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Sweden SKF bearing 29328E thrust roller bearings imported

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Bearing installation

 Whether the installation of the bearing is good or bad will affect the accuracy, life and performance of the bearing. Therefore, please fully study the installation of the bearing, that is, to install the bearing according to the operating standards including the following items.

  1. Cleaning bearings and related parts For grease lubricated bearings and bilateral oil seals or dustproof covers, no cleaning is required before the sealing ring bearing is installed.

 Two. Check the size and finishing of the related parts 

 Three. Installation method The installation of bearings should be based on the bearing structure, the size and the bearing properties of the bearing parts. The pressure should be directly attached to the ends of the rings, and the pressure should not be transferred through the roller body.

a.Pressure entry coordination Bearing inner ring and shaft which is tightly matched with the outer ring and bearing seat hole is a loose fit, can press the bearing pressure mounted on the shaft, and the shaft together with the bearing load in the bearing hole, pressing on the end surface of the inner ring, a soft cushion assembly sleeve made of metal material (copper or steel), the assembly sleeve diameter should be slightly larger than the shaft diameter, outer diameter should be slightly smaller than the bearing inner ring rib, to avoid pressure on the holder. The outer ring of the bearing is tightly matched with the bearing seat hole. When the inner ring and the shaft are loosely matched, the bearing can be pressed into the bearing seat hole first, so the outer diameter of the assembly sleeve should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the seat hole. If the bearing ring and the shaft and hole are tight fit, installation of interior ring and the outer ring and pressed into the shaft and hole structure, the assembly sleeve should be able to face tight and bearing inner and outer rings.

 b.Heating coordination By heating the bearing or bearing seat, the tight fit is converted into a loose fitting method by thermal expansion. It is a common and labor-saving installation method. This method is suitable for the installation of bearing with large excess weight, and the bearing or detachable bearing rings are evenly heated in the tank before hot loading.80-100At the temperature, then removed from the oil to the shaft as soon as possible, in order to prevent the inner end of the inner ring and the shaft shoulder close after cooling, the bearing can be tightened axially after the cooling of the bearing. When the bearing seat of the bearing outer ring is tightly matched with the bearing seat made of light metal, the heat loading method of the heating bearing seat can be used to avoid the abrasion of the matching surface. With oil tank heating bearings, from the bottom at a certain distance should be a mesh, or with a hook hanging bearing, bearing can not be put on the bottom, to prevent the heavy impurities into the bearing or uneven heating, the tank must be strictly control the temperature shall not exceed the thermometer.100In order to prevent the tempering effect, the hardness of the ring is reduced.

 c.Installation of conical bore bearing Tapered bore bearing can be directly mounted on the shaft neck taper, or loading and unloading sleeve sleeve cone, the tightness of the available bearing radial clearance reduction measure, therefore, the radial bearing clearance measuring should be installed before, should be measured frequently in order to achieve the required clearance clearance reduction so far in the installation process, the installation of general installation using the lock nut, also can use the method of heating installation.

 d.Installation of thrust bearing The coordination between the thrust bearing and the shaft is generally transitional coordination. The match between the seat ring and the bearing seat is usually a clearance fit. Therefore, the bearing is easy to install. The middle axis spring of the two way thrust bearing should be fixed on the shaft to prevent rotation relative to the shaft. The installation method of bearings is generally the case of shaft rotation. Generally, the match between inner ring and shaft is over win, and the bearing outer ring and bearing chamber match for clearance.

  Four. The inspection of the bearing after the bearing 

 Five, installation of high speed and precision angular contact ball bearings added to lubricants High speed precision angular contact ball bearings are mainly used for high speed rotating situations with lighter load, requiring high accuracy, high speed, low temperature rise, low vibration and long service life. The supporting parts, which are often used as high-speed motorized spindle, are installed and used in pairs. It is the key kit for the high speed motorized spindle of the inner surface grinder. 


