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Shaanxi aviation Hongfeng extrusion tap extrusion screw tap M13*1H2 (aircraft brand tap)

discount 70% in 2018-09-20 to 2018-09-22
price: USD$ 32.20
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Brand: Shaanxi aviation Hongfeng (aircraft brand)

M10 below (including M10) is 10 boxes.

More than M12 (including M12) is 5 boxes.

2A and H2 two standard tap Hongfeng machine.

The difference is that the 2A blade is short and the total length is short.

2A is generally called the old standard, and H2 is the new standard

Note: the following price is the price of the product, the whole box is sold, and the one part is not sold.

Full grinding tap
Specification H2 Straight slot tap End tap Spiral groove tap Extrusion tap Wire tap
M2*0.4 6.2  10.4 11.7 22.1 13.7
M2.5*0.45 6.2  10.4 11.7 22.1  13.7
M3*0.5 5.2  8.8 10.7 16.9  12.1
M3.5*0.6 5.2  8.8 11.7


M4*0.7 5.2  8.8


16.9 12.1
M4.5*0.75 5.2  8.8 10.7 16.9 12.1
M5*0.8 5.2  8.8 10.7 16.9 13.4
M6*1 6.2 10.5  12.5 


M7*1 8.7  10.5 15.6  25.7 16.9
M8*1.25 7.7  13  15.6 23.4 17.6
M8*1 8.7  13.7 18.2  26.0 17.6
M9*1.25 10.0  13.7  22.1  30.4  0
M9*1 10.0 13.7 20.8  32.0  0
M10*1.5 10.0 14.3 19.8  27.3  22.1
M10*1.25 10.0 14.3 19.8  31.2  22.1
M10*1 10.0 14.3 19.8 32.5  22.1
M11*1.5 12.9  15.6 27.3  32.0 0
M11*1.25 11.7  15.6 27.3 32.0 0
M11*1 11.7  15.6 27.3 32.0 0
M12*1.75 13.9  20.8  27.3 31.2 29.1
M12*1.5 13.9  20.8  27.3 39.8 29.1
M12*1.25 13.9  20.8  27.3 45.2  29.1
M12*1 13.9  20.8  27.3 47.6 29.1
M13*1.5 17.2  26.0  39.0  46.0 0
M13*1 17.2  24.7 39.0 46.0 0
M14*2 18.7  24.7  39.0 41.6 39.0
M14*1.5 17.2 24.7 39.0 46.0 39.0
M14*1.25 17.2  24.7 39.0 48.4 39.0
M14*1 17.2 24.7 39.0 53.0 39.0
M15*1.5 18.7 28.6 42.9  46.8 0
M15*1 18.7 28.6 42.9  46.8 0
M16*2 20.3 28.6 42.9  46.8 41.9
M16*1.5 18.7 28.6 42.9  46.8 41.9
M16*1 18.7 28.6


54.6 41.9

Shanxi Airlines Company Hongfeng Precision Machinery Tool

Shaanxi aviation Hongfeng Precision Machinery Tool Company, belonging to Chinese Aviation Industry Corp, China's defense industry is only a set of scientific research, manufacturing, testing, testing as one of the domestic advanced level of thread gauge specialized production enterprises, two enterprises in the country. The establishment of a perfect quality management system, through the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. Made the American Petroleum Institute (API) API5B-0029, API7-0629 Monogram certificate

There are advanced taps, spiral tap, squeeze tap, tap, tap American Standard steel screw.



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