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Genuine vacuum cupping Kang Zhu 24 cans of thickened cupping vacuum cupping tank 24 household Kang Zhu

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This cupping is a plastic tank, the material is [medical PVC] Oh, not glass

Tank, please know!

Model: B1*24[product material for medical PVC, non glass, please note before shooting oh

Vacuum gun: 1 handles

Cupping specification:B1:4, B2:4, B3:4, B4:4, B5:4

A, B6:2, small: 2


Tank tools: 24

(size: B17cm, B26.5cm, B36cm, B45cm, B5

4.5cm, B63.5cm, 2.5cm) 0.2cm small error.

Connector: extension tube 1

Needle: 18

Manual: instruction book.

Kang Zhu24potProduct description:

First class quality! The jar is super smooth! Thick material! That is the jar and the skin

The entrance wall of the contact part!Don't sting your skin! More care for you! Chinese and English

Instructions!Out of the ordinary!

Only for personal use, and pay attention to disinfection, keep clean, do not share with others, in order to prevent infectious diseases!

Model: B1*24 (simple)
Vacuum gun: 1

Tank tools: 24
Connector: 1

Number of each box: 10
Packing size (mm): 655*425*490


Therapeutic range
Indications: periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, cold, nervous headache, low back and leg disease, trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, diarrhea, asthma, constipation, acute and chronic prostatitis and other diseases.
Symptoms: throat swelling and pain, tinnitus, deafness, chronic rhinitis, toothache, irregular menstruation, menstruation and pelvic inflammation, enuresis, anorexia, mosquito bites and other diseases.

Product features
Beautiful and durable: product material is strong, beautiful appearance, easy to use, resistance to collision.2Flexible and transparent: the tank is pale blue and transparent, the negative pressure inside the tank can be adjusted at random, and it is easy to observe the treatment area.3Safe sealing: the mouth of the jar is arc shape, smooth, mellow, and the skin contact surface is large, the air tightness is good, not easy to fall off.4The specifications are complete: the tank is divided into seven types, suitable size, suitable for all parts of the body.5Easy to operate: no fire, no electricity, safe and reliable, easy to carry, a school will be.
Knock down and followN(blue) polar sumSArrangement of (red) poles:ABipolar tapping: when tapping on the same side, pressN.S.N.SThe arrangement of the magnetic lines between the poles is arranged in intervals.BBipolar tapping: it should be used in front and back, inside and outside, in different directionsNBody and body after useSInternal useNExtreme, lateral useSThe cupping method is arranged in order to make the Zang Fu organs and meridians completely in the vertical cutting magnetic field. To improve the curative effect.
The pigment of cupping printing is reflected as follows:
The tank, printed black and dark: general said the insufficiency, the poor blood stasis phenomenon.
The pot is printed with purple and accompanied by plaques: generally refers to cold coagulation silt.
Tank seal, scattered in the purple spot, and the depth of said stagnation and blood stasis syndrome.
Pot printed red and bright: generally refers to yin deficiency, Qi and blood deficiency two or fire hyperactivity of Yin deficiency.
Cans printed red and dark: high blood fat, and there are heat evil.
The pot seal is grey, touching and not warm, mostly cold or dampness.
Tank seal surface, or skin itching: wind or eczema.
There is water vapor on the inner wall of the tank. It means that there is moisture in the part.
Tank seal blisters, indicating the body moisture, if there is blood blisters, dampness heat toxin reaction.

No electricity, no point, see the picture will be
Disease treatment,Disease free fitness!

Cupping therapy is an important part of Chinese medicine, and has a long history in china. It is loved by people because of its simple equipment and convenient operation.

People are sick, that is, in the wind, cold, summer, wet, dry, fire and other pathogenic factors, the viscera, meridians, Qi and blood function disorders caused by. At the same time, the occurrence of the disease is closely related to the body's vital qi. The issuing of "Yue" q:"In the vital qi, the evil cannot be done". Human body Qi deficiency, in the role of pathogenic factors, there will be Qi and blood movement is not smooth, meridian conduction disorder and other pathological manifestations.

Cupping is Kang Zhu Qi Blood Meridian, in principle, by local stimulation points on the human body, the conduction function of meridian and bidirectional regulation, to support healthy, get rid of the body of wind, cold, wet, heat and other pathogenic factors to pass blood, dredge the meridians to cure the purpose of fitness.

Characteristics of cupping apparatus:
Beijing Kang Zhu cupping, won the national patent as early as 1995, absorbs the advantages of traditional tank, the use of high-tech means to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional cupping, cupping Chinese old and young. The main features of cupping is the transparent Kang Zhu, the negative pressure in the pot can be adjusted according to the patient's physical condition and disease, easy to observe the changes of skin in the tank, in order to control the cupping time, cupping, compared to the traditional sense of the consistent effect, but the use of more security, no burns of the good, the operation is simple, easily broken, it can be used in hospital, and more widely applicable to the family