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Tap die set hand machine tap diestock suit sets of silk thread metric

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Tap usage method:

(1)When tapping, insert the nose to tap the center line and the center line of drilling.

(2)The two hands rotate evenly and a little pressure is added to the tap to feed, and no additional pressure is needed after the feed.

(3)Each turn taps are reversed at one time45°To cut chips so as not to block them.

(4)If the tap rotating difficult, can not increase the rotation force, otherwise the tap will break.

Routine maintenance:

1When tapping, the end face should be chamfered; the tap should be coaxial with the hole of the workpiece; the axial pressure should be applied at the beginning of tapping; the tap will be cut in and the axial force will no longer need to be applied after several rounds of cutting.

2When the tap is adjusted to the screw hole, each turn is half circle to one circle to be returned1/41/2The cutting ring, broken down again after school; take the through hole, often exit tap chip.

3In tapping the steel workpiece when cutting fluid tapping in cast iron workpiece, can add a little kerosene; with a taper, and then two attack and three attack, must be screwed in the screw tap.

4When the thread is set, the end of the workpiece should be chamfered, the end face of the wrench should be perpendicular to the axis of the workpiece; the axial pressure should be applied at the beginning of the thread; the rotation pressure should be larger; when the thread is cut on the workpiece, no pressure should be added.

5In order to make the chip broken and discharged timely, the gear should be reversed frequently.

6The workpiece should be firmly fixed in the clamp, a clamping device; when the tap is broken, a hand to touch off don't clamp, chisel or punching out, broken wires must wear protective glasses.

Using the method of die:

With the wafer die when processing thread is half cutting half squeezing state. As the diameter of cutting part die diameter and die diameter, especially to bear large cutting force, it should have the strength and cutting ability. Taking into account the screw and the screw hole with the die cut out should have a certain gap, and taking into account the amount of wear, so die design, should make the diameter and diameter less than in diameter, the diameter of the thread in nominal size.jmM0.8Inner diameter of threadDwithin=0.584Mm, the diameter of dieDIntraplate. ,= 0.55Millimeter,M0.8Thread pitch diameterDin=0.67Mm in diameter should be to dieDBoardmx= 0.67Mm, generally determined in0.66—0.67Mm. In actual production, because the diameter of die wear caused by scrap rarely, so in the design of the diameter of the wear volume can be smaller. But if the size is too small, then push the pressure screw will get increased, so die diameter should not be too small. The outer diameter of the thread is by cutting metal in die extrusion of plastic deformation and. In order not to block the metal workpiece broken, die diameter should not participate in the work, to leave a gap between it and cut. Such as cuttingM0.8Die diameter minimum thread.0.8Mm, generally the outer diameter should be increased0- 02^0.03Mm

Matters needing attention:

It is machined at the end of the bolt blank45The degree of chamfer, to prevent the generation of die suddenly in the guide blade loading phenomenon. At the same time to ensure that the circular tooth or six angle die cut blank vertical bolt.
Reduce the diameter of the bolt blank as much as possible, that is to ensure that the tolerance related to the big diameter of the bolt is close to the lower limit, so that the cutting force can be reduced when tapping.
With a cutting edge inclination portion of the die, which can ensure that the chip export machining area.
The correct coolant is used and the adequate coolant is aligned to the cutting zone.
In the regulation of open die, not to die open, open die of workpiece scratching rather than cutting in when tapping. Uniform rotation adjustment screw, the die opening closed about0.15 mm. If the pressure in the die is only one side of the die may cause damage.