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Punching mesh circular hole net 304 stainless steel punching mesh plate galvanized punching plate screen mesh shredder screen

discount 70% in 2018-08-15 to 2018-08-17
price: USD$ 18.48
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Spot supplySUS304Stainless steel circular hole net punching plate table

(each of them)1m*2m can be arbitrarily cut in any size):

 Plate thickness 0.5mm aperture 0.5mm hole margin 1mm

 Plate thickness 0.5mm aperture 1mm hole margin 1mm

 Plate thickness 0.5mm aperture 1.5mm hole margin 1.5mm

 Plate thickness 0.5mm aperture 2mm hole margin 2mm

 Plate thickness 0.5mm aperture 3mm hole margin 2mm

 Plate thickness 0.5mm aperture 5mm hole margin 3mm 

Plate thickness 0.8mm aperture 0.8mm hole margin 1.2mm

Plate thickness0.8mm aperture1mm Edge Distance1mm 

Plate thickness1mm aperture1mm Edge Distance1mm

Plate thickness1mm aperture1.2mm Edge Distance1.2mm

Plate thickness1mm aperture1.5mm Edge Distance1.5mm 

Plate thickness1mm aperture2mm Edge Distance2mm 

Plate thickness1mm aperture3mm Edge Distance2mm 



The use of punching plate:
1.Ceiling, filter plate and cave board are used for the top wall of building objects.
2.Building balcony, environmental table and chair beautifully decorated hole board, punching decoration board, punching plate.
3.The protective cover plate of the mechanical equipment, the punching net and the circular hole board.
4.A magnificent sound box, a trumpet net, and a steel plate.
5.Filters for industrial hardware products, filter boards for ventilation and ventilation, filter nets, and group - hole boards.
6.Mine mill sieve, sieve, griddle.
7.The sieve plate, sieve plate and microporous plate used for grain and feed.
8.Kitchen equipment with fruit plate, honeycomb plate, stainless steel plate, stainless steel filter.
9.The shelf network for the shopping mall is decorated with perforated plates, porous plates and perforated plates.
10.The environmental noise control barrier is made of sound absorbing board, sound insulation board and sound absorbing board.

Use:I plant the production of punching net widely used across the city section of the highway, railway, subway and other transportation facilities in the surrounding noise and control barrier, building wall, generator room, factories, and other noise sources of noise reduction sound with sound absorption board can also be used for building the ceiling, wall sound-absorbing material. Can be used for building stairs, balcony, exquisite decorative plate and environmental protection. For machinery and equipment protection cover, speaker net enclosures, gorgeous food, feed, mine mill sieve, sieve, sieve I-beam, stainless steel basket, kitchenware equipment used to cover food, fruit and other kitchenware and shopping malls with shelves, exhibition decoration, ventilation network in grain depot, football lawn plant seepage strainer etc.


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