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Pine wood frame single row folding hard bedplate 1.5 double 1.8 meters wide 1.2 meters of tatami bed

discount 70% in 2018-07-19 to 2018-07-21
price: USD$ 350.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Guys! This shop double ahead of the 11 big promotion started, you buy it now price is double the price of 11! Miss peak, double 11 coming national courier warehouse explosion! The receiving speed slow like a snail, now buy from double 11! The shopping cart will issue a collection plus!!!!!! Special reminder: the warehouse delivery, we try to choose the nearest warehouse for a! Please take care of the pro!! The postage is set to postage template settings, remote areas (Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Hainan, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong and Macao), and some other areas please contact customer service repair postage price! Large items of different regions, the specific postage please contact customer service to confirm! The goods is issued, caused the delay we will try our best to help you express reason for treatment! Please do not take the difference in assessment! Mind please careful (furniture production and packaging troublesome delivery period is 2-3 days. Do not shoot oh) urban express and logistics is only responsible for delivery to the cell or downstairs, thank you for your cooperation!


Spot saleIn this subsection we areOriginalA total of 4250 pieces sold.

That shopkeeper:

Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai Anhui Shandong Guangdong shipping (downstairsZhoushan, Xiangshan ChongThe exception!)

Favoured policy:(1)Buy: bed boardSend reinforcement block(2):Jiangsu Anhui shipping downstairsYou can directly take the restThe postage please contact customer service, to select the appropriate logistics and express according to the size and the distance of the bed! You need to specify the logistics and express the need to contact customer service! Thanks for your understanding!


  • Before buying itQ: upstairs?

Answer: Express customers, more than 5 can be home, but do not rule out the bad service courier not willing to climb the stairs, presumably Pro also encountered this situation. This is the current industry problem, as a business is difficult to solve the problem, looking forward to the express industry standards. Send Debon logistics, the majority is downstairs, there are home, not necessarily!"Why not because the courier home delivery refused to sign, we need to deduct the actual shipping costs" please understand!

  • Q: folding? Put on the impact of the use of Simmons?

Answer: the default is a folding, folding sideways, such as 1.8*2 meters 1*1.8 meters after folding,Please contact us to spread vertical folding instructions, such as 1.8*2 meters 0.9*2 meters after folding.Although we will worry about folding the middle will not sag in, this is nothing to worry about, many customers have witnessed the use of good effect, higher satisfaction, repeat, introduce too much, bought a Pro will buy back 2-3 Zhang that we are very pleased.

  • Q: is the pine?

Answer: to ensure full pine to build, if not free to use pine to kiss. (Imports of Canadian pine!)

  • Q: have a taste?

Answer: there will be a faint fragrance of pine taste, no other smell 0 formaldehyde, no paint, natural environmental protection.

  • Q: how long will you bed deformation, life?

Answer sheet are after degreasing and drying is not easy deformation, can be used for decades!

  • Q: how thick the bed?

Answer: plate1.8 cmThickness,There will be some errors may not be up to 1.8 cm after grinding, the customer mind take careful, the bed beams support, a total thickness of 3.6 cm.

  • Q: what is the gap between the board and the board? The plate width?

Answer: we guarantee the clearance of less than 1 cm in permeability. The plate width 9 cm.(not more than 1 cm, can be compared to the large gap, especially the summer sleep, uncomfortable Pro! We don't cut corners!)

  • Q: four corners are rounded? Smooth surface?
  • Answer: four corners by grinding, Simmons radian with a perfect fit, both beautiful and can prevent scratches etc.!

To ensure the smooth surface, we are surrounded by polishing, the whole bed a little burr nor smooth smooth, our choice not wrong! (several customers give us evaluation like art!)

