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75 pumping 100 extraction parts cabinet without door component cabinet / file cabinet / efficiency cabinet /IC cabinet / screw cabinet data cabinet

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The name:75Spare parts cabinet (no door)                       

The cabinet body size:H940*W648*D220mm   (high*wide*deep)

The name:75Spare parts cabinet (with door)                     
The cabinet body size:H990*W695*D280mm   (high*wide*deep)
The size of the outside of the drawer:H50*W101*L220
The drawer inside dimensions:H45*W96*L195
The number of drawers:75Drawer
Light color: transparent drawer/blue/black

The name:48Spare parts cabinet (no door)                       
The cabinet body size:H940*W600*D220mm   (high*wide*deep)

The name:48Spare parts cabinet (with door)                     
The cabinet body size:H990*W645*D280mm   (high*wide*deep)
The size of the outside of the drawer:H70*W120*L240
The drawer inside dimensions:H65*W115*L212
The number of drawers:48Drawer
Light color: transparent drawer/blue/black

The name:30Spare parts cabinet (no door)                       
The cabinet body size:H880*W545*D300mm   (high*wide*deep)

The name:30Spare parts cabinet (with door)                     
The cabinet body size:H925*W615*D360mm   (high*wide*deep)
The size of the outside of the drawer:H75*W150*L315          

The drawer inside dimensions:H72*W146*L291

The number of drawers:30Drawer
Light color: transparent drawer/blue/black

Material: cold rolled steel plate, transparent box usedPSTexture of material(Note, transparent drawer does not place oily material, blue box adoptsABSMaterial (suitable for placing all kinds of materials) guide plate are made of steel plate, durable, heavy bearing.

Technical parameters of parts cabinet

1.Material: adopt 0.6Cold plate drawer is divided into PS (transparent), ABS (blue),   PP conductive filler (black)

2.There are 3 kinds of drawer specifications for standard parts cabinet

 1. size drawer: inside size: H72*W146*D291mm outside size: H75*W150*D315mm

2. medium drawer: inside size: H65*W115*D212mm outside size: H70*W120*D240mm

3. small drawer: inner size: H45*W96*D195mm external dimensions: H50*W101*D220mm

4. standard cabinet for large drawers: 12 drawers, 18 drawers, 30 drawers

5. standard cabinet for medium drawer: 24 drawer, 48 drawer

6. standard cabinet for small drawers: 10 drawers, 20 drawers, 40 drawers, 75 drawers

3Specifications:Cabinet size (height)* depth * width

10 pumping (H320*D220*W280MM)  12 pumping (H370*D300*W545MM)

18 pumping (H570*D300*W545MM)  20 pumping (H320*D220*W525MM)

24 pumping (H650*D220*W455MM) 40 pumping (H650*D220*W525MM)

30 pumping (H880*D300*W545MM) 30 pumping gate (H925*D360*W615MM)

48 pumping (H940*D220XW600MM) 48 pumping gate (H990*D280*W645MM)

75 pumping (H940*D220*W648MM) 75 pumping gate (H990*D280*W695MM)

Baby characteristics:
1Flexible use of space, each drawer clapboard two activities, can adjust the drawer space, increase the classification function.
2And color marking management: drawer of color, can be stored drawer marked with the name and specifications of goods, improve management efficiency.
3Prevent slide design: ensure that drawer parts are not damaged when they are pulled out

Buyer must read the following instructions carefully, so as to avoid disputes

1.The color of the picture and the color of the actual product will be error, according to the color of the product.

2.Please contact with the owner of the telephone or Wangwang, ask for the information of the goods, do not affect the final transaction because of the lack of communication between the two sides.

3.Free delivery service is available in the city, and buyers in other areas have to negotiate with the owner of the transport price.

4.The price is not invoiced. If you want to make an invoice, please explain beforehand, and provide the name of the company and additional4A point tax.
5.The owner strongly recommend the use of the Alipay deal, this eliminates the need for direct remittance fee.

6.After receiving the goods, buyers must face to face acceptance, such as your purchase of goods quality problems, this shop is absolutely responsible for the end! Baotuibaohuan! The cost is borne by the seller!

7.After the buyers, I will be in24Confirmation within hours, after payment48Delivery within hours, special circumstances, the owner will notify buyers in advance

Notes for receipt:

In order to avoid transaction disputes,When receiving the cabinet must be no problem for unpacking inspection Oh problem directly call us 13392842994

No inspection, direct receipt after there is a problem, logistics is not responsible, we are not responsible!! Please be sure to unpacking inspection!