with alloy, the quality is poor, the problem on?" Subsequently, the reporter said to buy 18 yuan faucet, the boss heard reporters say so, and renamed the quality of the faucet can not guarantee, it is recommended that reporters buy 50 yuan of that. When the reporter bought a 18 yuan tap to ask for a receipt, the other party said there was no bill.

Subsequently, the reporter came to Shandong Road, a large furniture decoration City, see the price of taps ranging from two hundred or three hundred yuan to several thousand dollars, "our home faucet is all copper valve cap fastening spool, safety is not leaking."." A salesman told reporters, 5 years if there is leakage problem, can free maintenance.

[experts advise]

Bad faucets can damage your body

The reporter found one in the bathroom sales and maintenance work for many years in the industry of Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang told reporters that the shell is normal manufacture copper, polished chrome plating and polished, the assembly has a built-in ceramic valve core, copper valve spool cap fastening, handle can be made of zinc alloy. Due to the high cost of copper core, some illegal traders use the cast iron and zinc alloy as raw materials to produce taps in order to save production costs." Wang said that the use of zinc alloy to do the inner core easy corrosion, with a long time there will be cracks. This is also the main reason for the leakage of water faucet, some of the core of the faucet after deterioration, finger rolling will become powder. Subsequently, the reporter consulted Xu Lei, director of the Department of metal materials, Qingdao University of Science & Technology. The core of the faucet made of gold-plated copper pipe is easily corroded and rusted by water, and zinc itself belongs to heavy metal. After being corroded by water, it will be mixed with water, which has certain damage to the human body." Xu Lei told reporters that the copper has high corrosion resistance, and copper itself has antiseptic effect, so it is ideal material to tap inner core, but because the cost is 2-3 times of the copper zinc alloy, so some manufacturers will use zinc alloy as copper tap inner core shoddy. He also introduced that direct contact with the drinking water components, the national standard does not allow the use of zinc alloy materials. (reporter Xu Dong Yu Hao photo coverage)