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800 animal breeding fan fan fan fan fan Cafe industrial vacuum blower

discount 70% in 2018-09-22 to 2018-09-24
price: USD$ 460.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Solemn promise: our products all manufacturers direct sales!

Thank you very much to the old customers and those who will buy it! Strong support for our company!

Quality three pack! 380V pure copper motor warranty for 3 years!

Value to price ratio!

Model specification:Type 710

Fan blade diameter mm:710

Outline size:800*800*370(MM)

Fan speed (Rev / min): 560

Motor speed: 1400

Air volume (m3/h): 27000

Noise: less than 60

Input power: 0.37KW

Motor pure copper! Warranty for 3 years!

You can do 220V, please contact customer service! Price difference is required!

Safe temperature controlFirmly believe: a penny, a sub cargo!

Safe temperature controlAim:

We only make brands and try our best to do it in the shortest possible timeSafe temperature controlEquipment factory own all types of negative pressure fan, wet curtain paper core, wet curtain wall so that more buyers understand!

Looking forward to more customers

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 Sellers solemn promise:


Is the motor pure copper?

     --YES! Although the pro disassemble look! Not copper, on to the satisfaction of the pro!

Is the motor warranty guaranteed for 3 years?

     - YES! Within 3 years, the normal use of damaged (improper use or man-made damage caused by damage, not belonging to the warranty scope), at any time to call, replacement! For new, change to pro satisfaction!

Are the fittings complete?

     - YES! All the products are assembled, and they can run normally as soon as the electricity is connected!

Shopkeeper said:

The shopkeeper is a small seller after 80 generation, own entity factory production. Who said that the post-80s generation would only be "neet"? Who said that after 80, willing to do "ant tribe", dwelling "northward wide"? Who said that after 80 can not use young and young strength entrepreneurship, win in the present? This society treats the post-80s generation with the same eye, why can't we display the unique brilliance? If you are 80, please stand us! If your children are born after 80s, please encourage us! Give us more positive energy, grow up the road is very long, your arrival, we feel honored, can entertain, is the younger generation's blessing! staySafe temperature controlIt's not just products, but also spiritual values - tangible, comfortable, reassuring!

     Safe temperature since May 14, 2013 to carry out network marketing for half a year, do not buy template gorgeous decoration, did not participate in high promotional activities, we do, conscientiously carry out every single; we are the real goods, as well as considering the interests of customers; every one of yourFull 5 point evaluationGive the infinite positive energy, inspire us faster, better, better quality. Thank you all the way along with our growing parents!


Good news, our special launch of 1.4 meters weight high grade fans do activities, some provinces mail activities, need not miss oh!

                     Logistics notice

        The default freight is for reference only. Please consult customer service for details!

Around 25 - 60 in Shandong.

               Sign for receipt

   Because of the larger volume and heavier cargo, the goods may have some scratches and damages on the surface of the loading and unloading trucks and transportation. If you have high requirements for the products, please don't take them. We have no way to control logistics, only try our best to explain the logistics company, gently handle, please understand! If there is a serious damage, please directly refused and requested to return, and timely contact with the shop, take photos, sent to us, we will re deliver your goods! Once you sign the receipt, you can not rub it for the reason to ask the seller to compensate.

Pro, it takes you a minute!

     The seller said, "all our goods are direct sales."."

Some believe, some don't believe it. The letter has become a long-term partner, the cause of mutual benefit and win-win; do not believe the faint leave, waving sleeves, do not take away a cloud". Ping Ping temperature control production temperature control equipment for 8 years, has been good faith management. Who says cheap, no good goods, I dare say: you buy our products with 400 yuan, there are 500 yuan in the market cost-effective. We are not to belittle the quality of products, you have insight can know gold, bought once will understand. Whether the quality is good or not, the price is cheap or not, you say. If you believe, give me a telephone consultation, all phone calls customers, as long as you have the sincerity, I will certainly return your enthusiasm + discount. Shopping in front shop!


   Qingzhou Shandong Ping'an temperature control equipment factory

     All the treasures in the store are for the babypriceI hope to cooperate with buyers for a long time.

Our perennial supply of various types of negative pressure fan, non powered fan, cooling fan, water curtain paper, wet curtain wall products and related accessories, affordable, good quality. There is a need to call us directly, we will be the most affordable price, the most superior quality, dedicated service return to all new and old customers.

Contact: Cui Hengqiang 18366569292

Performance characteristics:

The frame adopts automatic advanced processing technology, thick galvanizing layer, corrosion resistance strong Aluminum Alloy high strength casting wheel, new twist stamping blades, blade angle is reasonable, can achieve the computer aided manufacturing system for maximum air flow of the fan can make the accuracy of maximum efficiency, eight strict quality detection procedures, noise detection, vibration detection, static balance, dynamic balance, concentric rotation performance testing, fan speed detection, adopts an air collector and the efficiency of detection, glass steel set of wind, ABS engineering plastic collector (three) after the Department of safety net is convenient to disassemble, CAD optimization design using automatic tensioner the cutting device of belt, belt, belt out, reduce the failure rate of fan

Applicable scope:

1. Agriculture: large farms, greenhouses, greenhouses and livestock farms

2, civil areas: Internet cafes, supermarkets, canteens, exhibition halls, waiting rooms and entertainment venues, such as temperature regulation

3 industries: textiles, clothing, glass, rubber, injection molding, coating, screen printing, printing, toys, household appliances, footwear, electronics, food processing, dyeing, laundry and other high temperature, such as factory workshop sulk

Product after sale:

This product will be carried out in accordance with the country's three package policy since the date of receipt:


1, the products have quality problems within 7 days on approval, within 15 days of the quality problem of the parts accessories please return to us, we will give you a good replacement or repair. Product warranty for one year. The maintenance machine over a year should be charged according to the parts replaced by the manufacturer.



2, the warranty period of quality problems, the seller provides accessories to buyers, buyers self repair. Beyond the warranty period, the cost of replacement parts is charged according to the manufacturer's charging standard: the postage of the warranty is borne by the buyers themselves.


Note: (meager profit, buyers, please forgive)

Freight transportation:

Due to the larger heavier, not through the express transportation, is through the line transport logistics company, online logistics freight is a reference, the freight vary, please order before sales service in consulting, logistics companies generally only to the local freight station, need to have their own pro to delivery, such as door-to-door need and please explain the remote area before buying.

Buyers notice:

1, the goods transportation adopts the automobile logistics way, arrives at the designated delivery place municipal level 3-5 days. When the product arrives at the local freight station, the logistics company will call to inform you of the detailed delivery address and contact information.


2, the sale of the products have to undergo a rigorous inspection and debugging, to ensure the quality of products, all customers receive the product, please when the logistics staff will check the product, (the transport process caused by the damage of goods without a careful check, direct sign, freight company refused to pay compensation, will not bring the necessary loss to you). If there is any damage, please refuse to sign. Time contact with our store. Contact number:18366569292. If the goods are mentioned for any reason afterwards, we will not return or refund the goods!


3, please carefully look at the product introduction and product specific size, model, detail part, for baby any problem, can ask through Wangwang, the owner will give you detailed answer.


4, pictures are taken in kind, due to light, monitors and other reasons caused by the color difference, should be based on physical object. Color may change, please customer attention. If you have any doubt about the use of the goods, will not install, or use, do not understand, please contact us, we will try your best online to answer for you.