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Trench deodorant plug, water tank stopper, rubber stopper, sewer plug, rubber stopper, fish jar stopper, floor drain plug mail

discount 70% in 2018-09-21 to 2018-09-23
price: USD$ 47.38
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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This plug is a solid soft rubber, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good elasticity and sealing, suitable for kitchen and bathroom washbasin washing basin drainage hole seal, can also be used to seal the drain floor drain, fish tank, bath drain hole, etc., complete model, welcome Advisory guidance!

Notice of purchase: plug is a big head, small choice, please pay attention to!! The diameter of the hole to be blocked must be larger than the diameter of the stopper and smaller than the diameter of the stopper! For example, the hole diameter is 50 mm diameter, you can choose 10# plugs, if the hole is 35 mm, choose 7#, is to choose the larger head than the hole, while the small headLess than the hole, if unknown, please contact customer service!

See the table below for more glue plug specifications:

Specifications Upper diameter Bottom diameter height weight Unit price / yuan
000# 13mm 8mm 17mm 4g  
00# 15mm 11mm 21mm 5g  
0# 17mm 13mm 24mm 8g
1# 19mm 14mm 26mm 10g
2# 20mm 15mm 26mm 12g
3# 23mm 17mm 26mm 13g
4# 26mm 19mm 28mm 22g
5# 29mm 22mm 28mm 28g
6# 33mm 25mm 28mm 37g
7# 37mm 28mm 30mm 48g
8# 42mm 32mm 30mm 55g  
9# 45mm 37mm 30mm 61g
10# 50mm 41mm 32mm 90g
11# 56mm 46mm 34mm 133g
12# 62mm 51mm 38mm 160g
13# 68mm 55mm 38mm 190g
14# 73mm 60mm 41mm 221g
15# 81mm 68mm 41mm 292g
16# 85mm 74mm 42mm 328g
17# 95mm 78mm 45mm 407g
18# 101mm 82mm 49mm 530g
19# 111mm 88mm 53mm 670g
20# 118mm 92mm 56mm 830g
21# 120mm 95mm 59mm 958g
22# 140mm 100mm 60mm 1104g
23# 146mm 118mm 60mm 1328g
24# 156mm 144mm 60mm 1727g
25# 164mm 138mm 65mm 2500g


Purchase notes:

Because many products, different manufacturers and manufacturers change packaging and other factors, products and pictures may be a gap, please pay attention to the purchase of products and the owner of the communication, the same type of products in accordance with physical object! Picture is for reference only!

When you buy the product, please confirm the goods, and don't accept the exchange of other types of goods after purchase. The product price adjustment is not up.

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Shipping instructions:

We will arrange the delivery as much as possible,

Because of the various types of laboratory supplies, the volume, weight, material, packaging are different, we will arrange freight according to your requirements and the actual situation. Express delivery, etc.. The logistics company is nominated by you, and the freight is paid by the buyer.

Sign for instructions:

* you must sign for me. Unit guard or others sign their own responsibility. When checking, check whether the outer package is complete, the accessories are complete, the number is correct. Please feel free to contact us in case of any problems.

* after receipt, due to the buyer's own reasons for return, as long as not a special order, in the packaging intact, without any quality problems under the premise of seven days can be returned, returned to the freight back and forth by the buyer.

Remittance instructions:

* accept the company account, Alipay, ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, bank remittance details, consult the owner.

Invoice description:

The price of the commodity is not tax price. If you want to make an invoice, add 6% to the ordinary invoice, add value tax please add 17% tax. Without explanation, all the defaults need no invoice

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