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Solar water heater water temperature control valve with the leading dark shower auto manufacturers selling

discount 70% in 2018-09-25 to 2018-09-27
price: USD$ 170.80
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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RMB   23.00
Three sets of shower nozzle shower shower shower shower bath bathroom shower hose
RMB   350.00
Authentic bathroom intelligent thermostat shower set, can lift ultra-thin shower, all copper square body rain cock
RMB   90.00
Square shaped supercharged ultra-thin belt lifting copper shower shower, hot and cold faucet, authentic Shower Kit
RMB   280.00
[package installation] intelligent toilet cover automatic heating flushing device intelligent toilet cover universal bidet
RMB   60.00
Japan intelligent toilet cover general electricity wash joy toilet bidet wash ass flushing device upgrade
RMB   138.00
WDI toilet water tank wall tank by ultra quiet double thin odor pit flushing tank shipping
RMB   138.00
Weidiya squat toilet water tank wall type water-saving household public mail bags according to dual energy mute pit water tank
RMB   99.00
Simple bidet toilet cover without intelligent bidet ass old wash vulva irrigator spray gun
RMB   12.00
Wash the joy bidet ass old wash irrigator simple intelligent toilet cover as washlets exported to Japan
RMB   45.00
Solar water heater water thermostatic valve flush thermostatic valve faucet shower thermostat installed
RMB   90.00
Solar water heater water thermostatic valve flush thermostatic valve faucet shower thermostat installed
RMB   137.00
Copper flush mounted solar water heater thermostatic valve faucet temperature mixing valve shower temperature control valve
RMB   135.00
DN25 thermostatic valve installed shower thermostatic valve copper solar automatic temperature control valve, thermostatic faucet pipe
RMB   50.00
Solar thermostatic mixing valve valve thermostatic shower with the built-in constant temperature water temperature control valve body.
RMB   112.00
Thermostatic valve thermostatic valve with the copper pipe thermostatic valve leading shower solar water heater valve DN15
RMB   280.00
Intelligent thermostatic valve copper flush cold hot water mixing valve thermostatic faucet solar shower set
RMB   12.00
Copper thermostatic valve core thermostatic valve thermostatic faucet accessories two generation wax thermostatic valve core temperature sensor
RMB   25.00
Thermostatic valve water mixing valve water valve frame solar water switch of solar water quality
RMB   1.50
304 stainless steel outer wire joint, six angle outer wire inner joint, double head direct short connection to wire, direct 4 points
RMB   2.50
Solar water heater 1216 aluminum plastic pipe fittings, copper joint, internal teeth, outer teeth elbow, straight three pass 4 points
RMB   4.00
4 separately wrap plastic woven hose, hot and cold general bathroom water inlet, soft connection toilet, water pipe, solar connection
RMB   49.00
Pre filter, household water purifier, central water purifier, self drilling well, cement sand filtration, scale removal water filter
RMB   25.00
Large negative ion shower, pressure filter, water saving shower, shower nozzle, water heater, shower head
RMB   788.00
WDI toilet, intelligent toilet lid, flush automatic flush cover, flush toilet, toilet lid without electricity
RMB   410.00
The Japanese general intelligent bidet toilet lid wash joy without electricity exports simple wash buttock douche nozzle



Thermostatic valve will be decompression. The water pressure requirements; general cold water is the tap water, solar water valve vertical distance of more than 4 meters. If the cold water is the water tankVertical distance is more than 4 meters. To normal use. If the water pressure is not enough, you can match the solar booster pump












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