Main technical indicators:  

 1.Bearing precision index:ExceedGB/307.1-94 P4Grade precision 

  2.High speed performance indicators:dmNvalue1.3~1.8x 106 /min  

 3.Service life (average):1500 h    The service life of the high speed precision angular contact ball bearing has a great relationship with the installation.

The following matters should be paid attention to:  

 1.The bearing installation should be carried out in a clean and clean room. The bearings must be carefully selected, and the bearing rings should be lapped. Under the premise of keeping the inside and outside ring spacer high, the degree of parallelism should be controlled.1umFollowing;   

 2.The bearing should be cleaned before installation. When the cleaning is done, the inner ring should be up to the top and the hand can be flexible. There is no sense of stagnation. After drying, put in the specified amount of grease. If the oil mist is lubricated, a small amount of oil mist should be put into it.  

 3.The bearing should be installed with special tools, and the force is uniform, and it is strictly forbidden to knock.  

 4.The bearing should be kept clean and ventilated, no corrosion gas, relative humidity is not supertoo65%Long term safekeeping should be regularly anticorrosive.

 Installation of tapered roller bearing and pump shaft bearing

 A,Bearing installation:The installation of bearings must be carried out in a dry and clean environment. Before installation, the machining quality of the matching surface of the shaft and the shell, the end face of the bump, the groove and the connecting surface should be carefully checked. All the joint surfaces must be carefully cleaned and removed, and the unprocessed surfaces of the castings must be removed from the molding sand.    Before installing the bearing, first use gasoline or kerosene to clean it, use it after drying, and ensure good lubrication. Bearings usually use grease lubrication or oil lubrication. When the grease is used, the grease without impurities, antioxidation, antirust and extreme pressure should be selected. The volume of grease filling is the volume of bearing and bearing box30%-60%It should not be too much. The double row tapered roller bearing with the sealed structure and the pump shaft bearing have been filled with grease. The user can use it directly and can not be cleaned again.    Bearing installation, must be applied equally in the circumference of ferrule end face pressure to press into the ring, and may not directly tap bearing end face to the top tool, so as not to damage the bearing.Small amount of interference in the case, at room temperature can be used to suppress sleeve bearing ring face, beating with a hammer sleeve, the sleeve will be pressed into the ring balance. The hydraulic press can be used if the installation is in large quantities. When pressing in, the end face of the outer ring and the end of the shell should be guaranteed, the end face of the inner ring and the end of the shaft shoulder should be pressed tight, and no clearance is allowed.    When the amount of interference is large, the oil bath heating or the inductor heating bearing method can be used to install the heating temperature range.80-100Centigrade, the highest can not exceed120C. At the same time, the nut or other appropriate methods are used to fasten the bearings to prevent the bearings from contracting in the width direction after cooling, causing the gap between the ring and the shaft shoulder.    In the final installation of single row tapered roller bearings, the adjustment of clearance should be carried out. The clearance value should be determined according to the different operating conditions and the size of the amount of interference fit. When necessary, the test shall be made. The double row tapered roller bearing and the pump shaft bearing have adjusted the clearance when they are out of the factory, and they should not be adjusted again when they are installed.  Bearings should be installed after the rotation test, the first for the rotary shaft or bearing box, without exception, then the power for no load, low speed operation, and then gradually increase as the functioning of the rotation speed and load, and to detect noise, vibration and temperature, abnormal, stop operation and check. The operation test can be used after the normal operation.

Two,Dismantling of bearings:When the bearings are to be dismantled to continue to use, the appropriate disassembly tools should be selected. Removing the interference fit ring can only pull the tension on the ring, and never allow the rolling force to pass the dismantling force, otherwise the rolling body and raceway will be crushed.  

Three,Application environment of bearing:According to the use position and use conditions and environmental conditions to select the size and precision, matching the suitable bearing is the premise of ensuring the life and reliability of the bearing.