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Guangzhou all solid wood pine furniture simple 1.51.8 meter box, storage can be pulled out adult double bed can be customized

Full house solid wood furniture customization. Factory direct sales. Factory furniture materials are: Finland pine, New Zealand pine, rubber wood and red oak. Imports of Finland solid wood lacquer 790 yuan square. Other colors are 930 yuan a square. New Zealand varnish 900 yuan square. Other colors 1050 yuan a square, Thailand rubber wood made 1350 yuan a square, the United States red oak 1900 yuan square.

discount 70% in 2018-07-20 to 2018-07-22
price: USD$ 945.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The factory produces all solid wood Finland pine, New Zealand pine, rubber wood, red oak
Finland pine solid wood wardrobe and bookcase tatami made 790 yuan a square, which is according to the frontal area projection area calculation. Long * high *790 yuan, wardrobe includes hanging rod, drawer, plywood, backboard, door. Color paint 930 yuan a square, the whole house can be customized concessions,
New Zealand pine custom, varnish 900 square, other color 1050 square,

Thailand rubber wood made 1350 yuan square, American Red Oak 1900 yuan square.


The Pearl River Delta region provides free door measuring ruler, door-to-door, free installation, foreign freight self care, welcome customers to visit the factory, customized telephone: 15898530410 Chen Sheng

The following provide some factory production drawings and customer installation of the real photos reference

[about delivery] Guangdong and nearby city friends buy our factory furniture, you can enjoy free door-to-door free installation service. Other areas after arrival of the furniture you need to install your own, which brings inconvenience to you, please understand.
[mode of transport] furniture belongs to large products, all with logistics transportation, generally transported to the local logistics station, you can choose their own delivery. Of course, you can also request logistics delivery, but the logistics company will receive reasonable delivery costs. Because the distance is different and the size of goods is different, so the freight is not the same, the actual cost please contact us. In order to ensure the logistics company has a good service attitude, it is recommended to use cash on delivery.
[about] approval before shipment we will be careful inspection, in order to protect your rights, you are in receipt before inspection, the lack of goods in the confirmation without damage, goods not problems after the receipt, if any of the above please refuse to sign and take photos of the damaged position, through the network to us transmission! First, see if the package is in good condition; then open the package and examine it carefully. Please buyers in person inspection, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble; if yes please sign on behalf of family and friends please ask them to inspect carefully. Inspection and found the number wrong or transport damage do not sign and contact us, return logistics company of our free delivery, discovered after receipt of cargo damage, because this time the company has no responsibility, and I can not decide in the end is the shipping company or the customer's own handling during this time to replace the damaged goods, or send the accessories, the resulting costs borne by the customer.
[about] furniture delivery have certain production cycle, generally in accordance with the payment order, Guangzhou delivery in a week or so, other domestic city in about fifteen days of delivery, the sales volume is relatively large, if there is time to catch the goods we will promptly inform the customers friends.
[assembly] the assembly of furniture is very simple, the tools need to be prepared: cross screwdriver, hammer. I will do digital signage at each interface, you only need to invite a person to help, you can easily assemble furniture
Special attention: all packing must be kept and not lost before the installation is finished! So as not to find the relevant accessories!
[after sale] if you have problems in receiving, installation and use, please feel free to contact us and be happy to serve you. All furniture sold within one year after the sale of free warranty (except hardware accessories), life-long enjoyment of paid maintenance services.
[maintenance instructions]
1. avoid long exposure to the sun;
2. don't put cold or overheated articles directly on the furniture surface;
3. don't put sharp objects or rough bottom placed directly on the surface of furniture;
4. don't put organic solvents directly on the desktop;
5. clean, only need to wipe with a little water towel, wipe it.
Once the furniture is sold, it will not be returned; if there is any special case, we should contact with us in time to explain the reason of return, and we will deal with it according to the situation. Return will have loss of return freight, return shipping risk, and usually affect the loss caused by the two sales, please customers friends to consider clearly.
[Payment] please use Alipay payment, the buyer received the goods please confirm payment, thank you! Of course, you can also pay through the online banking, but must pay after delivery, sincerely thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
[evaluation] Taobao provides us with a good platform for communication, and we welcome you to make good suggestions for our products and services, thank you very much for making good suggestions of friends; at the same time, for malicious malicious evaluation, we will take effective counterattack!
Postage instructions
The baby furniture shop - only in Guangzhou and the nearby city of friends free door-to-door installation and other places need to bear their own logistics costs, causing inconvenience to you, please forgive me

- to freight volume, most of the furniture disassembly, the volume is not large.

According to different distances, generally 2-7 days to arrive. The standard freight is only in the form of unit price, please make the actual freight as the order of the purchase of telephone: 18588753152

[material]: imported Finland pine, New Zealand pine (plate degreasing, drying, pest control) products without knot (door panel, drawer panel no knot), the other is a knot.

[quality grade]: Class A (Class A: high-grade furniture grade B: mid-range furniture grade C: medium and low grade furniture)
[]: Maydos environmental protection paint water paint [packing]: cardboard packaging, for easy installation

Reminder: because of the camera shooting reason, the object and the photo will have a slight color difference is normal! The material color is better than the photo, please feel free to buy! Product advantages
Natural and fresh. Environmental protection, health, safety and rest assured. Sturdy and durable, pure and natural.
Pine furniture elastic and breathable good, practical strong,
Durable, compared to air pollution,
Pine furniture also has the absorption of toxic and harmful substances in the air,
The function of indoor air purification can meet the environmental protection requirements of consumers for furniture.
Natural and fresh pine furniture has a unique style in the outstanding natural, solid,
Rough style, at the same time, the integration of modern furniture manufacturing process.
Not only excellent workmanship, but also from raw materials to accessories, the pursuit of natural taste.
[maintenance instructions]:

1. often use soft cloth along the wood grain texture for furniture to dust, dust should be sprayed on the soft cloth spray point detergent;

2. when in use as far as possible with the mat on a hot plate, so as to avoid food with soup or damage the desktop spillover;

3. avoid furniture surface contact to the corrosive liquid, alcohol, nail polish and other goods store direct manufacturers, all goods in this store can be customized according to customer requirements, the surrounding city can be on-site measurements can be door-to-door installation, but also to see the main commodity factory solid materials imported goods materials of Chinese fir Pinus sylvestris all the materials used are wood. The use of paint is the standard of environmental protection furniture varnish, texture clear, please rest assured that the use of our products to customers!!!
Delivery time: the sample under normal circumstances 48 hours arrival, custom is generally 10 to 15 days, the specific time before delivery will call, freight: city delivery installation!
Foreign customers, freight self-care, hope customers understand