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PTFE / Teflon glass fiber tape glass fiber tape (0.13mm*20mm*5m, by volume)

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Teflon glass fiber tape

Teflon tape, aliasTeflon tapeTeflon, adhesive tape, PTFE tape, use imported glass fiber yarn coated with Teflon (PTFE) resin production of Teflon glass fiber tape.

The basic characteristics of:

Teflon tape surface is smooth, with excellent anti adhesion, chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance and excellent insulating performance, widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing and electrical industries, where you want to paste the anti corrosion resistant heat insulation and other parts, and has repeatedly paste function. After the fabric reinforced Teflon tape more with the characteristics of high strength, roller, plastic molding industry can be applied to the sizing machine, can be repeatedly used, easy to replace. Can be applied in various large plane and regular surfaces (such as roller), simple operation. From spraying PTFE material need specialized equipment, special technology and must be transported to professional spraying processing factory limited.

1. Good heat resistance (continuous use temperature above 260 DEG C), even in the overheated heater and can be safely used.

2. Viscous resistance, melting the packaging film "debris" won't stick to the heater.

3. Excellent electrical insulating property.

4. Go for good stability, good durability, easy maintenance.

Performance characteristics:

The application of this product can be saved in the cylinder surface spraying Teflon antisticking coating process, also plays the role of anti sticking;

This product is resistant to high temperature of 260 DEG C, Teflon tape surface material (i.e., PTFE) - good viscosity and smooth wear resistance. The silicone high temperature, solid paste will not peel off. Long service life;

Easy to use, without disassembly and handling of cylinder, the surface can be on-site paste anti adhesive tape to the normal use of the boot cylinder;

Greatly reduce the labor intensity, but also conducive to the protection of the equipment. Stop time is short, low comprehensive cost, high economic benefit.

The scope of application:

For the packaging of food, dairy products, medicines and heat sealing bonding parts
Plastic film heat sealing
For the surface of the package dyeing, resin processing and use of pressure roller
For the roller surface of the packaging adhesive coating machine, laminating materials
A friction surface for encapsulation of feeding hopper, guide
For the encapsulation of non cohesive and need to keep smoothpart
As the insulating encapsulation and other insulating liner, insulation parts
Teflon glass fiber tape with similar properties
The packing for work in all kinds of media seal and lubrication materials, as well as in various frequency electrical insulation, capacitor dielectric, instrumentation insulation.
Widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing and electrical industries, where the need for anti sticking heat corrosion insulation parts can be pasted, and has repeatedly paste function.

On the invoice:

1. Ordinary invoice[non individual](Unified commercial invoice) other taxes 6%

2. The VAT invoice (the amount of not less than 500 yuan) other taxes 12%

Remittance account:

1The agricultural bank card number:

6228480030834159516 (Li Jun)

2. VAT invoice account (500 yuan).

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Logistics cost


We usually express.Huitong Express, can also according to your designated express delivery. Here are the mail, courier, EMS price for the middle price, because of different locations, different weight resulting in cost is not the same, the specific freight goods photographed and then determine (due to some of the goods relatively large size, heavy weight, so the exact weight weighing).

The part of the product is heavy, such as buying more and not urgently, can consider the cargo. Logistics is commonly used.JiajiWorld ArimaDebon LogisticsLogistics is generally 0 provinces. 80-1. 40 yuan / kg, mainly depends on geography and transportation distance. Has the advantages of low price; the disadvantage is slow, want oneself to take delivery of the goods freight stationSome freight station can be door-to-door, but additional charges)

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