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Fuxing and tatami mats matting m platform coconut straw mat core core made of ultra low cost

The authoritative test: sterile straw + wormwood core, coconut core, two core, formaldehyde free, no heavy metals, do not collapse, mothproof moistureproof, comfort and environmental protection, natural health, you can add a flat bamboo charcoal, plus 30 yuan, charcoal moisture absorption and removal efficiency, to smell. Ultra low price, this baby does not participate in the shop activity

discount 70% in 2018-07-19 to 2018-07-21
price: USD$ 182.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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A: Service DescriptionWant to know the tatami, can watch the video above introduction

Tatami mats by authoritative testing: formaldehyde, heavy metals, collapse, mothproof moistureproof, comfortable ring,

The price of a square price, buyers need to provide customized size and thickness selection of wrapping cloth, generally use the Alipay payment, product quality problems will not be returned.

Two: promotion recommendation

We always adhere to the concept of reform and innovation, the existing three tatami core for different user selection

Authentic sterile straw + wormwood core characteristics, moderate hardness, not collapse. Affordable. The thickness is 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 55mm

Jute fiber core features, soft and hard medium, lightweight, not collapse. Suitable for thickness 15mm and 25mm

3E palm fiber core features, lightweight, good resilience, high comfort, is the core replacement products. The thickness is 20mm, 30mm35mm, 40mm, 50mm

Table three: the appearance of images

Four: physical detail pictures

Five: Baby material introduction

(1) the traditional sterile straw + wormwood core tatami mat product description

The traditional tatami mats used is the pure natural quality of straw, add a certain proportion of wormwood; combing through purification, heat fumigation, vertical cross shop shop seven layer machine sewing needle, high pressure molding and cutting into the inner core (thickness 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 55mm). The table top with two long sides to rush, brocade lace inlaid, two short side table extension made product bottombyPP moistureproof paper. Soft and moderate, without collapse.

(2) a new generation of fine Brown core senior rush mothproof moisture proof tatami mats product description:

  Description of inner core material:

Coconut palm natural fiber core material is introduced into Germany assembly line. Natural jute material is selected. The upper and lower are non-woven felt, and the middle part is made of coconut coir fiber and hemp fiber. The whole process uses low melting point fiber to be roasted by hot air cycle puncture, and then heat bonded. Uniform adhesion, stress balance, good hardness, good elasticity, durable. And the antibacterial and anti mite, formaldehyde free, noVocsToxic volatile gas.

The cushion structure that is divided into 3 layers, the surface is rush table, the inner core is S structure of high resilience palm fiber, the bottom for the blue PP moistureproof paper, two long side to side brocade lace inlaid, two short side to table a packet (below)


Six: Baby Size

  Aseptic straw+The maximum size of the 2200*980mm core wormwood mat,

  Boutique Brown core+The maximum size of 2200*1100mm paper mats

Seven: Freight description

Freight Description: freight by the buyer, different shipping costs, buyers before the seller to communicate with the seller, and select the right way of transportation, so as not to cause misunderstanding.

Eight: color difference explanation

Rush mat, Cross shop stand will new color phenomenon, with a period of time rush yellow will disappear, the rush is characteristic, not a quality problem.

Products are taken by the object, due to light, cameras, computers and many other reasons, there may be chromatic aberration, all in kind.



Fine Brown core m Japanese tatami mats matting pad platform insect rush mat custom
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Buyers notice

Bamboo charcoal has strong adsorption, humidity control and antibacterial ability. It has a significant effect on removing peculiar smell and beautifying the environment, and it can escort your healthy life

   1.Price explanation:The price is a square price, freight buyers bear, the freight and cargo weight is different, the freight should be linked to the seller estimates.

2.Cushion structure description:The inner core is sterile straw+After high pressure tile machine wormwood sewing machine, moderate hardness. It is rush table, the bottom surface is wear-resisting moistureproofppPaper, the long side is brocade fabric edge, short edge extension of the table. (details)Pull down to see the specific pictureClick here to view orElicition moreButton)

3.Explanation of purchase procedure:To fully understand the tatami mats picture, offer the size to the seller, and select the thickness (35-55mm) and edge (edge header selection button), the seller. The following is a table (details and pictures selected package

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