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Gas stove, commercial gas stove, gas cooker, pressure reducing valve fittings, pressure regulator valve, ten thousand medium pressure valve, high pressure valve

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First, the acceptance of voltage regulator
(1) acceptance according to the completion drawings of the project and the installation and acceptance standards of the voltage regulator.
(two) understanding the location of medium pressure pipeline, the location of condensate tank and valve well and their specifications and models.
(three) grasp the direction of the low pressure pipeline, the valve position and its specifications, types, gas equipment and other ancillary facilities of the pipeline network.
(four) understand the characteristics of gas consumption, gas consumption and gas usage to determine the pressure setting value.
(five) carefully check the transfer model and the appearance of the pressure regulator is intact, adjust the technical parameters of the pressure regulator and check whether tally with the requirements of design drawings, if the station still need acceptance leak alarm, fire extinguishers, anti-static equipment and facilities.
(six) check whether the pipe network is clean, whether there is rust, dust, water and other debris.
(seven) the air tightness test should be carried out when the pipe network and the voltage regulator are used at the time of delivery:
1. the tightness test of the regulator shall be carried out separately from other piping equipment, and the instrument should be removed so as to avoid damage.
2. for the inlet side, inflatable pressure to the maximum pressure of the inlet, and then close the regulator outlet valve, with foam agent (neutral) painted interface, observe lmin, shall not leak and other anomalies.
3. for the outlet side, the low-pressure 4Pa pressure test should not leak.
Two. Debugging of pressure regulating equipment
(1) set pressure, follow the principle of high to low, according to the steps one item, namely: cut off pressure - release pressure - work pressure.
(two) after the pressure setting, it is necessary to check the closing pressure, verify its performance, and whether it meets the required value.
(three) the pressure setting meets the requirements, and the outlet valve can be opened. The outlet valve must not be opened before the accident.
(four) the precision instrument should be protected to prevent the pressure fluctuation and damage the instrument.
(five) in the 1 + 1 pressure regulating equipment debugging, if need uninterrupted gas supply, first through the bypass pressure control manual control, a pressure regulating valve, a hand-held pressure gauge, always observe the change in pressure, the outlet pressure is maintained at the required pressure range, pressure regulator for pressure setting is completed slowly open the regulator outlet valve, pressure regulating device in 24 normal supply, then the valve bypass is closed.
(six) if the regulator adopts 20 opening closed, the two are need to debug, open a road, off road (standby), import and export should be between the pressure relief valve to the standby circuit, voltage regulator and diaphragm spring to avoid compression caused by fatigue.
(seven) if the pressure regulator with two automatic switching supply, set the parameters according to the pressure of main and secondary road, and then two inlet and outlet valves remain open, automatic switching voltage regulator with high performance requirements, the general regulation accuracy is less than 2.5%, the accuracy of less than 10 should be closed. Test automatic switch: increase the pressure of the main road (analog fault), make the main road pressure is too high and cut off valve action, cut off the main road gas, stop gas supply, observe whether the auxiliary road can set the pressure to achieve self starting gas supply. After the inspection, the main road will be the main way to reset the shut-off valve, pressure regulator pressure back to the original set value, so that a main and an auxiliary regulator set pressure, gas supply to the main road, the main road in the road reserve side, when a fault occurs, the road side pressure regulator to start to realize uninterrupted even continued supply, this method commonly used in key public welfare and commercial production in gas supply.
(eight) the series monitoring and voltage regulator of series monitoring voltage regulator is mostly in the form of passive monitoring, that is to say, the monitor voltage regulator is fully open. 1. first check whether the pressure signal of two regulators (or command) is correct, if the pressure signal tube is connected to the work voltage regulator, then the correct connection. 2. the pressure regulating spring of two regulators are pressed to the pressure regulating spring of the most tight front regulator (monitoring voltage regulator) to make the back pressure to the cut off pressure, and debug the cut-off valve. 3. debug release valve. 4. adjust the pressure spring of the regulator before the loosening, so that the setting value of the intermediate pressure to the outlet pressure is about 10%. 5. the pressure regulating spring of the slack regulator (working voltage regulator) makes the post pressure to the outlet pressure setting (at this time the intermediate pressure will rise to equal to the inlet pressure). Note: the commissioning should be carried out under the condition of large flow at the outlet.
(nine) after the commissioning of the regulator, the foam agent was used to check the loose place in the interface and the debugging process. Is there a gas leak?.
Three, safety measures
(1) spraying warning signs on the surface of the equipment shell or box, such as forbid fireworks, forbid collision and equipment number, or hang warning board.
(two) check and measure whether the electrostatic guiding device meets the requirements of the parameters, and whether the instruments at all levels operate normally.
(three) in the process of debugging, strictly prohibit fireworks, prevent static electricity, prohibit collision, knock pipes and equipment;
(four) the valve should be opened slowly, not slam open.

(five) regular inspection and maintenance of emergency shut-off valve, not less than once a week for the test, inspection and maintenance of shut-off valve.