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Cevicas long single particle curing rubber ultra weird durable large particles can be completely replaced in a B

discount 70% in 2018-11-11 to 2018-11-13
price: USD$ 63.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Attention, please. Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Hainan, Guangxi, Gansu and other remote areas do not mail. The cost of large items is for reference only. Please contact customer service before changing, otherwise, do not deliver. Thank you for your cooperation.

The following chart, compared with the original bright version of the curing

(the above is the bright version of the shop, the lower one is a hidden version)


Special hints:The shiny version and the hidden version have their own characteristics. The shiny version is solidified thick and uneven, the ball return is irregular, and the opponents are more unsuitable. The hidden version is uniform and normal appearance, which is more suitable for taking part in the harsh competition. Because the hidden version requires higher technology and limited capacity. If you want to buy the hidden version, please leave a message with Wangwang consulting store or on the order, otherwise it will be shipped at random.

The introduction of new quantum optical instrument imported from Sweden, controlling the specific wavelength light source in the curing of rubber before and after irradiation, strengthen particle top hardness, reduce friction, strengthen the skin toughness, which can effectively enhance the curing rubber eeriness, speed and degree of resistance to fight.
With a rubber rubber amateur master Huang Jianjiang and Lei Leilei etc. to participate in the National League A B the same outstanding performance, but the price of similar products only 1/3~1/2.
Large particles cevicas series single rubber, comply with the requirements of the formal standard of rubber, is a boutique export products in large series of rubber, retains the unique long series of David is weird, because of price reasons, the more popular, is a relatively low-key long, its advantage is that the opponent is not easy to raise objections.
(the following figure shows a contrast of two different curing styles in our store, with a glittering version, a hidden version of the invisible).
    This product adopts the top end of the curing technology, the particles in the single long ball, super weird, the second is not easy to pull, good defense easy attack, long service life, more than 12 particles per square centimeter, less than 2 mm high, and has the ITTF certification of the "ITTF" sign, can participate in the regular game.
As you can see from the picture, it is more than 12 particles per square centimeter, which is fully in accordance with the rules of the amateur competition.


The packaging is complete, the commodity name and certification label is exquisite, the product classification and orientation are clear, and occupy the first place of Taobao's comprehensive popularity and sales volume for a long time. It has been gradually recognized by consumers, forming brand effect.

Each piece of rubber has a careful protection from the fine logo foam envelope bag, anti squeeze and pressure protection, and carefully protect the tender particles.


Not only strong, can win, the key is the price is also cheaper than the master, so we only have their products at 100 200, 1/2-1/3, and also a shipping (Qinghai, Ningxia, Gansu and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
(Note: the above - mentioned single - piece non - postal area can carry out the three - piece package Shun Feng Policy)
    This product belongs to the special custom type commodity, unless the commodity itself has the quality problem, does not support the unwarranted return, hope is known.
In order to ensure the life of rubber and special production process, it may cause some rubber unevenness. When sticking, it can only be leveled and stretched. It may be difficult for a newcomer to stick to a single rubber.

Why cevicas particles are especially suitable for curing long?

Question: why is cevicas?

    In the long series of domestic rubber use more cost-effective, Dave series inside388d-1388d-1Native Long Wang, natural rubber and other cevicas weirdness in the domestic price rise above the common herd, I used755837799The Milky Way, Pisces, Neptune, double happinessc7、c8So long, although there are many kinds of strange sound, but there is a certain gap with Dave series. The question is, why don't you choose it388d-1?388d-1It's good, weird and cheap, but388d-1The use of golfers too widely, even if not playing tennis matches will also post a negative, so if you use the388d-1It is very easy to do curing, was on the spot than a ball, if true friends will propose. Cevicas is different, with performance388d-1Almost, but the price is much higher, so it's relatively unpopular, and the ball players are relatively few. Therefore, it is a relatively low-key rubber, which is not easy to be compared and let the other side disagree.

 Question two: why is the medium particle?

    It is only the ball particles continue to produce irregular swing will be floating and sinking, and small particles of rubber due to the International Table Tennis Federation Limited, high degree of particle diameter and the particle spacing is too small, so the ball weirdness is severely affected, even if the rubber is not floating and sinking after curing, but with the influence of the attack effect. The medium particles are slightly larger than the small particles, but the reverse rotation and the weird effect are different from those of small particles. At the same time, the particle density of the medium particles tends to reach per square centimeter.12Above, conforms to the amateur competition "every square centimeter of particles must be greater than10Provisions ", can participate in most amateur regular matches, even in peacetime play, nor the long particles so sensitive, not easy to rival views. (large particles are also very weird, but because they are too large, they have been banned by a variety of regular competitions).