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5A06 aluminum plate 2A12T43A21LY126082 aluminum rod aluminum tube 6063 aluminum strip 2A11 square tube

5A06 aluminum plate 2A12T43A21LY126082 aluminum rod aluminum tube 6063 aluminum strip 2A11 square tube

discount 70% in 2018-09-19 to 2018-09-21
price: USD$ 34.30
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
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Main products:

Aluminum plate / aluminum rod / aluminum coil / aluminum pipe / aluminum foil / aluminum wire / aluminum ingot / angle aluminum / slot aluminum / patterned plate / thin medium plate and super thick aluminum plate and so on (1-8 series material), the conventional sizes are supplied in large quantities, and the special size can be customized.

The products are widely used in aerospace, mold, instrument, chemical, construction, packaging, anticorrosion and insulation, air conditioning, solar energy, refrigerator and other industries.

1. Aluminum sheet: (cold rolled aluminum plate hot rolled aluminum plate)
Materials 1060, 1100, 1050, 1145, 8011, 3003, 3004, 5052, 5083, 6061, 7075, LY12, 2A12
Thickness 0.1mm---680mm
Width 800mm----1900mm

Two. Aluminum roll aluminum skin: (cold rolled aluminum roll hot rolled aluminum roll)
Material 1060, 1145, 1050, 1100, 8011, 3003, 3004, 5052, 5083, 6061, 7075, 5754
Thickness 0.10mm----10mm
Width 800mm----1900mm
1. anticorrosion and insulation board (insulation aluminum skin): material 10603003
Thickness 0.3-3.0 (mm) width 1000-1900 (mm)
2. color coated aluminum roll aluminum plate (embossed color aluminum roll aluminum plate): (polyester color coating aluminum roll aluminum plate, fluorocarbon coated aluminum roll aluminum plate)
Thickness 0.024-3.0 (mm) width 800-1220 (mm) material 1100106030035052
3. aluminum tile for anticorrosion and heat preservation (corrugated aluminum plate): material 10603003, thickness 0.3 - 1.5 (mm), aluminum tile model YX35-125-750,

Three. Aluminum belt. (cold rolled aluminum strip hot rolled aluminum strip)

Material: 1060110080113003
1. transformer special aluminum strip material 10600 state thickness 0.3-3.0 (mm),
2. aluminum plastic composite pipe with aluminum strip, material 8011O state thickness 0.16-0.3 (mm),
3. the cable is coated with aluminum foil, and the thickness of 8011O1060O state is 0.12 ~ 0.20 (mm).
4. hollow glass strip with aluminum strip, material 3003H16 thickness 0.12-0.4 (mm),

Four. Aluminum foil: material 8011300311005052
1. home foil material 80110 thickness 0.009 - 0.02 (mm),
2. food soft packaging foil: material 801112351145, thickness 0.009 - 0.023 (mm),
3. air conditioning foil: 801130031100, thickness 0.07 - 0.25 (mm)

Five. The pattern aluminum plate: material 1060110030035052
1. orange striped aluminum plate (anti real orange peel pattern aluminum plate): thickness 0.01-3.0 (mm) width 800-1220 (mm)
2. half round ball with aluminum plate: thickness 0.1-1.0 (mm) width 800-1220 (mm)
3. size rhombic aluminum plate: thickness 0.1-2.0 (mm) width 800-1220 (mm)
4. five bars of aluminum plate. The compass pattern aluminum plate: thickness 0.9-8.0 (mm) width 800-1220 (mm)


Six. Aluminum tube aluminum rod: 1060/2A12/3003/3A21/5A02/5052/6063/6061/6A02/LY12/5083
Extruded seamless circular tube (flat tube, square tube, elliptical tube, harmonica tube) round rod (round bar, square rod, six corner bar, etc.)

Outer diameter range: Phi 20mm ~ 250mm

Wall thickness range: 3mm ~ 20mm

Guide purchase recommendation

    1) the customer has the purchase intention to our company steel and aluminum material, through the inquiry to our company steel aluminum material. Our company according to the customer requirements of the product specifications for material inspection and quotation;

    2) if we confirm the goods and agree with the customers in price, your fax will be sent to our company by fax.

    3) because the area of the customer is different, so the logistics matters will be communicated with the customer before the delivery. Our company has two kinds of shipping methods for freight and express logistics. Customers can choose our company to arrange logistics according to their own circumstances, or the customers can solve them by themselves.

    4) after the formation of the logistics, we will notify the customer remittance business account by Alipay or public enterprises. (if the public accounts of the public account must be completed before the delivery of the corresponding operation, our company will immediately confirm the delivery of the goods for the customer after the payment is received).

    5) if the customer has no objection to the receipt of the goods, our company will issue the general taxpayer's VAT invoice to the customers in the 7 working days, and express it to the customers in the form of express delivery.

    6) finally the whole transaction is finished satisfactorily. After sale service, we can contact our hotline at any time: 18916308599 Wei manager.


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