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Oversized rubber plug plug plug plug plug pipe water pipe plug bulkhead rubber plug

Because the plug specifications are different, the weight is not the same, so the freight is not the same, you need to buy Freight details, please contact customer service. Due to the variety of chemical supplies, limited some consumables can not be uploaded, there is need to contact customer service oh! Welcome to purchase, you can make an invoice! [000# to 6# glue plug for 10 price] special reminder:!! The size is measured manually, because of the soft rubber products, there will be a small deviation in the size of the standard!

discount 70% in 2018-09-18 to 2018-09-20
price: USD$ 110.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The size is for reference only. The error is in accordance with the objectFill in 45 yuan or more rubber stopper designated area mailGuangxi, Hainan, Tibet, Yunnan, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Macao do not mailPlease contact customer service consulting 000#--6# for 10 prices, the other is a single price

High quality rubber plug factory direct selling [can be customized other types of rubber plug / contact customer service]Complete specifications:000# —— 35#Diameter from8mm —— 172mmA total of 35 models /Can meet different customer needs,Big discountLarge size 21#--35# link penClick purchase

Manufacturer and sales of various types of rubber stopper head: a synthesis process of molding, the plug YISHION natural rubber processing range, high temperature (130 DEG) acid and alkali (acid and alkali is not recommended), corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, good elasticity, moderate hardness, chemical stability, non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for chemical experiment (tube seal, seal flask, filtering bottle seal and so on), aquaculture (fish ponds, fish, etc.) can also be used for sewer sealing plug etc..


Because users need different, support customized processing, welcome Advisory guidance!

000#--6# plugs for 10 prices, 7#--24# plugs for single price. Special reminder:!! The size is measured manually, because of the soft rubber products, there will be a small deviation in the size of the standard!

More large size model plug:

Reference parameter:Reference parameters of rubber stopper:High quality rubber stopper, this product is mainly used in medicine, chemical industry, mechanical research and other industries of cork or pipe plug, mainly used for container sealing or glass perforation carrier [can easily use punch on it to produce a variety of diameter hole

Specifications Upper diameter Bottom diameter height weight Unit Price  
000# 13mm 8mm 17mm 4g 0.1
00# 15mm 11mm 21mm 5g 0.13
0# 17mm 13mm 24mm 8g 0.23
1# 19mm 14mm 26mm 10g 0.25
2# 20mm 15mm 26mm 12g 0.3
3# 23mm 17mm 26mm 13g 0.4
4# 26mm 19mm 28mm 22g 0.45
5# 29mm 22mm 28mm 28g 0.6
6# 33mm 25mm 28mm 37g 0.8
7# 37mm 28mm 30mm 48g 1.2  
8# 42mm 32mm 30mm 55g 1.3
9# 45mm 37mm 30mm 61g 1.6
10# 52mm 43mm 32mm 90g 1.8  
11# 56mm 46mm 34mm 133g 2.3
12# 62mm 51mm 38mm 160g 4
13# 68mm 55mm 38mm 190g 5
14# 76mm 62mm 41mm 221g 7
15# 81mm 68mm 41mm 292g 9
16# 85mm 74mm 42mm 328g 11
17# 95mm 78mm 45mm 407g 13.5
18# 101mm 82mm 49mm 530g 14.3
19# 111mm 88mm 53mm 670g 16
20# 118mm 92mm 56mm 830g 18.8
21# 120mm 95mm 59mm 958g 20
22# 140mm 100mm 60mm 1104g 27
23# 146mm 118mm 60mm 1328g 30
24# 161mm 131mm 60mm 1727g 37.0
25# 172mm 144mm 65mm 2100g 45.0
Specifications Upper diameter Bottom diameter height weight Unit Price  
1# 270mm 220mm 100mm 7 kilograms 158
2# 240mm 205mm 100mm 6.5 kilograms 138
3# 220mm 190mm 100mm 4.9 kilograms 98
4# 210mm 175mm 100mm 4.7 kilograms 95
5# 200mm 170mm 90mm 4 kilograms 86
6# 190mm 155mm 80mm 3 kilograms 80
7# 180mm 130mm 90mm 3 kilograms 80
High 1# 150mm 100mm 100mm   55
High 2# 120mm 80mm 100mm g 45
High 3# 110mm 70mm 100mm g 40  
High 4# 100mm 60mm 100mm g 35  
High 5# 80mm 45mm 90mm g 28
High 6# 60mm 55mm 60mm g 8