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Pressure machine automatic rolling machine of large commercial electric noodle machine new Hanging noodles noodles machine machine

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The dough pressing machine is a main equipment of pasta processing, mainly used for a variety of cakes, kneading dough and toughness huntun various bread, pasta processing is widely used in hotels, dining rooms, food processing units and the self-employed. Eccentric adjustment of the roller gap, uniform axial clearance, can be adjusted within a certain range, and the food made by kneading dough is bulky, sweet, and increased whiteness and taste.

Use of operations:

1. the machine is placed on a dry and ventilated horizontal ground before use, and it works smoothly and reliably.

2. carefully check the machine feeding mouth has no iron, hard objects, and clear in time, before use will pick out the veliger.

3. check whether the power supply is in accordance with the use of the power supply.

4. the power cord extends the factory, with a grounding wire symbol grounding to the remaining three lines (with a single core motor to two) were received open type load switch (switch) disconnect lead wire terminal, closed open type load switch, a start switch. From the feed port, as the movable roll down operation right, no-load commissioning?, each part of no abnormal test machine?

5. according to the need to adjust the roll gap, the handle rotates the handwheel, the adjustable roller retreat, can make the rolling gap in 0-25mm stepless adjustment, axial uniform gap, so that the dough rolling thickness.

When the 6. is operated, the hard material should be prevented from entering the roll so as to avoid damage to the two roll.

Operating procedures: in order to improve dough quality, prolong the service life of the machine, saving energy, please in operation from thick to thin gradually adjust the roll gap into the surface thickness of 2-4 times the thickness of the surface. And do not close the hand between the rolls, so as to avoid accidental injury.

Usage method:
1. and face: flour plus warm water (about 5:2), water proper salt, alkali; if the egg surface can not be added or less water, harmonization in the basin.

2.: to reconcile good dough into pieces (about 20 mm), sprinkle dry flour.

3. before use, we should check the surface of the work first, remove the surface dirt, and add some lubricating oil to the shaft sleeve and the gear.

4.: remove the section rolling knife, regulator two head pressure roller, roller gap adjustment for both sides 2.5-3mm, ty220V power supply plug socket, press the switch on the machine, and the good surface patches into the bucket, between the pressure roller roller system, repeated 4-5 times. Finally adjust the roll gap of 1.5mm, a complex pressure.

The 5. section: the loaded section knife, need to be adjusted according to the section of the knife regulator, clockwise the regulator to a fine surface, counterclockwise to a rough cut, the billet surface pressure a good face and both sides into the bucket until the plane knife, can be cut into thick or thin noodles.

6. end: after the use, turn off the machine power switch, pull the plug, clean the body, knife, roll.

Maintenance and maintenance:

All maintenance and warranty work must be carried out after the power supply is cut off.

1. every time after the use of the machine to clean the machine carefully once, to ensure food hygiene, clean, not to use a sharp device to scrape two rolls, and not to use water spray pipe cleaning.

2. each class from the refueling point to the gear lubricating oil filling time, selection of gear oil or 20# oil or edible oil can, in order to raise the number of drops of each filling amount is appropriate, the turbine worm bearing grease and replace half a year, with calcium base grease.

3. check the tension and wear of the ordinary V belt and adjust or replace it in time.

4. when the machine is discontinued for a long time, a small amount of food oil should be applied to the surface of the two roll.