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2017 water tank old flush toilet, general water injection toilet, water valve handle, flip cover toilet fittings

discount 70% in 2018-09-17 to 2018-09-19
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We do not engage in sales trap (our sales and reputation are true, never brush, and made a 1000 yuan deposit, please rest assured to buy. With regard to the freight issue, the goods must be paid in accordance with the delivery, we will inform you. Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang. Tibet, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Qinghai, Gansu, Hainan, Heilongjiang and other parts of the region, some goods need to pay the freight, not in the scope of mail, please consult the customer service in specific circumstances

Shopping instructions

1. drainage valve total height of three kinds, 19cm, 24cm, 28cm (measuring water tank raised part to the height of the water tank edge), please be sure to measure again and again, buy wrong caused by the return of the buyer to bear the postage.

2. inlet valve is GB 4 points interface, height can be adjusted to 32CM, you can adjust the height according to the depth of the tank, the general water tank general.

3. package button default large size, installation aperture 58MM, you can change to medium or small, need to change, please contact customer service instructions.

4Please measure the tank wall. The height and diameter of the button before buying, if not sure, you can look at the details we introduced in the video.

The product defaults to the drain valve for the toilet. If you need the split tank drain valve, please contact the customer service and take another one. (Note: the water tank of the squatting pan is split water tank)

Shopping guide (please carefully read the following before buying)

I. Introduction of inlet valve

In order to meet the needs of users, there are three styles of water intake valve, the old section of the material is general, the main body is fine, the new is ABS engineering plastics, better material, strengthen the interface is copper, more durable, three main body height can be adjusted. Suitable for most of the use of water tanks, it is recommended that you buy new or strengthen the quality of better.

Two. Introduction to drain valve

1., this drain valve has three kinds of height, namely 19CM, 24CM, 28CM, suitable for different water tank height use, before buying, please measure the internal height of the water tank(Methods of measurement are described below)So as not to buy wrong.

2. drain valve is suitable for hole with diameter of 62-80MM, although most of them are universal, and there are a few of them can not be used, it is recommended to measure the hole in the house.

3. please according to the following picture correct measurement, if not quantity, please contact customer service, our customer service will teach you how to measure.

Inlet valve

Strengthen the copper head inlet valve


Two, about button mediaShaoxing

1. buttonThere are three sizes of large size, medium size and small size, and the size should be measured before purchase.

2Now, the buttons are all new, new ABS white new material, aging resistance, more thick.

We use this is white ABS plastic, much better than ordinary black plastic, surface plating is also a little better, welcome orders, a large number of procurement can contact customer service, a large amount of favorably.


Drain valve

Please choose the corresponding height drainage valve according to the internal height of the toilet water tank.

19CM drain valve and 24, 28CM drain valve shape is slightly different, the installation aperture is the same.

Installation is more convenient, can generally remove the old drain valve, you can put the new installation.

Common problems of toilet cistern flushing:

1, ask: my toilet has been in the water, can not stop what parts are broken?

Answer: the inlet valve is broken,replaceInlet valve

2, ask: after my toilet flush water, the water has been flowing out of the toilet, what is the problem?

Answer: drain valve is broken, replace the drain valve.

3, ask: water tank button according to the water bomb can not come up, how to do?

Answer: the button time is not flexible, replace the button.


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