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Shipping devil broken fat machine ovarian maintenance instrument slimming instrument devil massager magic fat shaking apparatus

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[methods of operation]:
1, before using the massager, please first check the power line, switch and machine components are intact, the machine parts can not be loose. 2. Make sure the switch is in OFF (off) position.
3, insert the power socket, check the power supply socket intact, can use.
4, put the machine on the neck, hands clasped the appliance handle, or with a special bandage, close to the body, first with weak file massage for a few minutes, and then choose according to need: massage.
5, massage the abdomen, should be clockwise massage, hands a little pressure, massage effect is better.
6, four only to cushion massager cutin is hard, can be used for acupoint massage.
7, the massager upside down in the carpet, feet gently placed on the massage pad, foot massage can be used.
8, in the need to reduce the position of the effective weight loss cream, and then covered with plastic film (plastic film), continuous massage 20 - 30 minutes, 1 to 2 times a day, for 15 to 30 days, you can achieve the effect of partial slimming. Long term use prevents rebound.
9, the body of the abdomen, pubic symphysis part of the "weak" massage, endocrine regulation, comfortable incomparable.
10, the handle of the machine can also massage the palm of the operator, such as felt strong discomfort, can be wrapped on the handle of soft fabric, or with gloves, to weaken felt.
11, because of long time massage, accelerate blood circulation, or underwear on the fiber of the skin, may cause itching, please do not use hands, only need to remake the skin several times, itching will disappear, 2 - 3 days later will meet.
12, massage ends, push the switch to "OFF" (pass) position, unplug the power line plug from the power outlet.
Let the fat movement, let you exempt from the exercise of hard work, confirmed by scientific identification
Abdominal fat movement 10 minutes = jogging for 2 hours; hip fat movement 10 minutes = jog 90 minutes
Leg fat = 10 minutes jogging 1 hours 10 minutes of exercise waist waist fat = 3800
Technical parameter:
Size: 24.5cm*12.5cm*21.5cm
Weight: 3KG
Voltage: 100V--240V
Speed: strong 3500 rpm / min, weak 2800 RPM / min.
Power: <60W