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Diamond hoop embroidery embroidery belt tooth antiskid drill bit hoop stick issuing new South Korea South Korea small water hair accessories

discount 70% in 2018-07-22 to 2018-07-24
price: USD$ 26.23
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Band width 0.8CM, optional straight and S resin, hair is not easy to break, well drilling and good quality, fine hair, fine hair hoop close to love

New double row separation S width is 1cm Oh ~!  



We store everything in the shop and describe it in real terms. We are responsible for the quality problems within seven days after receipt of the goods

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The hoopFree shippingTact onlyExpress delivery! Shipping price can send postal parcel (need to contact customer service),Other express not?TheOh, don't ask again and again! ~


The quality is very good, drilling strong and solid, are in kind shooting! Please choose your favorite color! ~




Double purple diamond drill down:

Double diamond drill down:

Double white diamond drill down:


Double row drill straight blue

Double diamond purple diamond model S


Double S type diamond drill


S model of double row drill


Double row with tooth purple S model width 1CM

Separated double row with teeth golden S model width 1CM


Separate double row white S with width 1CM



Some parents feel worth, feel the hoop is too thin, must be optimistic about the details. This drill we choose are good drilling, will not have a long time to appear discoloration, not bright, etc., the market is similar to the use of the root is not drilling, looking at the same shape, look at the sun to see the difference between ~ ~ our shop to ensure that all physical shooting, truthfully described. Seven days after receipt of the goods, the quality problems we are responsible for, so do not worry to confirm receipt after receipt of the problem, do not worry, give a bad comment on the end, believe usThere are no problems that can not be solved, only those who are unwilling to solve them

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