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Fish Hunter hot blood warrior two section 1.83/1.98/2.13/2.44 meter Lu Ya pole with a gift

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2.74 meter straight handle M tune LRBS2-902M326 yuan package mail
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Where to buy hot blooded Warriors series halleluyah rod are presented, the Mino line ebez needle hard bait sequins leading the 1 styles of color random delivery!

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S: C: representative straight handle grips

1: representing one in one 2: representative subsection

602 represents 1.83 meters 662 for 1.98 meters 702 for 2.13 meters

802 represents 2.44 meters 902 for 2.74 meters 

1003 represents 3.05 meters 1103 for 3.35 meters

UL soft tonal L soft tonal ML soft tonal M medium MH hard tunability

The global fishing gear, known by Japanese customers as "Japanese factory", has 40 years of history of the production of the Lu - Ya fishing rod, and occupies an absolute NumberOne status at home. Fishing in Japan to become the first major road sub Diaofa already, professional road sub brands more than Ximanuo and Daiwa road known as the sub product, and it is responsible for the global fishing tackle numerous Japanese professional road sub brand of rod production security. The fish in the earlier promotion road sub Diaofa and our own brand road sub fishing tackle, is fish hunter's professional spirit and national feeling deeply moved to"Do not do domestic marketing"At the top of the world, the fish hunter and the world came together to work together to create the gold medal quality.

Talk about Lu Ya pole, and tonal

The common point of Lu Ya's pole is to throw a pole - a fishing rod that is used to throw all kinds of false bait. From the visual point of View Road and pole there are two kinds of straight handle type (spinning) and pistol (casting), fly rod (flyrod) except. But because there are a lot of fake bait style and operating practices need to have water, fish object difference, halleluyah pole is divided into many small species, such as freshwater perch, trout fishing rod fishing rod (bassrod) (troutrod), fly rod (flyrod), sea bass (seabassrod), squid pole pole (egirod), fishing rod iron (jiggingrod) etc.. The weight of road and pole to pole on the light guide ring requires high quality, because in a process of fishing or stop throwing. In general a cast, adjustable (medium) pole good use for operating system with a first surface (fast or extrafast) pole to the greatest extent with a pole to reflect the vitality of the bait.
Here we are talking about the bassrod,
This kind of fishing rod whether Japanese or American pole, from soft to hard said method are (Power):
UL - Ultralight super soft
L - Light soft
ML - Mediumlight medium soft
M - Medium medium
MH - Mediumheavy in hard
H - Heavy hard
XH - Extraheavy super hard
XXH - Extraextraheavy super super hard
According to the change of the pole curve (Action) and:
S——Slow;    M——Medium;    MF——Medium fast;   F——Fast;   XF——Extra fast。
From S to XF above said bending point more forward slightly on the pole.
POWER and LINEWT. pole (maximum tension line) &LUREWT. (bait) control are as follows:
SPINNING (straight shank) CASTING (GRIPS)
        Line wt.(LB)    Lure wt.(OZ)    Line wt.(LB)    Lure wt.(OZ)
UL          2-6            1/32-1/4               
L           3-8            1/16-1/4               
ML          4-10           1/16-3/8       6-14          1-16-1/2
M           4-12           1/8-3/8        8-17         1/4-5/8
MH          6-17           1/4-5/8        10-20        3/8-1
H         10-20            3/8-1          12-30          3/8-2
XH          15-40          1/2-4
Note: 1LB=0.45Kg, 1OZ=28.35g.
The above data are not absolute, different brands, the market will be slightly different.
SPINNING poles generally do MH from UL, and MH is rarely done. CASTING generally does H from ML, and H is rarely done.
The length of the BASSROD is usually between 5 '0 and 7' 6.
The appearance of SPINNING in the configuration and the CASTING also has the very big difference, SPINNING guide ring with a single large feet high, the entire pole guide ring and guide ring number CASTING is shorter than SPINNING small feet number, but the number of. Figure:
The common rotations are:
1, 2 and 3 are used for the use of SPINNING coiling roller coiling device; 4 and 5 are used for CASTING with drum type and small tortoise type coiling device.
Different material configuration can have different appearance effects, and each has its own characteristics. Mainly lies in the pole of the work, the overall effect, texture, applicability and overall coordination etc..