BedThe plate is divided into vertical spread(about folding)And Cross shop(bottom fold)Customized according to the needs of buyers, recommended to chooseHeng PuOh this is firm for any kind of folding bed! Have a lookReal shotUnderstand:

Take the kind of goods(attention to detail)


1: this bed is 1.5*2 metersThe left and right folding vertical spread (folding width)The surface is smooth and beautiful as a whole!The front around the bed board edge aniseed (Bao Bian) materials chronological! The bed thickness of 1.8 cm, 9 cm wide, 3.6 cm high with the beam!

See the back of the bedThe edge with a 11.5 cm wide plate edge to doStrong safety assured without board broken head exposed, do not worry about things like it or flat sheets have children it is most suitable for children is a special bed boundAll screws are strong and durable oh no gas reserve! This bed adopts advanced anechoic hinge, very strong very good solve transportation buyers installation trouble!

Positive plate filletThe bed surface is smooth and polished 2 times around the round without edges, around the corner edging let you sleep better!

The same smooth rounded bed back rest assured!

 The gap between the bed is less than 1 cm (unlike other businesses are 1-2 cm between the), in order to better ventilation does not produce friction sound

The screw hole will not scratch your mattress and sheets, we focus on every detail to create a multifunctional mattress to bring you warmth!

2: this bed is 1.5*2 metersFold down Heng Pu (folding length)The surface appearance is smooth rounded corner four

On the back side of the bed plate and folding bed folding around the opposite

The upper and the lower folding cross shop after folding, folded small and do not take a place suitable for modern life Home Furnishing!

3:(this is the baby bed) to give children a healthy and safe bed four corners rounded around the edge of aniseedNote the small size of the whole plate can be made such as 55*100, 60*100, 60*120,60*150100*190, small size and other custom of not more than 1.9 meters, the width of less than 1 meters can be a full delivery oh! Not folded)

 The real buyers show!


Thank you very much for the physical map of Guangzhou Shenzhen buyers feedback (size 1.8*2)

18 9 cm plate plus two 4 cm plates using the two bed surface 4 cm figure plate count of the middle part of the proIf you do not have the two 4 cm sheet words will be greater than 1 cm gap between the sleeping uncomfortable Oh in the summer easy to cut this is why we don't cause any other of your home is 18 instead of 2 small plate plate! A price than quality than price! Do not ah!

Thank you very much for Hubei Wuhan buyers back shot picture (size 1.8*2)



This bed is(1.5*2 m)Put in a row on the skeleton in the same kind of buyers please rest assured to buy suitable; forty percent of the buyers are directly placed in rows on the skeleton using ranked skeleton soft and easy deformation, it suggested that each row of Tesco will need a skeleton bed Oh! (surface using 16 9 cm plates)

SmallThe shop has been hit the price as low as possible, please bargaining friend mercy.

There are more than 70% of the buyers will go to bed after the purchase,On the use of the original Simmons.. The reason is Simmons spring is too soft, resulting in the morning backache. After the bed put up can improve the backache please rest assured to buy. At the same time, Tesco it remind you, buy mattress can choose spring hard and brown Simmons, and do not covet the original comfort.

20% of the buyers will be the bedOn the use of row frameThe buyer feedback, just. 10% of the buyers will be the bedOn the use of the original old brown shelfOh can improve the softness of the brown shed.

The natural pine material, no paint without glue.

Wood furniture than furniture, wood furniture made of natural wood, because the wood is the outer and inner core, the color difference between the knots or wood and wood, with a little crack or individual wood (without affecting the firmness of the normal phenomenon). It is not acceptable to the buyers please move. This shop before shipment to carefully pick in the factory inventory. The general is 5 1 chance.

Due to the special properties of natural wood, wood may have small errors at the time of purchase, buyers of all sizes if the shop label, require 100% standard, it is recommended to buy Timber carpentry done at home, I can not meet the shop. The error of carp in small size on the shop to refund buyers, I will not be accepted. The same is true for customized products. Please be sure to know.

notesSuch as: buyers need customized special specifications, please be sure to at least two times the amount needed to clear size. Special size of the product, general price is slightly higher, and there is no choice, because it is out of this one, no choice.