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Domestic water level control valve, automatic liquid level water supply valve, water tower, reservoir, water tank, fish float switch

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 4 minutes, 6 points with two teeth teeth, the water tank water inlet float valve switch


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Patent number of utility model::201320249400.7

Appearance patent number: 201330159950.5

This patent product is designed for water tower water level control pool water storage container designed to prevent water supply, tap water when the water tower overflow, is a substitute for the traditional float valve. Applicable to the water tower pool. Aquaculture. Food machinery. The toilet water tank. Atomizing humidifier. Solar air heater. Water control etc.. The product has the advantages of small size, easy installation, no debugging, long service life, high sensitivity and large water flow. It does not occupy the water tower space, increase the water storage capacity and so on.

The control valve is installed vertically on the water inlet of the water tower or the end of the inlet pipe (inclination is less than 45 degrees). When the water is lower than the control valve, the water inlet valve opens the water, and when the water is flooded to the control valve, the inlet valve is closed, and the water tower stops to enter the water. The water level control valve is suitable for 3/8.1/2.3/4.1 and other water supply pipelines. 1 "more than" water supply pipeline can be installed in parallel with multiple control valves to improve the water output.


Technical parameter:

1. installation maximum tilt: 45 degrees;

2. working pressure range:0.6MPa

3. medium temperature: less than or equal to 70 DEG c;

4. the specification is the most appropriate specifications, such as 1 inches of water customers, recommendationsInstall two valves in the same pool, just keep on the same level.



1: fully automatic control, less water self repair, water full stop.

2: the water requirements are low, 4 points and 6 points intake can be used, 4 points for the internal teeth, 6 points for external teeth, large amount of water.

3: exquisite appearance, small size, strong practicability, installation simple.

4: no electricity, easy to use, simple structure, long life, low failure rate, saving water resources.