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Negative pressure acid instrument health beauty instrument meridian row wet cupping scraping Lymph Detox home health care instrument

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Sucking Sha is the history of our country traditional folk medicine source, far, early in the Ming Dynasty physician Zhang Fengkui. He believes that the toxin from the fur into the room, can block the human skeleton, obstruction of Qi and blood, the blood circulation is not smooth, when the toxin from the inhalation, Blocking Collaterals, the collaterals of the blood gas barrier. The Stasis Toxin deeper, more powerful, the incidence is more intense, in this case, we must take emergency measures that can be used for sucking sha.The so-called "Sha", is to use specific tools in the patient a few skin scraping and sucking, soon appeared some purple color, similar to the fine sand, one named "sunstroke".Chinese book about sunstroke, there are a lot of names, "Sha" is the body the blood stasis and obstruction, once the "barrier". Detoxification by the scraping can remove the silt. "Cholera poison" by not digest food or can not rule out the accumulation of metabolic waste, human cholera poison stasis to a certain extent, in addition to blood circulation may be blocked, there are a lot of fluid circulation may also be blocked, such as lymph, extracellular fluid, interstitial fluid etc.. Explain the Western point of view, once the liquid flow is blocked, will feel local muscle stiffness. The scrapping like massage, can promote the body fluid circulation, avoid blocking.

Suction action therapy for acupoint and meridian different, will have an impact on the human body in different reflection area, so the different parts will have a different effect. For example, the meridian main renal, heart and lung function and upper back, lower back, liver and spleen. The shoulder in the head and neck junction, the occasion of the suction action therapy most often suck parts, this part can reduce fever, can suck. If this part of tension, can cause systemic Qimai unreasonable, so patients generally have a loose shoulder, relax the experience.



Instrument of principle:


Sucking Sha instrument by means of negative pressure to the local rapid hyperemia, congestion, and even rupture of small capillaries, erythrocyte destruction, hemolysis phenomenon. Hemoglobin in red blood cells release is a benign stimulus to the body, it can carry out two-way regulation through to the organ function of the nervous system, while promoting phagocytosis of white blood cells, improve skin sensitivity and tolerance to changes in the outside world, thereby enhancing the body's immunity. Secondly, negative pressure suction strong pulling force can make the sweat pores fully open, sweat glands and sebaceous gland function are stimulated and strengthened, the skin aging cells, but that from the body of toxins, waste can be accelerated discharge.

Sha Sha therapy is to suck the suction apparatus sucked in the epidermis on the meridian points, until the aspiration of subcutaneous bleeding red dot imaging condensation rice kind, through sweating to open pores, fever virus immediately excreted, so as to achieve the purpose of healing