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The new XINGONG4M210-08 explosion-proof solenoid valve controlled single conventional type pneumatic directional valve

The default for Exmb II T5Gb explosion-proof grade SDPC Sheng previously plant explosion-proof coil with explosion-proof certificate!

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New XINGGONG4M210-08
Explosion-proof solenoid valve single electronically controlled pneumatic directional valve
Conventional type
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Solenoid directional valve
KFF Coffey solenoid directional control valve (SOLENOID) for pneumatic valve "open" or "closed" electronic control operation. According to the NAMUR connection standard, the 4M series solenoid valve is directly installed on the side of the pneumatic actuator, without the need for pipe connection. According to the instrument control system need to choose a single electronic control or double electric control. Two bit five way solenoid valve with double acting actuator, two bit three way solenoid valve with single action type actuator. The product has basic type IP67 and explosion proof type, and its explosion-proof level is suitable for explosive environment place of factory. The suitable voltage can also be selected according to the requirement.
Main product characteristics of KFF Coffey electromagnetic directional valve:
1, internal pilot structure;
2, sliding column structure, good sealing, sensitive response;
3, double head two position solenoid valve has memory function;
4, the inner hole is processed by special process, the friction resistance is small, the starting pressure is low, and the service life is long;
5, no refueling lubrication.
6, 4M series solenoid valve installed with side plate, can be directly connected with the actuator element;
7, equipped with manual device, conducive to installation and commissioning;
8, there are multiple standard voltage levels for selection;
Specifications and electrical performance parameters of KFF Coffey solenoid valve;
1, the main model description
4M series solenoid valve: single electronic control (4M210-8, 4M310-08/10), double 4M320-08/10 (4M320-8), etc.;
4V series solenoid valve: single electric control (4V210-8, 4v310-08B, 4V310-10,4V410-15), double electric control (4M220-8, 4M320-10), etc.;
3V series vertical solenoid valve: single electronic control (3V210-8) and so on;
ASCO solenoid valve: 551, two position, five way solenoid valve
2, working medium: compressed air;
3, nozzle diameter: PT1/8, PT1/4, PT3/8, etc.;
4, position number: two bit five pass, two bit three pass;
5, the use of pressure range: 0.15~0.8Mpa (21-114psi);
6, the standard voltage: DC24V, AC220V, AC110V, AC24V, AC36V and so on;
7, explosion-proof grade: pouring type T4/T5/CT4; flameproof BT4/CT4/CT6 and so on;
Main parameters of solenoid valve used in KFF Coffey electromagnetic directional valve;
MPm socket type high quality solenoid valve coil specification parameters (inner hole 9mm):
DC24V 3.0W Voltage range:DC21.6V~26.4V 100%ED ip65。
AC220V 6.0VA Voltage range:AC187V~253V 50/60Hz 100%ED ip65。
EVI7/9 220V AC 5.5VA 25mA 100%ed IP65。
EVI7/9 24V DC 4.8W 100%ed IP65。
AMISCO EVI7/9 24VDC 3w 100%ed
SDPC DC24V 3.0W Voltage range:DC21.6V~26.4V 100%ED ip65。
SDPC AC220V 3.5VA Voltage range:AC187V~253V 50/60Hz 100%ED ip65。
Specification parameter of pouring explosion proof electromagnetic coil
DC24V series: Mxf-sd/1.1DC24V4.5W170mA, with explosion proof certificate CNEx12.0650XEXmbT5GB.
AC220V series: Mxf-sd/1.1AC220V25mA, with explosion proof certificate CNEx12.0650XEXmbT5GB.
Mxf-2w/sdAC220V26VA explosion proof sign: CNEx14.1255XExmbIIT4GB.
Mxf-2w/sdDC24V20W explosion proof sign: CNEx14.1255XExmbIIT5GB.
Mxf-1.6/sdAC220V15VA explosion proof sign: CNEx14.1255XExmbIIT5GB.
Mxf-1.6/sdDC24V15W explosion proof sign: CNEx14.1255XExmbIIT5GB.
Em551090-ms explosion proof coil 24VDC3.0W125mA with explosion proof GYB12.1313ExmbIICT4GB
Em551091-ms explosion proof coil 220VAC5.5VA with explosion proof GYB12.1313ExmbIICT4GB
EM-1.1/CX24VDC3.0W125mAIP65 CE15.9025XExmbIICT4GB with explosion proof
EM-1.1/CX220VAC4.5W20mAIP65 CE15.9025XExmbIICT4GB with explosion proof
Specification parameters of flameproof electromagnetic coils
SOL CAT NO:24-15-12 SERIAL NO:81303104  WATTS:3.6 CAT NO:YT3109D;
SOL CAT NO:220-15-07 SERIAL NO:81303104  WATTS:5 CAT NO:YT3109A;
It can be matched with all kinds of solenoid valves at home and abroad, and it is convenient to change the non explosion proof solenoid valve into explosion proof solenoid valve
Matching: SMC, NORGEN, FESTO; Sannas, AIRTAC, gold, gold, Jiaerling Shengda wells, etc.;
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