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Waterproofing and leakproof fish tank for kitchen, windows, doors and windows, environmental protection glass, weatherproof, neutral, transparent and white black

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important clauseThe glue mouth of our shop is free of charge, because the glue mouth can be reused, so it is usually full.5Only one glue mouth is usually given below the bottleIf you are in special need, please contact the customer service after taking baby. We will try our best to fulfill your needs.

Attention to the selection and purchase of glass glue

A,Brand recognition:

   Adhesive industryIt is a large adhesive enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales.. The product sales network is all over the country and in the Middle East.

The company has passed“ISO90012008International quality management system certificationAnd successively obtainedFamous Chinese products”“Chinese brand”“Green environmental protection enterprise”“Member of China Architectural Metal Structure AssociationProduction and identification enterprise of national silicone sealantThe title of honor.
Two,Look at the packing:Glass gum is generally usedPEPlastic bottles, some using soft package or aluminum tube packaging foil; then the carton on the packaging for transport. The advantages and disadvantages of glass gum products can be judged by one or two from the packaging.
  See box: the use of responsibility of the manufacturers of the carton is of good quality, durable; packaging design and printing quality are very beautiful: the name, factory name, specification, origin, color, date and other related information is accurate and detailed: certificate, warranty, etc. all the product information manual.
  Look at the bottle: from the surface of the glue, it is easy to distinguish the print quality of the bottle first: the good product's packaging and printing are clear and the information is detailed.purposeusageMatters needing attentionThe expression of the content is clear and complete, and it embodies the attitude of the user and the consumer.
Three,Adhesive test:If the user can only judge whether the manufacturer is good or bad, he can't judge the quality of the product, so it is necessary to check the quality of the glue. There are several ways to judge the quality of glue conveniently and quickly.
  Smell (applicable to)Acid gum):Because it contains acetic acid gel composition, the volatilization process will produce a sour taste, but generally the better quality of the sour gum more light, the worse quality of gum sour more concentrated crack (because of the added ingredients; and acetic acid) of good quality rubber smell in the curing process soon disappear, sour gum the volatilization of the poor quality of the time is much longer.
  LusterAfter different quality glue, the glossiness is different. No matter what kind of color is good, the gloss is strong after curing. Low quality glue has no sense of luster, and some of it loses its luster after one or two months.
  Check the particles:High quality glass glue is chemically synthetic materials fully and evenly stirred, delicate texture, uniform, sizing after curing smooth and shiny, the worse quality of rubber particles, can see more debris, sizing after curing rubber surface is not smooth, high quality plastic.
  Look at the bubbles:The main ingredient of high quality glass glue is silicone, and the amount of other added materials is very few. The good stability of pure silicone is very little affected by the change of external conditions during storage. When it is applied to glue, it will not produce air mixed into the bottle and produce glue.Snap, snapThe phenomenon of bubbles. But the normal quality of silicone rubber is not due to its glue.Silicone rubber, additives and bottles in silica gelPESoft may produce a chemical reaction, make the plastic bottle swell and the air infiltration sites, space before the slurry to produce voids, glue will be issued when theSnap, snapThe sound of bubbles makes the retention period shorter. What's more, a few manufacturers deliberately put the bottom cover at the bottom of the bottle in the packing, and the middle part of the bottle has air, which greatly reduces the amount of packing.
  Test the curing resultThe user after local sizing, first of all should be combined with the product packaging instructions on viewing glass dry time table, if the time is too short or too much overtime, that there are problems of quality glass glue (of course, also should consider the environmental conditions); then to cure (cure time, companies also should be marked). Gel hardness and elasticity by hand, too hard or too soft gum is not good adhesive curing effect; cross section detection can then be cut and glue glue consistency.

6  Pulling force and adhesive forceThe tensile strength and peeling strength (adhesive force) of silicone rubber are also different because of the difference in the quality of silicone rubber. The tensile strength of high quality adhesive is very strong, the tensile amplitude is large, the anti peeling strength is great, and the low quality glue is the opposite.

Companies depending on the quality of life, depending on the customer respect, depending on human health. The company introduced advanced computer detection system, guide the business philosophy in the company "stronger and more excellent", in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2008 standards of quality management system, standardize production, strengthen management, establish the computer management system complete, production into the standardized operation process. At the same time, the company is also expanding its network services, carrying out multi-channel communication and cooperation, and trying to provide broader space for cooperation and profits for our customers.

Product positioning: environmental protection, high-end, international.To build China's environmental adhesive brand.

Description of the use of silicone glass glue and matters of attention

Use: single component siliconeInstant glass glue can be used, with the glue gun is easy to hit it from the plastic bottle, and use spatula or finger dressing on the surface of wood.

Sticking time: silicone curing process is developed from the surface to the inside. The drying time and curing time of silicone rubber are different from each other. Therefore, if we want to repair the surface of silicone rubber, we must do it before the drying of glass glue.Acid gel and neutral transparent adhesive5-10In minutes, neutral colored glue should be generally30In minutes). If the color paper is used to cover a certain place, after the coating, be sure to take away before the formation of the outer skin.

Curing time: the curing time of glass adhesive is increased with the increase of adhesive thickness. The thickness of acid glass adhesive may be needed.3-4Genius can solidify, but about24Within hours, already3mmThe outer layer has been solidified. When bonding glass, metal, or most wood, at room temperature72After hours20pound/The anti peeling strength of the inch. If the use of glass glue is partially or completely closed, the curing time is determined by the strictness of the airtight. If the temperature is raised, the glass glue will be softened. The gap between metal and metal should not exceed25mm. The adhesive effect should be examined in all kinds of bonding occasions, including airtight conditions, and before the use of the adhesive.

Caution: during the curing process of acid glass adhesive, the volatilization of acetic acid will produce a flavor, which will disappear in the curing process and no odor will be observed after curing.

Adhesion:AWipe the metal and plastic surface completely, remove the oil stain. Then clean all the surfaces except for plastics, such as acetone and other solvents. The surface of the rubber is rubbed with sandpaper and then rubbed with acetone and other solvents. Please observe the use of the solvent in the use of acetone and other solvents.BThe glass glue is evenly coated on the surface of ready object. If the two surfaces are glued together, the position can be put first, and then enough force is used to squeeze the other side to squeeze out the air, but not to squeeze glass glue.CThe adhesive device is placed at room temperature and is cured by glass glue.

Sealing: the application of silicone glass adhesive for sealing is also carried out according to the above steps. The glass glue is forced into the joint surface or gap, so that the glass glue is fully contacted with the surface.

Clean: glass glue not curing available dry clean cloth wipe with a cloth dipped in many times, such as acetone or toluene or some120Better solvent oil solvent rub effect; cured glass glue with flat wiper blade.