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High quality disposable latex finger counting finger finger cots industrial safety fingerstall rubber thickening

Name: fingerstall specification: large (L) medium (M) s (S) counting page

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freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:4
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Specifications:Large size (L) medium size (M) trumpet (S)

Banknote printing, DIY printing, grinding and finger protection. Thickening particle design, anti slip, waterproof!

Boys recommend using medium size, boys thumb size

Girls recommend the use of small, female thumb to use medium

[name]Wear thick fingers orange latex pitting slip counting rubber finger industrial agricultural labor teachers


[usage]Agricultural operation,Electronic maintenance, teachers write chalk, doing crafts, plastic bag sealing bag items, work hand protective equipment, to prevent finger wear caused by toxic substances abuse, operators can avoid direct contact with static sensitive components, and can put the operators safety diarrhea with the human body electrostatic charge, applicable to the semiconductor industry, optical industry work wear.

[size]Small code (No. 25) perimeter: 4.8 cm

Medium code (No. 27) perimeter: 5.2 cm

Large code (No. 29) perimeter: 5.6 cm

Length: 5-6 cm

[attention]1. this product does not have high temperature resistance, and should not be used in high temperature workplaces.

                   2.The use of this product once cut, will affect the protective effect, please do not use

                   3.The product should be ventilated and dry during storage, so as to prevent damp and mildew.

                   4.Use time. Prohibit contact with corrosive substances.


Warm tips:

1, used for waterproof, please check whether there is leakage, blow to the mouth, then clenched, see finger have become small, if not small, that does not leak, you can use
2, not a long time to wear, if you feel bloated, finger numbness, purple should be immediately removed, and the appropriate finger elevation, slowly will be restored as before.
3, with a dry place, can be used repeatedly
4, many bad wear, can put some bath powder or talcum powder to be lubricated
5, avoid sharp objects such as scissors, needles, toothpicks etc.
6, take time from the top down to take, so good off, not easy to break, easy to wear next time

[Characteristics]:Pitting increased friction, slip resistance, flip, counting easier.

Finger sleeve for daily use

1. pick purpuraria, Lei Hao, other vegetables wear, prevention of hand dyed vegetable juice; peeling peanuts, soybeans and other food with shell wear, prevent hands are sore, frayed;
2. fingers, toes wear after bathing, prevent water into the wound infection;
Take 3. CD, beaded, no fingerprints and perspiration;
4. plastic packaging items, the bag is not easy to open, wear a finger, it is easy to solve.

Finger sleeve for labor protection

1. bills, put them on your fingers when you distribute newspapers, hands are not slippery, good numbers, and hands are not dirty;
2. use chalk to write on the blackboard, the thumb, index finger, middle finger wear fingertip, prevent the lime burning erosion in the cost of finger chalk is very suitable for teachers;
3. wear the hands at work to prevent skin contamination allergies, avoid skin wear and injury;
The 4. fold surface with finger to improve effect of anti slip friction;

Antistatic finger sleeve

Also known as conductive finger, to avoid skin allergies, to prevent the pollution to the fingertips perspiration components, thin flexible fingers fingertip to operation, and safe discharging operator electrostatic charge carried by the human body; for the semiconductor industry, optoelectronics industry work wear.
 Tips for using

1, not a long time to wear, if you feel numb, swollen fingertips, should be removed immediately and purple, raising a finger, slowly will be restored as before.

2, after dried, can be used repeatedly.

3, many bad wear, can put some bath powder or talcum powder to lubrication.

4, take the time from the top down to take, so good off, not easy to break, easy to wear better next time.

Applicable scope:1, the operation of hand protection equipment, to prevent fingertip wear by toxic substances, can avoid the operator directly contact electrostatic sensitive components, and can safely drain the operator with the human body static charge. It is suitable for printing, optical, clock, battery, machine and electrical equipment industry, electronics, precision component assembly, microelectronics, LCD and semiconductor industry2, fingers, toes after wearing bath, prevent water into the wound infection.3, count the money, distribute the newspaper, wear it on your finger, hand is not slippery, good number, and hands are not dirty4, take the CD, beaded, do not leave fingerprints and sweat stains5, plastic packaging items, the bag is not easy to open, wear a finger, it is easy to solve.

6, chalk on the blackboard when writing, in the thumb, index finger, middle fingerWear fingertip, prevent chalk hand grinding, very suitable for teachers to use